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Filth Cums First 2: 2 Disc Special Edition

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/30/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Alexis Texas and Brianna Love: WOW!

Filth Cums First 2: 2 Disc Special Edition

Digital Playground/Handheld Pictures

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Brianna Love, Alexis Texas, Mick Blue, Annette Schwarz, Scott Nails, Jay Lassiter, Rebeca Linares, Erik Everhard, Misti Love, Jerry, Sasha Grey, Tommy Gunn, Teagan Presley, Tyler Durden

Annette Schwarz looked good too!

Length: 219:09 minutes

Date of Production: 9/28/2007

Extras: The first disc only has a cumshot recap from the scenes and nothing more of substance. The second disc though had a decent extra in the form of the 37:24 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Jamal Johnson. Rebeca was up first and got a lot of quality time before Alexis showed her goodies. As Brianna came into view, Brah made the excellent point about it getting no better than this (I concur with the gentleman from Digital Playground!) and then the show moved to Teagan on the bed after her scene. Sadly, Teagan was shortchanged here as was Sasha in order to give Misti her shower scene (and Annette was totally fucked over!); the light music getting old quickly and the lack of humorous pop ups making me with someone had more time to spend with it. The other extras were the trailers to Island Fever 4, Throb 2, Hard Candy 3, Control 6, Control 4, and Pirates; the second cumshot recap, a slide show, and a photogallery.

Rebeca Linares brought the accessories.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Filth Cums First 2 was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Robby D. for release by Digital Playground late next month. The lighting was reasonably solid here, as expected given this was Robby's standard type of gonzo, and that meant that the limited amounts of grain and other visual elements used to lend a sense of texture were minimal. While I generally prefer flood lighting in my gonzo porn, Robby has a way of showing it all with less light, the tint of the colors only slightly off as a result. The way the scenes were shot and edited was markedly similar in the scenes, though the composition of the angles was changed up a bit depending on the scene in question; sometimes using a POV angle before the sex took place. The composition of the shots and the editing enhanced the look of the ladies more than a little bit too, proving what this critic has to say about the production team led by Robby (who did all the camerawork to allow the talented Nick "The Wiz" P. the task of cleaning up the goofs with the editing and music this time) with the DVD mastering revealing no compression artifacts (the bitrate varying but often staying near the mid 6 Mbps range). The audio was presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English (using 384 Kbps) with a minimalist leaning that seemed unique in most ways to productions outside of the other Jack series, with the vocals always dominating the audio track as I like it. There wasn't much separation between the channels, if any, the ladies were almost always clearly heard. To here and see it for yourself, here is a look at the trailer to the movie  Filth Cums First 2.

Rebeca likes milk of all kinds.

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Body of Review: Robby D. has long been established as the dominant director over at Digital Playground; knocking out hits regularly while his coworkers occasionally find the time to make a movie themselves (usually putting Robby in charge of most aspects of production anyway). In order to keep it fresh, Robby tries new things on a regular basis rather than doing the same old stuff every time, this being the case with Filth Cums First 2: 2 Disc Special Edition; the sequel to the well liked Filth Cums First 1 that I reviewed not long ago. Having looked at the cast list ahead of time, I knew that Teagan, Brianna, and Alexis were going to provide an excellent experience with the others noted as providing good scenes as well. The six lengthy scenes all had their own theme to them and your mileage may vary as a result but there was something for almost everyone here, Robby really cranking it up to provide the better part of four hours in the movie. If you’re still interested in this upcoming release, here’s a glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Misti Love couldn't choose between Jerry and Jay.

Scene One: Brianna Love and Alexis Texas, two of the biggest names in gonzo sex at this writing, were up first in colorful pink and green outfits that showcased their sweet asses incredibly well. Brianna wore green and Alexis was in pink, both gals hanging out of their outfits nicely as they climbed the staircase. They engaged in some mutual pawing and then Mick Blue joined them on the landing to oil them up and continue getting them ready for the scene by use of hands and mouth. The ladies appeared to love the action and after some fine tease work, they were slobbing his knob really well. Brianna took the initial pounding by his cock, Mick moving to suck Alexis’ pussy while Brianna did some PTM (Alexis using vocals to make it all the better). Mick then started tapping Brianna’s incredibly full ass as the gal ate out Alexis, those cheeks rippling in impossibly hot ways as the action continued. Alexis was then ready for some vaginal screwing and her ass looked just as good bouncing on cock; the gal showing that even a vaginal ride looks good in an active bit of boning like this one. The scene only lasted about a half hour (after five minutes of credits) but the replay value for me was off the charts! Yowza!

Sasha Grey was a cutie!

Scene Two: Annette Schwarz, one of the current reigning anal queens in porn, was up next and she provided a unique variation in that she was in charge of both Scott Nails and Jay Lassiter; both men wrapped in plastic wrap to columns inside of a house. Her black dress revealed her curvy physique as she went back and forth between the men, teasing them and blowing them in her heated manner. There aren’t many gals that can swallow a whole cock and balls as readily as she can so the dynamic was also really nicely handled here. She gave some titty fucking to the men too, eventually freeing the men so they could take her as they saw fit. The powerful vaginal action led to her blowing them in turn while the other would pork her; moving to a more passive anal afterwards. I was half surprised that she did not do DP’s with them as well but not disappointed since she seemed to have things under control quite readily as she went from cock to cock. The power sucking she did at the end looked to be among the best blowjobs I have seen in a long time; Annette swallowing the population pudding easily from both of them. It was not her best work of late but still a very heated scene with really good replay value too. Whew!

Teagan's ass always looks great!

Scene Three: Rebeca Linares, the last scene on the first disc, was up next in a white dress that did little to hide her fine figure in the living room as she pranced about to tease studly Erik Everhard. As part of the show, she brought a bottle of milk and a bottle, lapping it up as she turned her kittenish charms on the guy; the milk related food fetish antics getting a little weird before the regular oral began. They kissed each other and pawed one another as though still in high school; the energy nicely done as Erik started getting rough with her (to his credit, she was encouraging this dynamic to take place). They went upstairs to the bedroom after some play on the stairs themselves, the duo diddling and eating each other in a heated fashion. She slapped him too as she pulled up his shirt, showing the world that she was just as much in charge of what took place as he was; her blowjob not quite as strong as Annette’s before her but more than enough for the circumstances. She was a very active vaginal rider and the anal that came afterwards was nearly as good. She embraced the taste testing (PTM and ATM) as well as anyone in the movie and the pair was drenched in sweat by the time the scene was over. Her puffy pussy reacted strongly to later oral efforts on Erik’s part; the gal screaming loudly as she got off; in a believable manner albeit loudly. The resulting wad of semen that sprang forth from his dick was pretty heavy and her playfulness with it added to the effect as she gave up some post coital sucking with the semen coating her face. Yum!

Teagan's face looks good too.

Scene Four: Misti Love, a curvy black gal that I really have not seen much of, was up next as she played with both Jay Lassiter and Jerry at a loud party. The trick this time was that she had them in separate rooms, the men not knowing about how she wanted to have her cake and eat it too. The humor elements of the setting were downplayed substantially and it served to provide more tease as she was not able to get too far with one before moving back to the other; a fair amount of pawing with clothing on, titty sucking, and other antics taking place instead. Her curves were definitely kicking though and once the men caught on, they both got more than some quick head (or, in Jay’s case, some rimming as she tossed his salad as if into it) or feeling her up. They took turns fucking her cookie, never doing DP’s or anal and Misti not really up to the levels of heat generated by the scenes on the first disc of the set. She rimmed Jay some more and drained their balls dry of semen as they glazed her face but as intriguing as the concept was to me, it fell short of the mark in execution; lowering the possibilities of the highest rating for the set considerably.

Teagan's reddened ass in the bathtub.

Scene Five: Sasha Grey, a skinny brunette with a beautiful face, was up next as she taunted muscular stud Tommy Gunn in the bedroom. He wanted to enjoy her body and she wanted to go to a function, the result being a compromise where she played dead to serve as his fuck toy. In all, I know a lot of guys that would appreciate this opportunity and Tommy was certainly one of them as he savored her wares very slowly. She was too thin for my tastes but he played with her feet a little, her ass, and moved his way up to her hairy bush; Sasha eventually assisting him in lining up his penis to her snatch. Her erect nipples spoke volumes as to her desire for his cock, getting her hand around it almost impossible due to the size difference but still managing to jerk him off a little. The look on her face when her back was turned showed that she was getting off too but not caring for the gimmick itself, this was another scene that left me less than enthusiastic, his using her mouth and pussy as a socket falling short of what works for me. The passive-gal scene finished with him rubbing out the facial and her laughing; this kind of thing on my short list with slow motion for things I hate in porn.

Rebeca in the BTS.

Scene Six: Teagan Presley, the beauty on the front cover, was up next in her short skirt and neon pink top as she played outside like a little girl. Tyler Durden was looking for her and found her playing in the backyard, the cutie rolling on the lawn as he fussed at her for not staying clean. Tyler grabbed her and forced her upstairs; running a bath for her as he molested her endlessly to her squawks of disapproval. She climbed into the tub with her clothing on, making removing it a chore (albeit a fun chore) for him, the foot play, fingering, and oral that came soon after making it a return to the kind of fun sex from the first disc I found so inviting. I couldn’t care less about him sucking her feet but the oral by both of them was electric in nature; showing their levels of chemistry as nicely as anything they’ve done in recent memory. She slobbed his knob with gusto and he poked that pussy as though it was heaven on earth, her noises consisting mostly of small grunts and groans but also including dirty talk from time to time. The anal sex came early and as soon as she was on top of his lap, she let loose by aggressively bouncing on his cock; doing ATM and deepthroating in the same breath. They continued this dynamic; going from ass to oral sex repeatedly with a glass anal toy deployed near the end of the scene. It ended when he busted a nut on her face; Teagan giving a look of approval in the process. Whoa!

Does it get any better than Alexis and Brianna together?

Summary: Filth Cums First 2 by director Robby D. for release by Digital Playground next month was a wild ride of scenes that will likely cater to the needs of specific groups rather than the general porn public as a whole. The first disc was terrific and the second disc ended on a high not so combined with the solid technical values, the levels of strokability and fuck for the buck, and the lengthy BTS, I figured this was worth a rating of Highly Recommended. In short, the weaknesses were primarily in two scenes that simply did not do much for me by comparison (one a real turn off) but I have to give the nod to Robby since he tried for something that may well work for some of you more than it did for me. In short, Filth Cums First 2: 2 Disc Special Edition may not have been as consistently as heated as Filth Cums First 1 but the highs were higher and the better scenes really shined (I’d like to see more of Alexis and Brianna in fetish attire working together; maybe even with Teagan!). When this comes out at the end of next month, a lot of you should be lining up a copy given the positive attributes it possessed, proving Robby has not run out of ideas yet.

Teagan on the bed enjoying her afterglow in the BTS.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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