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Cum Filled Manholes 2

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date:

May-July 2007

Directed By:

Chad Ryan and Nick Cutts

The Movie:

“Gape your hole for me!”

Run Time:

2 Hours 16 Minutes

The Cast:

Mark, Erin, Rock, Antonio, T.J.

Safe Sex/Condoms:



Mark is a good-looking dude who looks to be in his mid thirties with brown/gray hair and a toned/smooth/swimmer’s body. He’s sitting completely naked on a bed and we can see a hint of his dark pubes. Mike is straight and digs women; however, he also needs money and is willing to have various things up his hole to earn it. Mark positions himself on a black padded wedge type object for comfort with hot butt in the air exposing his tight lightly hairy butt hole and hot hairy ‘n hangy nuts. Rock, a masked dude, is also in the room that has dark hair, sexy husky ‘n hairy body, dark pubes, and a plump cut cock.

Rock lubes Mark’s hole nice ‘n slick thumbing the tight pucker. “Just relax your hole, buddy.” Mark moans with pleasure and really digs having his bung rubbed. “How does that feel?” “Good. It’s very sensitive!” Rock slides his index finger into the snug chute followed by another for a tasty finger fuck. “Fuckin’ hot hole, buddy.” Rock, slowly slides a long black dildo up Mark’s asshole making him pant over and over again, “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” Lube slides out of Mark’s man-cunt onto his hangy nuts while Rock drills him with the dildo. It’s now time for the “real deal” and Rock fucks Mark fast, hard, ‘n lubed doggy style with some very hot close-ups and a tasty camera shot of Rock’s tight shaved touchhole from behind. Rock pulls out and allows Mark’s hole to gape wide open as he applies more lube. Rock continues to fucks Mark from behind but now it’s double penetration with a dildo! Rock pulls out and shoots a thick load of man juice on Mark’s bunghole.


Erin is a nice-looking dude who looks to be in his mid to late twenties with dark curly hair, cool sideburns, and toned/hairy body. He’s sitting on the bed totally naked and we can see his dark closely trimmed pubes and clipped cock. He’s straight, recently lost his job, and needs the scratch for rent. Erin hops up on the black padded wedge thang and sticks his bum in the air exposing his tight shaved asshole. Rock (good-looking with small mask over his eyes, longish dark hair, beard, husky/hairy body) lubes that hole rubbing his thumb over the pucker making Erin moan with lust. Rock slides a black dildo in instructing Erin to, “Come on. Open it up.” Erin’s asshole is very tight and Rock has a little trouble getting the rubber dong in at first but is soon sliding it in out of that hungry man-pussy. “That’s a beautiful hole!” Erin repositions himself in the missionary position with legs spread wide crying out with pleasure as Rock slides the dildo in ‘n out fast ‘n smooth.

Erin hiccups, cries out, grunts, and makes a variety of intense sexual noises as Rock gives that hole a complete workout sliding the dildo in to the absolute hilt. Rock fucks Erin in the missionary position using fast ‘n smooth strokes to pound his new pal. Switching up once again, Rock slowly works the very large knob of a big fat black dildo into Erin’s hole. This is very intense and Erin practically flies though the ceiling with some of the most interesting sexual noises I have ever heard. Wow! Once the knob is completely in, Rock congratulates Erin and then carefully and very slowly pulls it back out. Rock orders Erin to spread his cheeks and he shoots a thick load of jizz on that pucker. Hot and intense action.


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Well, after doling out the pleasure ‘n pain, it’s now Rock’s turn to be on the receiving end. Good-looking and wearing a small mask, Rock does not want his girlfriend to find out about his “secret” but still wants to play with some dildos and get fucked. A very hot military-looking dude is on hand to help Rock out. Military has a dark buzz cut, toned/smooth body, full dark pubes, and a fat cut cock. Dude is fucking hot! Military orders Rock to get up on the black padded wedge thang and pulls Rock’s Bermuda shorts and briefs down exposing his hot bum. Military spreads those cheeks exposing a tasty tight shaved touchhole and lubes it up. He finger fucks that tight man-twat with his index finger while pulling on his own hard pork. “You like it?” “Squeeze it!” Military slides a long smooth dildo in that resembles a nightstick. “Come on! Open that hole!” Rock groans and moans with pure lust as Military fucks him with the rubber phallus.

Military produces some black anal beads and slowly works ‘em up Rock’s asshole. Rock cries out as each of the five medium sized beads pop past his man-ring. Military barks, “Squeeze that hole! Keep it in there!” as the fourth bead tries to pop out. Rock is a fucking trouper and takes all five beads up that chute. Intense and very hot with excellent close-ups! After slowly pulling each bead out, Military fucks Rock from behind fast, smooth, and hard. There are some hot camera shots from behind of Military’s tight hairy hole and nuts as he pounds Rock. Rock makes Military stop for a moment for more lube and then it’s back to hot wild butt sex. “Oh, man! Oh fuck! Oh Yeah!” Rock goes though the gamut of sexual emotions. “Your girlfriend ever fuck you this hard?”

Switching to them missionary position, Military continues to drill Rock who digs the action. “Fuck my hole!” “You like it when I ram it in?” “Oh fuck yeah!” Military slides a ridged black dildo up that hole while continuing to fuck Rock with his cock for some double penetration in the missionary position. For the grand finale, Military works a different set of anal beads up Rock’s chute, which are larger than the first for more intense fun. Once all the beads are in, Rock grunts and humps as Military jacks off shooting a thick load on that hole. He then slides his cock up Rock’s bum while the beads are still in place. Military slowly pulls ‘em out licking his own cum off the beads as they pop out one by one. Lube and cum drip out of Rock’s bunghole.


Antonio is a good-looking in his twenties with a dark buzz cut, goatee, average/smooth body, tattoos, trimmed dark pubes, and a large cut cock. He’s straight and needs the money for rent. Hmmm. This seems to be the main reason for needing money. Antonio has never had anyone play with his butt. Up on the black padded wedge thang, Antonio exposes his tight shaved hole, which Rock immediately lubes and begins to rub. “Nice hole, buddy.” Antonio moans as Rock plays with his man-pussy spreading the pink pucker. “Beautiful hole.” Rock slowly slides a long black dildo in from behind making Antonio cry out with lusty pain. “Hold your cheeks open! Spread ‘em wide!” Rock fucks Antonio with his fat clipped cock from behind using smooth ‘n fast strokes and then switches to the missionary position for additional pounding. Antonio is coming around and starts digging the action moaning, “Fuck yeah!” Switching back to fucking from behind, Rock pulls out and busts a large thick nut on Antonio’s pulsing pucker. Man juice slides down onto Antonio’s nuts. Hot! Rock sinks back in and fucks that chute.

T.J. :

T.J. is a cute military dude in his twenties with a buzz cut who needs extra money for guess what? Rent, of course! “I would never do this in my private life”. T.J.’s straight but does not mind being known as “gay for pay” as long as gets paid! He has a smooth/toned body with pierced nipples, full dark pubes, plump cut cock, and large hairy hangy plump nuts. Dude is sexy! T.J. makes himself as comfortable as possible on the black padded wedge thang with that hot bum in the air exposing his tight shaved hole and a very good view of his hairy gooch, and those mouth-watering hairy ‘n hangy plump balls. Rock inquires, “Is this a virgin hole?” to which T.J. responds, “Yes. Nothing has ever gone into it.” Rock lubes that bunghole and slowly slides a black dildo in making T.J. grunt very loudly. “Open up your hole. Come on. Ah! There you go!” Rock slides the rubber dong all the way up T.J.’s man-cunt making him cry out with pain and pleasure. Very intense reaction from T.J.

Rock slips his hard plump cut cock into T.J. from behind fucking fast, smooth, ‘n hard making T.J. continue making those wild and very intense grunting ‘n moaning noises that completely fill the room. Rock pulls all the way out and slams back in affording the viewer a good look at T.J.’s gaping bunghole. Rock shoots his load inside that chute and continues to slam in ‘n out. Switching up, T.J. lays in the missionary position with his legs spread wide and spent pink manhole exposed along with that hot hairy gooch and nuts. Rock lubes it up again and the pucker actually pulses! Rock sinks back in fucking fast ‘n hard ordering T.J. to “Gape your hole, man!” “Take me in, that’s it!” Changing back to doggy style, Rock continues to drill, pulls out and shoots a large thick load on T.J.’s touchhole and slides back in. For a grand finish, Rock licks T.J.’s cum drenched asshole.



“Cum Filled Manholes” is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The handheld videography by Bruno, Steve, and Gary is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with loads of extreme close-ups. The picture quality is good with just a little grain from time to time.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they loudly moan, groan, breathe heavily, cry out, mutter, hiccup, and make all sorts of very intense sexual noises. No music accompanies the scenes and this decision works perfectly as the movie has a raw, barebones look and feel to it.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. There is very hot bonus footage of each dude that runs approximately fifty minutes featuring additional manhole fun with dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, and double penetration. Finally, there are trailers for: “Bareback Pornstar Gangbang with Alan Gregory”, “Bareback Pornstar Gangbang with Kyle Foxx, “Top to Rock Bottom”, “Ream His Straight Throat 2”, “Ream His Straight Throat 3”, “Ream His Straight Throat 4”, and “Bareback Fuck and Gag”.

Final Thoughts:

Wow! “Cum Filled Manholes” definitely delivers exactly what the title promises. This is very intense anal action and not for the faint of heart. There are gaping manholes, dildo play with all sized of rubber dongs, anal beads, and double penetration. The dudes who receive are clearly not acting, as the looks on their faces are genuine as are their loud grunts, hiccups, and cries of pleasure mixed with pain. The handheld videography provides full coverage of all the action with tons of extreme close-ups to allow the viewer to feel as if he (or she) is actually there. This is basic no-holds barred movie making at its most raw. My personal favorites here are Rock, the Military dude doling out the pleasure to Rock in scene three, Antonio, and T.J. Please remember that the sex acts performed in the movie are bareback and in no way safe. Always wear a condom and play safe! I Highly Recommend for fans of intense ass play. The movie definitely delivers!

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