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Studio: Teravision » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/30/07

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Katarina Kat is a hotty!


Teravision/Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Erotica

Director: Ethan Kane

Cast: Katarina Kat, Nick Manning, Faith Leon, Tommy Gunn, Bobbi Starr, Samantha Ryan, Annette Schwarz, Mario Rossi, Nikki Dominick, Pike Nelson

Length: 91:13 minutes

Date of Production: 2/27/2007

Faith Leon embraced the wind machines.

Extras: The best extra for me was the 19:08 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It spent no time actually behind the scenes as it was more of a series of erotic teases sequences with the ladies, but I think most of you will appreciate that all the more since the windswept looks, the glamour shot photography, and the bone inducing abilities of the ladies was catered too nicely. There were also about 13 trailers, a photogallery, and a second side to the cover for another movie altogether (China Blue).

Condoms: None

Bobbi Starr and Samantha Ryan in the lesbian scene.

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Audio/Video Quality: Glamcore was presented in an appealing 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Ethan Kane for Teravision to be distributed by Vivid Entertainment. The lighting was a bit stronger than usual with the shadows pushed aside by the wealth of light provided; the fleshtones were accurate and the majority of action was captured nicely enough. As far as erotica porn is concerned, Ethan has displayed a knack for it while working at Ninn Worx so he was more in his element here than in the last title of his I saw for the company; the artistic look working in many cases. The camera angles did not always completely favor the ladies and make them look their best but it was generally well shot with the editing a step above some of his past, award winning work. I did not see any compression artifacts and with a video bitrate ranging from the mid 4 to upper 6 Mbps, I can see why I wouldn’t, but it wasn't the best looking title of the month either. The audio was shot in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English under a 192 Kbps, the music somewhat generic but thankfully limited in scope to the montages but the vocals were fair. There was no separation between the channels and the dynamic range of the mostly moans and groans quite basic but that's one of the accepted trademarks of gonzo these days; the addition of some sultry music nicely placed during the tease.

Annette Schwarz in a glamor shot pose.

Body of Review: Ethan Kane is one of the newest directors at Teravision, bringing with him a set of well developed skills he has picked up at other companies. Still new to directing, Ethan has displayed the ability to use his vision to make erotic porn that draws praise but also hardcore action to suit the raincoater crowd when he sets his mind to it. His latest project is Glamcore; a title that was promoted as a fusion of artistic porn and the harsher gonzo so many people prefer these days. Not having seen much outside of a press release for it, I figured it would lean towards the couple’s porn Ethan is known for so I gave it a look. If you’re still interested, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used and that all the sex was fairly tame:

Nikki Dominik had a nice figure.

Scene One: Katarina Kat, a lean blond that used to perform in the circus, was up first to set the stage as it were by teasing in a simple location consisting of a black wall with a blue platform. The pleasant music chimed on in the background as the rotating bed showed her from all angles, Nick Manning joining her after a time. His clothing disappeared and she was slobbing his knob actively, using her hand and mouth in unison as she gazed up into his eyes. He deployed his usual set of vocals but they were minimized as the audio downplayed them to a degree (thankfully!); the guy going down on her for a moment before plunging away into her cookie as she moaned in modest pleasure. The dynamic employed seemed to be a mixture of real pleasure and a performance but the sexual athletes went at each other nonstop until Nick started “dropping loads” of population pudding on her face. It was a pretty warm scene but the levels of chemistry impacted the replay value for me.

Scene Two: Faith Leon, the beauty on the front DVD cover, was up next with a feathered boa as she continued a similar opening tease sequence. The wind machines worked overtime and the erotic touches were plentiful as well but given her looks; it seemed to make sense. The formula had her masturbating on the edge of the platform, with white sheets this time providing more contrast as she rubbed her pussy in circles; her glossy lipstick shining distinctively. Once warmed up, she was joined by studly Tommy Gunn; his dark tan contrasting with her pale skin in an interesting manner too. The blowjob was a combination of her actively working his pipe and being a passive fuck socket for him to fuck, the lady taking him in her pussy shortly afterwards without him going down on her. She did get more active when she was on top but only marginally so, making this one of the weaker scenes even though they looked good together physically. The facial punctuated the ending as he dropped his wad on her mouth; Faith not appearing to swallow it before the camera faded away.

Scene Three: Bobbi Starr, a curvy brunette cutie, and lean blonde Samantha Ryan, were up next as the tease was divided into two sections where they teased in unison on different parts of the rotating stage to the active music. The wind machines were assisting the look and the gals did their best to look appealing, placed together for the lesbian antics that followed. The ladies stroked each other and tasted away as if on a mission but despite the dirty talk, they appeared to be largely going through the motions here. I find both of them physically attractive and the luxurious maroon sheets served nicely to enhance their looks but the spark I prefer to see was somehow missing from these dames going at one another; replaced by the ladies performing the scene more than appreciating each other. It wasn’t bad but like the previous scenes, it seemed to miss some golden opportunities. Some toys were used for those who care and you may squeeze some replay value out of it but I can’t say how much given what I saw from them.

Scene Four: Annette Schwarz, the blond German anal queen moving up the ranks in the porn world, was up next in a fluffy red dress as she continued with the formulaic tease under the wind machines on the blood red sheets as she masturbated. Her biggest strength is in getting her limits pushed so I was not hopeful that the scene was going to be anything special but she did provide some stroke value from my vantage point. She believably got off during the solo portion of the scene and while her partner was not exactly top tier material, Mario Rossi was not the slacker some would suggest as he capably used his skills to perform with Annette. She actively sucked him off and he gave more than a passing nod to getting her off orally too. By the time they bumped uglies, she was impaling herself vaginally on top of him; albeit the pair lacking any rhythm to speak of here. Still, having watched her in a number of very driven scenes of late, I have a warm place in my pants for her so I have to admit that this was the best scene of the movie; even lacking her trademark anal antics she made up for with an active ending where she took the facial aggressively by her own hand.

Scene Five: Nikki Dominick, a curvy brunette with a solid build to her, was up last as she followed the basic formula with Pike Nelson. She wasn’t a 98 pound waif and she reminded me a bit of some contract gals at Vivid or Wicked Pictures; providing a generic performance as they stuck with the script in performance mode only. I’d have done her myself but she would not have been the first choice as she grimaced and otherwise made the oral and vaginal action seem like a chore at times. The gal probably has a lot more potential but she simply did not show much of it here. It ended with his facial missing her face as much as hitting the target; the credits rolling after that.

Summary: Glamcore by director Ethan Kane for Teravision was a bit too watered down for me but I strongly suspect that I am not the target audience this time. The biggest failure of the fuck flick was that it relied so heavily on a generic formula that the performers did not appear to stray from, marching in lockstep as they went from point A to point B and then onto point C almost like clockwork. Having sung the many praises of several of them in the recent past, the performers seemed to be held back all too often and that impacted the replay value substantially as well; the extras pleasant but limited so I rated it as a Rent It. The technical expertise put into Glamcore made it pretty to look at but could not save it from the direction it took so check this one out before dropping a wad of cash, if you catch my drift.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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