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Taunting, The

Studio: Spice Studios » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 10/23/07

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Director:  Zenova Braeden

Length :  1 hour  37 minutes.

Release Date: 9/24/2007

Production Year:  10/302006

Category: Feature 

Genre: Horror, Straight 

Sales: SPICE: Xcess SpiceTV 


Opening Credits


An abandoned monastery in the college town of Golgotha, steeped in myths about sexual rituals and orgies piques the curiosity of two college students who decide to investigate the cursed grounds in search of the "succubus spirit" said to walk its halls even to this day. What the couple experiences twists their sense of reality and ensnares them in a world of supernatural sex, sin and total abandon as they are Taunted by what can only be described as the unholy embodiment of pure lust itself. 

 Cast:  Amanda Emino, Anna Mills, Cassidy Blew, Daphine Rosen, Giana, Kaiya Lynn, Katja Kassin, Kitty, Lystra, Regan Reese, Zenova Braeden 

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Ghost Masturbation Scene

Audio/Video: The Taunting directed by Zenova Braeden   for Spice Studios is presented in non anamorphic full screen format. The audio is presented in Dolby Digital 2.1 Surround Sound. The lighting  was  very dark especially since  it


Lystra-The Ghost


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The Taunting, an erotic S&M thriller with  sexual energy supposedly  drawn from the spirit world directed  by  first time porn director Zenova Braeden  brings to life a twisted  tale of  darkness and  forbidden lust with a touch  of  S&M into the  mix.  Now if this sounds like something you would enjoy then read no further. For those that are curious and want to continue reading.. Read on. What  seems to be  a    knock off of the Grudge and  more of a  spoof than  Horror, The Taunting  takes  you into  the   world of  S&M.  Horror  flicks have  become  so  big of a market that  everyone is  getting into the  horror  genre hoping to  attract more  fans with  mixing  sex into it.  Last year  The XXXorcist,  reviewed by The Mooniniteproved that  some  crossovers can be slightly  amusing.  The Taunting automatically assumes that horror fans are only into S&M and Goth type surroundings and   storylines and have no common sense at all to know the difference. The  sex to say the  least  was mediocre. The only  scene that was  enjoyable  was the  Katja  Kassin. Anyone that is a fan of hers knows how she tackles an anal scene. This is one  title that she  could have  done  all without the other  females cast  members.

Extras: As  far as  extras  go  what in  enclosed are  two  G/g scene  which  honestly you can pass. Both  scene  could have  been  cut from the  DVD.  Other than that there are no real extras to speak of.


Always Lurking

Scene 1:  Gianna,  Kaiya Lynn, Krissy

The  fist  scene  opens to the  couple entering  the  grave yard and  getting  in a  few kisses  before the  ghost  appears  behind the  tombstone and  begins to  follow  them around. There  first  encounter is  with  a  Female  Domme that has  two  female  subs  tied up. There is no  real  sex  in the  scene  just  some light  spanking and   fondling between the   three ladies. It  was more of a  soft  core threesome.



Scene 2: Amanda Emino , Pia
The  couple and  the  ghost  now   go into another room where  Amanda the Domme has  Pia  tied  up and  is  playing with her  clit. Both   ladies  went through the  actions . There was nothing  there to  arousing , very  robotic. Girl  kisses  girl,  girl  suck on  girls  breast,  girl  fingers  girl while  other girl  feels  her up.


Waiting for her Domme

Scene 3: Daphne Rosen
Another G/g scene  this one  is passable.  Daphne is a bit more aggressive and   demanding when it comes to what she wants. There is  more interaction than in the  previous  two  scenes and  more  give and  take with the ladies.


Cassidy Loves to Inflict  Pain


Scene 4:Cassidy  Blue, Jeremy Steele
With the  ghost and   couple  checking out  all the  rooms in the monastery  they  come across  Cassidy  who is  standing over  the  male  sub  tormenting him with   the  smoke from her  ciggie. She  smacks him around a few  times  the  gives him her  nipple to  suck on. She  then straddles him riding him RCG and  gets a facial .


Katja's Foot Slave


Scene  5: Katja Kassin, Lee Stone
This  next  scene opens  on the  stair well , where you have  Katja  disciplining  her  sub . He  then makes  good  on his  word to  tend  to her every need as he  goes  down on her  first then  does her   doggie anal. Lee pounds her nice and   deep making this the  best  scene in the  entire flick.


Threesome on a Tombstone


Scene 6 : Anna  Mills,   Katja Kassin, Regan Reese, Icarus  Corpse
Busted  by  a Domme Katja, the  couple  engage in  a  threesome on top of a  marble  tombstone. Katja  watches  on at  first  then watches  as  they  go at it. Then  Katja  takes  control doing the  boyfriend  as  the  girlfriend watches on while he  rubs her  clit while  Katja  rides him RCG.  Katja  takes a face  full of his load  while the  girlfriend is left to her own  devices bringing on her own  orgasm.

Final Thoughts: I have mixed feelings about The Taunting very mixed at that. Reviewing it as a horror flick, it doesnít cut it either. So then you are left with looking at the sex and trying to make heads or tails of the who and why of what is going on. For me it dragged on to long and didnít get so much as a tingle in my body. First time Directors  always  face the  problem of  over  doing things and  she  most  certainly did.  Had  she  stuck to the story  line and  explained  why the  ghost was  around and not  focus of the  cheesy  aspects of  making it a horror flick then it would have  been worth a  second look. You have the  first  three scenes  all G/g and each one almost the  same as the other which  making  two of  them   boring. Yes  both of the girls were  tied up  but  still, nothing in the  arousal  dept to set anyone  pants on fire. There  wasnít any  chemistry  between  the performers. They  didnít  even look like they wanted to be  there and  that they only  reason  they were was  to collect a paycheck. I gather  by  now you can see where this is  going..  Rent It.  Thatís All I can  say if only  for the  S&M value.

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Have  a Wicked Week and an Even Wetter Weekend  Ravyn

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