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Shorty's Outtakes

Studio: Black Market » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 10/21/07

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Genre:Big Dick & Interracial

Director:Xaver Thomas

Cast:Vanessa Figueroa, Roxie West, Mercedez, Jaylynn, Trinity Post, Krystal Jordan, Patricia Petite, Renae Cruz, & Julia Bond

Length:3 hrs 30min

Production Date:Black Market

Scene Selection: Without Act Access
Cumshot Recap:

Audio/Video:The Audio of the flick is old-school 2.0 but sounds very good. There's some music in between scenes and some exterior shots are a tad noisy, but all boning takes place inside and is music free and good for me. The Video is full frame color and startlingly good. Shots are even and steady and there are no major edits.

Body of Review:Soda can Shorty brings together some of his favorite girls for this 9 scene disc. Loving all colors of the rainbow, Shorty is willing to stick his monster fat cock in any gal he can lure back to his crummy apartment. The question is, can the girls take such thick piping or are they gonna back out and run for the hills?

Scene 1: Roxie West
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial

Shorty sets out to find some new, white pussy. Bear with him, it takes a while, about 10 minutes of yapping and walking around, but it pays off. They find the adorable Roxie West, a leggy hottie with a super tight body, perky tits and short hair held back in pins. Roxie acts and smiles just Cameron Diaz, and what the hell this gal isn't doing on the big screen is a wonder. She's even an okay actress. All this changes soon, and she turns into just about every other porn star, saying dumb things and slobbing on knob. Roxie is shocked by Shorty's soda can sized dong but she tries her best at putting it down her throat. Roxie can deep throat about 1/4 of Shorty's dick, but it's just enough to build drool and spill it out onto her small breasts. Shorty puts her on all fours and sticks his third leg in her cooch. Roxie gets pretty annoying here, shouting that she wants his cock and moaning excessively, but her ass looks so nice it's easy to forgive her. Her shaved vagine and asshole stare at the camera and Shorty pulls out to make Roxie PTM. He whacks onto her face, creaming her hot mug nicely and then kicks her out into the hall. Aside from the ridiculous verbals, this was a firestarter.




Scene 2: Vanessa Figueroa
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial

After lunch, Shorty and his cameraman go hunting for the next victim of Shorty's enormous dick. They find a cute, little Mexican gal at a taco stand and lure her back to his apartment. Vanessa doesn't seem to speak English, but they get the point across and soon she's naked with Shorty munching her small rug. Vanessa is very skinny and her small breasts are little more than mounds of salt. She's not too shocked by Shorty's massive cock, and sucks it as best she can. Too bad her oral nor her boning is that exciting. She lies on her back and squeals like she may be in pain, which is no surprise because Shorty's dick is only about halfway in. Reverse cowgirl and doggy follow, but neither manage to save the scene. Shorty gives a good boning, talking nasty to Vanessa and cumming on her face. With spooge on her chin and some sliding between her tits, Shorty kicks her into the hall and out of sight.


Scene 3: Mercedez
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial

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Trina is a beautiful black gal with a nice figure and great ass, but her tits are thin and droopy. Trina can't get over the size of Shorty's cock and pets it as though it's a kitten. Her oral starts and is quickly filled with saliva, dripping from his cock, glistening his balls, and bridging between the tip of his dick and her lips. Each oral scene is about the same because his dick is too hard to suck, so the gals never really get into it, bobbing hard or deep throating--course they'd prolly die if they did. Trina squeals like a crying baby as her smooth, brown mound is plowed. They only do it in doggy and spoon and shortly Shorty is spooging a thick, gray wad across her face.


Scene 4: Jaylynn
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial

Jaylynn is moving in next door and in trade for Shorty's help, she's willing to strip and fuck. We all wish we had neighbors like Jaylynn, a raven haired model with proportionate ass and shaved pussy. Her chest is small, but it fits her well and she's smiles a lot which gives her a shy sexiness. Overwhelmed by his soda can cock, Jaylynn has no qualms about eating it. She spits on his dick, licks it wet and gives a good amount of head. Jaylynn can't wrap her fingers around his rod, so she uses both hands to cram it down her throat like a hot dog topped with the works. Slowly, Shorty eases his cock in her sweet slit, and Jaylynn lies back quietly, hoping it will fit. With about half in, Shorty pumps her and Jaylnn looks like she's having some real feelings. Her small tities spin as much as they can and she grips the bed sheets and moans in pleasure. For the longest time, Shorty is on top. Then she goes cowgirl and slams his cock, smacking her booty against his thighs, her sweet little puckered cornhole stares lonely into the camera. Shorty rags her until she sweaty and red and pulls from her cooch to pop on her face. Jaylynn was a nice surprise. She doesn't seem anything spectacular, but she gives a strong show and has an amazing, flawless body.


Scene 5: Trina Michaels
Acts Included: Oral, Anal, ATM, Facial

Trina is a giggly, strawberry blond. Taller than Shorty (surprise), Trina has long golden legs and a bosom so incredibly fake her tits look like melons. Shorty fucks her tities and then Trina lubes his cock between her thin lips. The first to do actual nasty oral, Trina shoves his cock in her throat and is sloppy. This ends too quickly and we jump straight to anal. Shorty eases his dick in her stink hole, stretching it until it looks like it may tear. But Trina holds on, adding extra lube with a few ATMs and hopping back for anal cowgirl. Trina's nasty anal scene gives a good bump for the disc's monotony. Trina takes Shorty's children on her chin and they run down between the bosom valley.


Scene 6: Krystal Jordan
Acts Included: Oral, Vag

Up next for scene 6 is a very cute gal that looks as though she stepped out of a 1980s movie. Wearing a white miniskirt, a multicolored top and big ass turquoise hoop earrings, Krystal seems in the wrong year. But this too is easy to forget; her body is curvy with nice soft parts. Her teacup boobies are as cute as the landing strip above her cooch. A tad chunky in the rear, she's a little bottom heavy. But most fans of Shorty will appreciate the big ass. Krystal yums his pecker before screaming to the heavens when he sticks it in. Shorty has to back up or he may pierce through Krystal's vag and out her ass. Krystal rides cock nicely, but she's way too vocal and so her scene is grating on the ears. Shorty bones her doggy style and then nuts on her chin, leaving it dripping off her chin and then kicking her out.


Scene 7: Trinity Post
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, DP, Anal Cream pie

Red headed Trinity looks like a young, Southern mom. Her white ass strips off her denim jeans and top, baring her small tatas. Shorty goes straight to these, sucking them and tickling Trinity until she squirms. Shorty and Trinity get into a 69 position and Trin does a decent job slobbing his knob but is ready for his dick. She glides up and down his cock, taking it in pretty well. Shorty's brother comes in the door and can't stand just watching. He wants action too. So he whips his black snake out, lets her suck it a minute, then sticks it in her ass. With Shorty's big can in her ass, his brother plugs her pussy and it's hard to even see an opening there's so much black cock in her crotch. They switch holes and unload in each. Trinity scoots to the edge of the couch and pushes cum out of her ass and pussy before falling to the floor in a panting, sweaty mess.


Scene 8: Julia Bond
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial

Julia Bond looks like a Barbie doll. Her face is flawless, smooth, with perfect makeup and nice sexy eyes. Her hair is a bleached blond and striped black like a skunk. Julia slides Shorty's thick meat between a nice set of cans. The couple have to do some readjusting to get comfy when Shorty sticks it in. Slowly but surely he gets it and Julia takes nearly the whole thing. Julia doesn't seem to feel much though, she laughs and chats throughout, giving a moan or two that's obviously fake. Shorty pumps her in missionary and doggy before it's over. He pulls out and pops to her chin and sweet tits. In typical Shorty style, they kick her out, naked and cum covered.


Scene 9: Renae Cruz
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial

Final on this disc is cutie pie Renae Cruz, your general Hispanic Latina. Renae is shocked by Shorty's dick when he whips it out, and it's still soft. She may be scared once it grows, but she give it her all, taking about half his cock in her mouth. Shorty lies her on the couch and fucks her brown pussy. He has a little trouble starting, but when he gets going Renae's round, fake tities start to move. She rides his cock, stretching her ass cheeks and exposing a hairless, tight asshole that really scream for some action. A scene that is just below average, ends with a wallop of a cumshot to her mouth. She spits it out and it dribbles to her tits and flat tummy.


Concluding Words

Shorty's OutTakes was a bit disappointing. I don't understand when a flick features a monster dick, but never really plays it up. At the opening of each scene the gals gasp and go wide-eye, but it's likely staged. And can they all really take him in so easily? It seems impossible. So if they can't, if there's a great deal of prodding and probing before Shorty gets it in, isn't that what we want to see in a "bid dick" film? If the girls are gonna fuck a dick the size of a rolled up copy of The New York Times, but treat it for most of their act like it's just another Joe Schmoe schlong, what's the point?

Maybe this is just me, being too critical. But I don't really care about seeing a dude's black cock that is so big it uses a pillowcase for a rubber; I want to see how the girl takes it. There are a few moments of surprise at the start, and things do need a little warming up for Shorty to get in as far as he can, but it's not much different than any other bone flick. And this is what disappointed me. The girls however, are super hot. Strangely, Patricia Petite (cover hottie) is not in an actual scene, but in between scenes, chilling with Shorty. They do fuck (in between scenes) and at the end he pops to her face. It's nothing great, maybe being stretched out kills the buzz, but after seeing Roxie West, I can't believe she didn't get the cover. This is perhaps the hottest girl I've seen in the biz. I don't mean style or demeanor or how she fucks and sucks. Just in general, she is adorably sexy. When she gets on her knees and starts sucking dick, you know there is no god.

With that rant behind me, the movie is worth watching. Mainly for the women, who are stronger than I am, considering the punches they take. Scenes take forever to set up; about 10 minutes before action begins. And there aren't any extras to write home about. But rent it for the ladies. Especially Roxie, who may very well me my new fave. Rent It.



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