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Out in Africa 2

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/27/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date:


Directed By:

Marty Stevens

The Movie:

"When a group of models is on location, not everyone works every day. When they have free time, they take care of themselves---and each other. In between sightseeing jaunts to Table Mountain, an elephant park and an aquarium, the boys amuse themselves in more intimate ways.”

Run Time:

2 Hours

The Cast:

Rick Fontana, Jason Pardis, Mark Aubrey, Ethan Clarke, Josh Elliot, Tommy Hansen, Liam Phoenix, Adam Dexter.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

These tasty young European dudes (all age 18+) all have nice toned smooth bodies with a mix of short and longish dark and brown hair, full and trimmed pubes, and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Liam Phoenix (cute with short brownish hair, toned/smooth body) is naked in bed straddling his buddy Ethan Clark (cute with longish light brown hair, toned/smooth body) giving his sexy bum and back a massage. The dudes are quite playful joking around with Liam showing off his full brown pubes and plump uncut cock as he slides his hands up ‘n down Ethan’s body. The guys switch up and Ethan shows off his trimmed brown pubes and hard unclipped tool as he rubs lotion into Liam’s back and shoulders. Ethan squirts a large amount of lotion onto his pal’s body and slowly humps against him sliding his hard dick back ‘n forth. The dudes kiss with plenty of hot wet tongue action while stroking each other’s rigid poles leading Ethan to suck Liam’s big balls and lick that big dick. He slides his talented mouth up ‘n down the shaft making Liam moan with pleasure. Switching up, Liam chows down on Ethan’s flesh tube jacking the shaft, working the foreskin, and chowing down. Liam’s plump balls draw up as Ethan sucks him off.

Ethan teases Liam’s tight hairy bunghole rubbing his cock against the pucker and enters in kind of a cross between from behind and a side/missionary position fucking that chute with fast ‘n smooth strokes with plenty of nice close-ups. The dudes are very into the action and each other as they moan with lusty delight and Ethan humps like a horny bunny. Switching to the missionary position, Ethan continues to pound that hot hole leading Liam to play a little of the ol’ sink/bounce with legs spread wide riding up ‘n down as Ethan thrusts his hips upward to drill his buddy. Ethan jacks off shooting a thick load on Liam’s tongue and in his own pubes. Liam busts a thick nut on his bush. Hot!

Scene Two:

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Josh Elliot (cute with brown/blond hair, toned/smooth body) and his pal Mark Aubrey (cute with short dark brown hair, a little beard stubble, toned/smooth body) are sleeping when Josh wakes up with his uncut cock hard as rock. He gives his buddy a lustful look and heads to the shower where he soaps up those brown pubes, rigid tool, and plump nuts. Mark soon wakes up yanking the covers back to reveal his beautiful body, dark pubes, and large unclipped member. He rubs his nuts, strokes that thang, and joins Josh in the tub. The dudes playfully kiss with wet tongue while jacking each other’s dongs and rubbing ‘em together. Josh is down on his knees and licks Marks’s prick while jacking the stalk and nursing the purple knob. There are some very hot close-ups of Mark’s cock head as Josh sucks away.

Back in bed, Mark chows down on Josh’s cock giving full oral pleasure as he gobbles, licks, jacks, and sucks giving an excellent blowjob. There’s a nice camera shot from behind of Mark’s hairy butt crack and hangy nuts as he blows his buddy. Working his tongue around the flared knob, Mark nurses it like a starved calf. The dudes engage in more passionate kissing as Mark strokes Josh making him shoot a thick load of jizz on his stomach and chest. Up for more action, Josh slides a condom on Mark’s hard dick leading Mark to fuck his pal in the side/missionary position filling that tight hairy bunghole completely full of tasty meat. Josh rides that rigid pole humping up ‘n down filling that love-canal with the finest in unclipped European beef. Reaching the point of no return, Mark pulls his pork shooting a large thick load on Josh’s chest and stomach. Hot!

Scene Three:

Rick Fontana (cute with longish dark hair, toned/smooth body) pulls his bedcovers back revealing his hot body dressed in tight black briefs and his pal Jason Paradis’s (cute with short dark brown hair, light heard stubble, toned/smooth body) dark pubes, plump nuts, and uncut cock. Rick heads to shower where he lovingly soaps up his big uncut dick and is soon joined by a horny Jason. The dudes run their soapy hands up ‘n down each other’s bodies and playfully kiss with tongue. Back in bed, Rick strokes Jason’s large hard tool, wagging it, and rubbing his nuts. Jason stokes Rick’s prick working the foreskin, cupping those balls, nursing the purple knob, and sliding his wet mouth up ‘n down. Rick finally chows down on his buddy’s dong leading Jason to fuck his face nice ‘n smooth. The dudes are quite playful teasing each other and laughing.

Jason ends up in the missionary position with his legs up in the air as Rick fucks him with a nice steady tempo sliding his rigid dick in and out of that tight hole. Switching to the ever-reliable doggy style, Rick starts out with the same smooth tempo but kicks it up and begins fucking fast ‘n hard making Jason moan and groan. Rick squirts a large load on Jason’s back and bum. Jason squirts a large thick load on his chest. Although the scene is hot, it’s a little bit of a disappointment in that the anal penetration shots are not up to par with the usual Bel Ami standards. Most of them are shot from the side where the viewer does not get a good look at cock going into asshole.

Scene Four:

Tommy Hansen (cute with longish brownish/blond hair, toned/smooth body) is lying back in bed jacking his large hard unclipped tool with his left fist working the foreskin and cupping those beautiful plump nuts. Adam Dexter (good-looking with shaved head, goatee, muscular/smooth body) is taking a bath soaping up his large cut cock and mouth-watering plump hangy nuts. Joining Tommy in bed, Adam makes out with his pal with plenty of wet tongue kissing and hard cock stroking. Adam blows Tommy slurping up ‘n down, licking the shaft, nursing the knob, and giving terrific head. There are some very nice close-ups of the oral action along with a very hot camera shot from behind of Adam’s hangy ebony balls. Tommy lays in the missionary position with legs up and tight shaved bunghole fully exposed. Adam munches down on that pulsing pucker spitting on it and tonguing Tommy into some sexy heavy breathing as his most intimate area is explored.

The dudes make their way into a traditional sixty-nine with Tommy on top cramming Adam’s big dong down his gullet as Adam continues to eat his asshole. Tommy goes crazy on that large curved member sliding his mouth up ‘n down and playing with those yummy nuts. Adam fucks Tommy in the missionary position slowly sinking that thang in ‘n out of his buddy’s tight shaved touchhole pulling all the way out and sinking right back in. There are some very nice penetration close-ups here as Adam picks up speed and fucks fast, smooth, and hard. Adam switches to the good ol’ side/missionary position drilling in and out making Tommy breathe heavily and moan. Adam beats his meat shooting a thick load on Tommy’s bum. Hot load! Tommy pulls his pud cutting loose with a thick load on his stomach. Hot!



“Out in Africa 2” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Marty Stevens, Mark Russos, and Mel Riberts, Jr. is excellent providing full coverage of all the sex with plenty of cool close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt penetration (with the exception of Scene Three where the anal penetration shots are not up to the usual Bel Ami standard). The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes joke around in Czech (no subtitles), with plenty of heavy breathing, slurping cock sucking noises, and moans as they


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, options to play all oral, play all anal, and play all orgasms. Also included is a preview for “Pillow Talk 2”, and online information about Bel Ami.

Final Thoughts:

Bel Ami is known for it’s high quality productions and very cute eighteen to early twenties European dudes. “Out in Africa 2” is no exception and is an entertaining watch. What I found to be the biggest turn-on (besides the cute dudes and big uncut cocks) is that the guys are genuinely playful with each other obviously enjoying the action. The dudes all give energetic performances with my personal favorites being cover dude Rick Fontana, Jason Paradis, Adam Dexter, and Tommy Hanson. My only complaint is with Scene Three where the anal penetration is not up to the usual Bel Ami standards (but it’s still hot). On a non-sexual note, there are many beautiful shots of Africa between the sex scenes that I found to be impressive. I Recommend for fans of Bel Ami, cute European dudes, and large uncut cocks.

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