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Big Ass Adventure 3

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 10/29/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Big Ass Adventure 3
A Bang Bros. Production
Directed by R. Rosenberg

Starring: Dara, Pawla, Petra, Sona & Carmelita.

Length:  2 hours, 18 minutes.

Condoms: None!


Brief Synopsis

As the title suggests, the female posterior is the main meal here, with ample amounts of tease, and, as one could expect from Bang Bros., a nearly identical cycle of positions from scene to scene.  Beginning with a brief introduction (ďdo you like sex?Ē), followed by each respective girl pawing and caressing their clothed and unclothed bodies (8-10 minutes per scene), onto a bit of masturbation with a toy, thereby edging our cameraman into brief POV-style doggy and missionary fucking (both pussy and ass play), into a roundabout of cowgirl (and its reverse), missionary and doggy (each girl tasting the results in between), and a final pop aimed at each girlís mouth.  As for those girls, all of whom appear to be of eastern European descent, letís see how they did...


Scene One: Dara

On the outskirts of a train station, Daraís fitted out in a light pink one-piece, her face lighting up at the prospect of anal sex. Her neck-length blonde hair has a worn-out curl, and her eyes nearly disappear as she smiles.  With her lightly toasted white hands she pulls up her cutoffs, revealing a delicate peach fuzz covering her ass.  Following an extended tease, she pulls out a corn-colored French tickler, massaging herself for the camera.  The cameraman takes the opportunity to work her over, swapping from hole to hole, Dara gleefully tasting the results from one position to the next.  Plying her ass open with his unit, our man works her pussy with the dildo, constantly refreshing Daraís palate with fresh juices, from cowgirl to doggy, into spoon and onto missionary.  He jerks off onto her tongue, and Dara smiles as she pushes every last drop into her mouth. Daraís take-charge attitude works well through the scene, and her enjoyment resonates long after.  Well done! 

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Scene Two: Pawla

Inspecting a nearby vintage compact car, our cameraman meets Pawla, a tall, well-built girl whoís crimson-via-bottle hair is boyishly cropped. Her dark, smoky eyes only hint at the glissando of her proportions, which ooze slightly, as if someone was constantly standing over her head with a bowl of light maple syrup.  She lays out a dose of these during her tease, disrobing and curling into a couch with a blue vibrator, which she works into her ass and pussy.  Our cameraman manifests the frenzy contained in her simple tease, plugging her POV-style, Pawla gripping and sucking following each bout of thrusts.  Sheís not skittish, tossing her manís salad with the tip of her tongue post-cowgirl dismount, then leaping back onto the sofa for more.  The fucking and sucking and plunging continue (more toy play being an integral part), and Pawla takes a load straight into her open mouth.  Another great scene!


Scene Three: Petra

Jumping right to the tease, Petra, a roughly tanned girl with long black hair, shows off her massive thighs.  Legs in the air, her ass bears a long tanning bed mark, and her features nearly swallow the frame of the camera, pushing themselves into its edges.  With the aforementioned corn tickler, she works herself over, giving way to the onslaught of prodding and humping to come. Though her slightly oversized features are a plus to this reviewer, Petraís enthusiasm for the scene donít really materialize, and even as our cameraman gives her the full, unexpurgated tour, her performance didnít quite engage past second gear.  Still, she took her servicing with her head up, and thatís years more than others.

Scene Four: Sona

Sona has all the features of a surfer girl: ginger freckles dotting a small, plucky face, with wisps of blonde hair, streaked black, swaying across her face, and a sturdy, slender constitution.  Itís a wonder to see her in action, especially in POV, as our cameraman inspects her ass and snatch for depth.  She takes her reverse cowgirl anal gape with glee, moaning and grinding away onto the dick below, tasting it, and doing it all over again.  Despite all the switching and inherent gooeyness of the scene, neither girl nor boy get too messy, even as Sona takes a load around the edges of her mouth.  Sheís a solid performer, and her skill isnít hampered by over-theatrics.  Another winner!

Scene Five: Carmelita

Walking along a stretch of avenue, we meet Carmelita, wearing a pink and teal ensemble, a mop of blonde atop her head.  With her elongated crest of a nose, she resembles a less American-made Barbie Cummings; thankfully, Carmelita is an all-natural wonder.  Her skin radiates a light pinkness all around, which certainly adds to her appeal, in this reviewerís eyes, especially during her eventual ass gapes galore.  After a tease by her lonesome, and then with a large, neon pink vibrator, the cameraman lunges his cock into her, and the oversized device is placed in good use throughout.  Carmelita, like all the girls, shines most in reverse cowgirl, her every feature heightened by the ass fucking/tasting/gaping, and she takes it all with gusto.  A salad toss, some doggy, a little spoon, along with more tasting of her own pussy and ass juices, Carmelita brings it all to a close with a tiny bit of reticence, and finally into an embrace of her partnerís shot of love.  I certainly couldnít have said it better myself.


Bonus Features 

Exactly three trailers and one deleted scene, called ďthe TripĒ, starring Carmelita.  Lasting only eight (!) seconds, the bit of footage shows Carmelita stumbling for a second, regaining her footing to mount her partner.  For a laugh, I suppose itís mildly humorous, but why even include a few seconds of barely-an-outtake at all?  An amazing disappointment.


Audio/Video Quality

As each scene was shot in the same room (for the most part) and featured a procession of similar angles, the video certainly was close to expert, focusing on just the right amount of each specific action.  Every shade of tan represented was clean and clear, not too bright, and thoroughly enjoyable to watch.  No audio complaints to speak of, though the authoring from menu to menu was a bit dodgy (a near-ruined map of confusion at times).  Unfortunately, the scenes are split into three sections (Start, Suck, Fuck), none of which are direct jumps to final cumshots!  Seems almost absurd for any porn, especially one with such a nice array of girls and performances, to be stuck with this kind of user restraint, but overall it seems like more of an irritation that can be remedied with a new fast-forward button (Iíll be expecting mine in the mail, soon).  Still quite annoying, though.


Overall Thoughts

For the ass lover in all of us (or even if you arenít), this disc offers exactly what it promises.  Though an ass adventure is one which may seem more harried and spontaneous, the folks at Bang Bros continue their constant stream of delectable girls ripe for the trip, ready and willing for anything.  Even if the discís layout hampers the viewing at times, itís still a quibble minor enough to overlook, given the quality of performances, overall, and the effort of each beautiful girl on the disc.  I had a lot of fun!    

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