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Tamed Teens 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 11/10/07

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Genre: Teen-hardcore 
Director: Freddy Dalton & Raul Cristian 
Cast: Pinky, Lucy Lane, Angelica Black, Ruxy, Celia Jones, Maria Mia & Anna 
Length: 3hrs 10 min 
Production Date: Evil Empire, 2007 


Chapter Selection: Without Act Access
Cumshot Recap:
Web Info:

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is the old fashion standard of stereo 2.0. I don't expect much more, so long as the there's no gaps of silence, muffling, or distant noises. None of that here. The Video if Full Frame Color, with basic boning footage, but it's still clean and very pleasing.

Body of Review:
    Having Missed Tamed Teens One, I have to admit, I have no Idea what's going to happen in the sequel. Please read Kobiata's review of the Original or take a chance like me and just don't give a shit. I know this much, Evil Empire is a damn fined company for bringing hot young talent to our homes and blowing our minds with what's up their miniskirts. From the looks of the box, there should be roughhousing and discipline for these naughty girls. We can only hope.

Scene 1: Pink
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Spitting, Slapping, DP, PTM, ATM, Facial

Before she can say her name, the man behind the camera grips her by the neck bends her over and smacks her lovely ass. Pink is a wild-haired girl from Germany. She's got a sexy tongue and lower lip ring and a sharp angled face, but soft everywhere else. Pinned down, the guy spits in her mouth and pulls her to her feet by her hair. She drops her top and he slaps her nice-sized, real breasts. Out of nowhere he spits a thick wad across her face again. There's ten minutes of bondage-type "foreplay" before two stiff logs float down river and into Pink's port. She deep throats their solid cocks with little problem. They tear through her mouth like someone plunging a toilet and the only reaction aside from a little drool is Pink's eyes rolling to the back of her head. Pink gets tossed between both guys before getting plugged in her lovely, shaved vag. The fucking is fast and intense, but not very hardcore. Some spitting and drooling and the guys switch positions about every 30 seconds--which keeps the action moving. One of the guys gets annoying because his constant groaning sounds like his climax is every 30 minutes. The three fuck like bunnies, but I didn't think it was that raw. She's tossed around, slapped, spit on and verbally abused but it's tamed. Some may disagree, but in comparison to a lot out there, this scene just touches the tip. Two pops to the mouth and Pinky is forced to swallow.  


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Scene 2: Black Angelica
Acts Included:  Oral, Vag, Spitting, Slapping, Rimming, PTM, Machine Toys, Facial

Black Angelica stuns me. She's a gorgeous, slim European gal, Italian maybe, with thick, black hair and thick, black eyebrows. Her ass is two devilish globes separated by a skinny, pink thong. As before, the scene begins slowly with ass smacking and simple body admiration, so the first twenty minutes are her crawling around and being told to lie here, lie there. Two boners come into the room and give Black Angelica a taste of what's to come. More simple deep throating and slapping, but in a nice move a direct line to the anus. BA rides anal reverse cowgirl, proping her lovely legs on his to show her sweet vag and tits. As before, the manhandling is intense, but not overly aggressive. And BA never seems to mind the force, which i think takes a lot out of the scene's purpose. It's to push limits, and if her limits are far from what they're doing, then we're just seeing the same ol' shit.

Scene 3: Anna
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Spitting, Slapping, Rimming, PTM, Machine Toys, Facial

Next up to endure the Dalton & Cristian inquisition is lovely 18 year old German Anna. Redish blonde hair, pale, pale skin, Anna has adorable features with puppy dog eyes that ony get sadder when the throat clenching and spitting begins. They wrap a studded belt around her neck and pull it tight, pushing her to floor and steping on her. Anna doesn't flinch at anything; she just says she feels 'good'. A floppy dong attached to a power drill is brought in and Anna feeds it into her pussy. This drill must have 1,000 rpm/s because it zooms, spinning into Anna's pink. Anna is then subjected to rough oral that sounds nasty and looks almost as bad. Forced oral and spitting causes Anna to drool on her chin and later her forehead when she is upside down. Anna gets it hard, but never to the point where she needs a break, even going as far as to perform a lenghty (and noisy) rimjob. He bones Anna like a jackhammer and she squeals, sweating until her hair is a wet mop and her face and chest blotchy red. Strangely, in the end, Anna has completely transformed and now looks like Juliet Lewis after a swim in the ocean.


Scene 4: Lucy Lane
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Spitting, Slapping, PTM, Facial

24 year old Lucy Lane also hails from Germany. Another cute blonde, with doe eyes and a perfect body, Lucy is forced to suck the small end of an aluminum bat. After this silly clip, she's thrown to the floor and crawls across the house where he stops her, rips her panties down, spits on her silky smooth, pussy lips and eases the bat into her vajayjay. Lucy is tag teamed by two throbbing cocks taking on more than she can handle. One guy plunges her throat like a backed up toilet making her choke and spit on the floor. Both guys take their turns filling each hole, greedily and with as much grace as a Tijuana whore. Lucy Lane is foxy for about the first 20 minutes, then she's turned into into a dripping mess. Regardless, there's a nasty cuteness about her that keeps alive until the end when she takes a pair of meaty shots to her throat.


Scene 5: Celia and Maria
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Spitting, Slapping, Facial

Celia and Maria make a cute couple. More Germans, Maria is a sexy dark haired, soft skinned gal just waiting to be told what to do. Celia gets a belt around her throat and is forced to eat Maria's pussy, not a bad punishment since Maria has the looks of a veteran porn star. Next Celia and Maria put their oral skills to the test. They each get a rock hard boner and bob their opened mouth across it. Maria is especially quick and scummy plegm spit forms at her lips; she spits this onto his dick to make miniature stalactites. Each gal gets a powerful fuck to their mouth and their hot, tanned bodies. The acts are the same as before, but having two beautiful broads to look at spices the monotony a bit. In a nice ending, the belt is looped around both their necks and so they are kneeling cheek to cheek looking at the camera like little, lost birds, confused and scared in the world, until blam! cum shoots across from stage right and then stage left to splatter them both. They barely bat their eyes.


Scene 6: Roxy
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Spitting, Slapping, Facial

Holy all things holy. This chick is mostly dressed and she is hot as fire. Roxy is a sweet faced German lass with a smooth set of lower lips and a rear end like the side of a sofa. Too bad it's a little spotted with bumps of some kind.  Roxy drops her top and a pair of floppy, donkey tits spill to the ground. These pearly white funbags are all natural and look luscious. From the start, Roxy is a team player, but she's not great at bat. After just a few thrusts to the throat, she's pullling back to spit her gag and catch her breath. She keeps it up though, and soon her sweet, hot qualities are out the window. In place is a sweaty rag that's so wadded up and wet, it's nearly recognizable. Doesn't matter, though. Roxy is one of those gals that you can keep watching because she's so natural. Her milk white tities get to flopping when she's pumped doggy style and when a third cock enters the room, she manages to adjust. The guys strip her of any decency when they pummel her with man juice so thick it forms on her face like a goatee.

Concluding Words


Well, is it just me, or are things starting to calm down a bit? This disc looks as though it's another wear 'em and tear 'em picture; girls getting manhandled, pushed and pulled. There is some of that, actually there's a lot of dominate maleness, but a lot of it comes from the director, telling the gals what to do and egging the cocks of the scene to 'fuck her'. Most of the gals here are uber-hot, but as with much foreign talent (these babes are German) they all look the same. I haven't found one that seems to stand out and make me want more. Maybe I'm just a proud American--or a xenophobe. There's a nice consistency of fast-paced boning. Whether it's oral or vaginal, the guys pump like pistons. The girls are sexy and can take the action to a certain point, before pulling away or gasping for breath. This is quite a good film, but I think it's misleading. Each scene opens with the director controlling every aspect. "What's your name bitch" he asks. And from there he tells her what to do, spits on her face and ass and bends her over to spank her. Then the cocks fly in, and the action steps back some. It carries it's share of roughness, but not at all like the start of the scene suggests. I guess that's my only peeve. That and the action/acts are the same from scene to scene and since these gals almost all look alike, I felt like I was on an endless loop. I'd still say check it out. Just keep your clams. Rent It.


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