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Dripping Wet

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 10/22/07

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Director Jim Steel’s “Dripping Wet” has excellent production values. It’s often like watching an eighties music video on the Playboy channel, and that’s a compliment. There’s the booming score, the slow motion and the great shots of dripping wet women, and dripping wet bodies with intent stares. Even if “Dripping Wet” may be a bit too artistic to draw in all male audiences, the production is utterly top notch, and I found myself looking beyond the sex for once. I’ve seen that from Hustler, and they’re great with making a spectacle out of porn. Steel’s direction is a pure highlight to this artsy take on the porno, somewhat defying the pigeon hole and somewhat having me considering calling it erotica, in the end.

Fire and Ice

Starting off like a scene from “Caligula,” Mya Luanna is bathing in a spring in blinding white light and posing for her mate who is watching rather intently. Settling down beside a beautiful set piece, they begin fondling one another beside a blinding window and blazing fire. The set up for this segment is utterly immaculate and posits itself more as sexual performance art rather than simple porn for the sake or porn. Steel seems to take attention to everything, from Luanna’s soaking body, the lighting coming in through the window, and the rather raucous score that sets the mood perfectly. After an unusual but breathtaking set up, Luanna’s mate sets down between her legs and slowly eats her out as she lies spread and arched, moaning and groaning as she clutches her breasts and holds his hand. She then bends over to blow him as he’s perched on a blue plush mat, and again, another obviously set scene.

Their shadows juxtaposed the light, while her mate is spread out looks fantastic, and the cut to Mya’s face is so well lit. I can’t believe this is a porno of all things. You can almost feel Steel asking his actresses not to perform sex, but to make it seem beautiful while also erotic at the same time. He perches down behind the flames as their bodies are intertwined in sexual passion with their shadows waving along the fire, and man what a picture. He really pans in on Mya and provides some startling slow motion of her blowing her mate, and I didn’t feel the need to move on to the next scene. She leans back to lick her mate’s chest, and almost as if they’re in the fire, she mounts her mate backwards and rides him, as the fire overlaps their bodies. He then dominates her, banging her from behind as she screams, and then cuts to a dream like shot of the two kissing with the light glaring onto their faces. Luanna’s opening segment looks fantastic, and Steel never compromises the hardcore element of the movie for the artistic mood, and really balances both well. In one of my favorite instances, the two are going at it, with Mya’s legs sticking out from both sides of him, as Steel pans out from a window making us feel like voyeurs.

Drip, Drip:
Flying Panels

“Flying Panels” again feels like some video for Poison. Maybe it’s the rock score, or the basic set up, but while corny in its way, Steel shows his ability to create different moods for his performers. Set in a more oriental backdrop, gorgeous performer Sakura and her mate sit on a small bed surrounded by oriental rugs and draperies. He binds her down, sitting behind her to caress and play with her and leans her back to reveal her tight and petite body. He then pours oil all over her body giving us this sense that she’s being held against her will and loves it. There’s obvious choreography in this segment, as there’s a bit of an act before she finally leans over to blow him.

The lighting is again fantastic as it beams from the ceiling down onto them creating a darker tone. Her mate parts her legs and eats her out as she struggles with the wrist binds, and she arches back moaning with her legs high in the air. Breaking from her binds, he throws her back down and full on penetrates her, and then wraps her arms around her back fucking her from behind as she screams in a painful but passionate manner. He then forces her down onto his cock, rubbing the shaft up and down her face, and she jumps onto him. He clutches her and fucks her from behind as she cries out riding him. Sakura Scott is a gorgeous actress in this compilation with a gorgeous body and great face, and this segment doesn’t disappoint.

Drip, Drip, Drip:
Rub a Dub Dub Two in the Tub

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Adrianna Nicole is another absolutely gorgeous woman and more so she’s a beautiful blond who probably takes the cake as my favorite of women introduced here. She has a real Traci Lords vibe about her and has a killer body to boot. Steel films this piece very well slowly dimming the light around our actress to reveal her lovely body, and she performs for her mate with delight in front of a dazzling eighties chic set piece. She bounces her hair and jiggles her ass while her mate looks on enticed, and she even flips him the bird. Have to love that spunk. This is one of the few times I enjoyed a segment where the actress looks dead into the camera, because Steel directs it so well. The two drift into the bathroom, where she stands with her back turned as her partner caresses her body.

She finally leans over to suck him off, her curvy ass and arched back glistening in the light. Steel sets this scene up next to a glass pane that reflects down upon the duo. She takes a dip leaning back and digs her mate’s cock down the back of her throat gagging as he groans caressing her body. He reciprocates spreading her along his white couch and eating her pussy out, as she quivers. Steel poses another good segue as he flashes over to Nicole being banged from behind with her moans and screams rising with every pump, and they soon drift to their hot tub next to the soft red light, with Nicole being fucked from behind. Nicole is a great tease here as she bites her lips, chews on her shoulder and stares seductively at the camera, and I was just absolutely smitten with this woman. Hell, I even replayed the segment just to see her some more. The lighting for this one is again excellent, and Steel really sets every moment apart from the last, avoiding the pitfalls of repetition and tedium. I loved it.

Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip:
Strippers Night Out

Faith Leonplays stripper for this go around, as she’s dressed in a leopard skin negligee, and thigh high red leather boots, as she performs for two suited clients. This set piece is a soft blue lit wall, with the light focused in on Leon’s gorgeous face, and glittery red lipstick. Enamored with them, she coasts down over to one of her clients allowing him to break the golden stripper rule of no touching, and leans over to kiss and lick him. She mounts him slowly and gyrates, all with the beautiful blue screen in the background throbbing and illuminating. Leon crouches down caressing her clients throbbing bulges, and then lets them out to suck them off one by one. The lighting for this particular scene matched with the moody music makes this also seem more like erotic performance art rather than porn, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Steel reduces the atmosphere some with the male mates groaning, and grabbing her from all directions as she sucks them off faster and heavier. The angle in that particular scene is excellent as Steel perches from the floor where we can see Leonin all her glory as she sucks her partners off. As the music fades, the glistening blow jobs become much more rapid fire, and she takes them both into her mouth. Like the goddess she is, she rises along the stripper pole as her twosome slide down her body licking and caressing her ass providing a wonderful image of that makes Leonlook more than human. She grabs onto the pole and leans back as her mates nibble at her tits and eats her pussy out, which is followed by more groveling from the two along her bubble butt. She finally begins riding the cock heavy and hard, as she sucks off her other client next to the stripper pole, is then bent over and fucked from both ends before finishing off with a great shot.

Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip:
Red Hot Love

The wonderful Mya Luanna returns to close out the consistently satisfying film, dressed in a gorgeous white two pieces and looking damn good wearing it against her body. This woman is packed, and the set up for this is absolutely incredible. She’s spread out along a red velvet bed, with her skin and body parts literally shining off the light. Steel adds a fantastical element to this woman that works wonders, and she looks like the embodiment of the sexual fantasy. Her mate watches and drifts over wasting not time. With her legs spread across, he eats her out, licking and fondling her pussy as she lays back arched, and moans aloud. She mounts her mate making out with and propping her gorgeous breasts along his shoulders, and lays him down along the bed kissing his chest, and clutching his cock in her hands, making sure to tease not just him, but everyone watching. Sure, the soundtrack is kind of cheesy this go around with the random bursts of castanet’s which were most unwelcome, but this segment closed the film out wonderfully.

Steel captures Mya blowing her mate from all angles, as he squares in on him reacting. Mya looks like a sexy serpent, slithering along his body and sucking him slowly and steadily while slowly jiggling her bulbous ass. She mounts him and is pounded furiously, her groans emanating amidst the mostly red set pieces. The lighting is so that her body looks majestic and inviting, and turns to ride him propping her body to shine in the soft light, screaming as her mate sensibly pounds her viciously. He dominates her, spreading her out along the bed, and nibbles on her toes while fucking her hard and fast, it’s a great extra touch. The sex just intensifies as this goddess is fucked three ways to Sunday, and finishes on a great note with Mya revealing one last smirk for the viewers. Love it.

Odds & Ends

The audio/visual team really needs to be commended. “Dripping Wet” has a great picture that shifts from soft and fuzzy, to sharp and bold often. Filmed in wide screen, Steel’s picture is gorgeous to watch, and the colors are very vibrant. The audio is excellent providing a booming score and soundtrack with the music blasting through the screen. The dialogue and all movements are very audible, providing a better viewing experience.

Directly after I spent four pages reveling at Jim Steel’s excellent camera work and direction, I drifted to the eighteen minute Behind the Scenes feature that I hoped would give me insight on how the man works… I was not disappointed. Steel is a very involved director who choreographs every single movement and action his actors take, and really takes hold of the segments and performers. He commands them, he leads them, and the results are great. This “Behind the Scenes” feature is one of the few I’ve seen that actually give us a glimpse into shooting and method, and it’s a great tidbit. Watching Leoncomplain that her feet are numb from crouching down is also pretty funny.

The laymen may not think shooting a porno takes much work, but Steel shows that just because it’s people fucking, doesn’t mean you don’t have to add some sense of strategy. I love watching the mechanics of shooting porn. I wish more studios would give us a peek. There’s also a Still Gallery that works! Wow! Still Galleries absolutely always suck, and we’re given something of a considerable variety with some kicking music added, and showing Adrianna Nicole spread out and being fucked but looking at the camera with a laugh is a nice touch. Lovely. There are also five trailers for Hustler releases including Campus Confessions 11, and Barely Legal 70, as well as trailers for VCA films like 18 & Easy 10, and Fetish Factory 2. Finally there are the basic commercials for hotlines, and ads for the Hustler websites. Overall a great series of extras.

After Thought:
This is probably one of the best pornos I’ve ever seen; Steel rises to the challenge by avoiding the typical pit falls of porn adding a sense of erotic performing art all the while delivering the goods with excellent hardcore sex scenes, cum shots and all. I appreciate film of all types, and Steel really stands out as one of the best directors I’ve experienced since reviewing porno. The women are absolutely stunning, the direction is immaculate, and the set pieces add so much to a potentially drab affair. I hardly ever expect big things from pornography, but Steel and Hustler have changed my way of thinking by altering the doldrums of average porn films.

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