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Homegrown Video 713

Studio: Home Grown Video » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 10/31/07

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Homegrown Video 713
Homegrown Video

Starring:  Violet Skye, Cody, Jean, Tajaa, Zooey Stark & Kelly B.

Brief Overview: 

Clocking in at number 713, this amateur series continues their showcase of up and coming (and some making their only appearances, ever) in the world of porn.  Each scene lasts around 15 minutes each, beginning with a brief interview about each girl’s future aspirations.  All the girls are non-surgically enhanced, and are as real as can be!  For those who appreciate a good clean-up, each scene is concluded with a brief post-sex wipe-off (and sometimes exit interview). Condoms were used in two scenes only, as we’ll see soon…


Scene One:  Violet Skye (23 yrs old)

With her boyfriend cradling beside her, Violet recalls their first date, especially the overwhelming size of his dick.  She has a goth-lite look (pale skin, long black hair, multiple piercings, including a dual barbell ring in her nose), and a “whatever”-type attitude.  The two seem to push out what exactly they plan on doing to each other, hinting at the somewhat restrained nature of the rest of the scene.  Violet deep throats his dick (with a bit of face fucking), and he pounds her from behind, into cowgirl, then missionary.  With a follow-up taste of her man’s cock, the two repeat the sequence of sex again, Violet growing ever more electric in the progression.  He pulls out and jerks off into her mouth, and he offers her a towel for clean-up. How was it?  “It was cool”, said Violet. 

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Scene Two: Cody (31 yrs old)

Seated on a couch in a make-shift studio sits Cody, a trim, yoga-endorsing fox with feather light brown hair and a thin amount of make-up.  Her interview is the most in-depth on the disc, as she freely admits to a constant stream of 3-way action with her husband and various girls. Down to her underwear, she slips off her panties, briefly rubbing her hands along her clit.  Taking off her bra, her initial reluctance to reveal her chest seems warranted, as her tits are quite small, a little saggy, and somewhat chewed up.  Still, she delivers a fair amount of dirty talk before kneeling down to blow her interviewer (he shoots in a near-POV style), bringing him to spurt along her upper lip and chin in a minute or so.  Cody is a great sport, and a somewhat grounded sense of performance, which outshines any physical flaw, adds oomph to the scene.  Somewhat disconcertingly, the camerawork is a little shaky (after seeing her and hearing her talk, I’m not that surprised the guy lost his load so quickly), but still, a good scene, nonetheless. 

Scene Three:  Jean (25 yrs old) [condom]

Reclining herself on a bed, Jean talks of her stint within the nightlife of New York, of four-hour orgies, and an understandable restraint toward any specific details (with the exception of ordinary orgy etiquette).  Her skin is a healthy olive, with her softer edges veering into pink territory.  Her wide eyes and black hair place her as a girl next door, her jiggly handful of breasts at home with her full, somewhat petite body.  In walks her male counterpoint, who fingers and coos at her pussy.  In 69, Jean takes every last bit of his cock, while he continues to fondle her pussy with a finger or two.  Strapping on a condom, he pounces on her, in missionary, and she creams all over his sheathed cock.  After cycling into reverse cowgirl riding and standard flavor girl-on-top, our guy pulls out and unearths his seed into her mouth and onto her cheek.  Jean attends to her own orgasm for a duration of the scene, eyes closed, skin flushed, and revels in her fucking.  Unfortunately, the sound and image fall out of sync, somewhat obscuring the level of heat a smidgen, coming back into sync for the pop shot (I checked this flaw on different players, but, sadly, landed at the same conclusion).  Still, Jean’s a formidable performer, and I quite enjoyed seeing her in action, wide-eyed and focused. 

Scene Four:Tajaa & Zooey Stark (no age given)

Arriving at Tajaa’s apartment for laundry day, Zooey (a ripened, pale girl with piercings aplenty and a Bettie Page haircut), in her underwear, is rushed into the bedroom.  Tajaa (a thickly built redhead with a cropped cut and an unfilled tattoo on her lower back) is eager to show off her collection of sex toys, and before you know it, Zooey is first in line.  Zooey, a field of stubble surrounding her pussy, gets eaten out, stuck with a dildo, and finally fucked doggy-style with a strap on, courtesy of Tajaa.  Repaying the compliment, Zooey eats her suitor out, slipping a small vibrator inside of Tajaa’s ass (with a little lube help from the cameraman) while fucking her with a dildo.  She climaxes, and Zooey finishes her off with the purple jelly strap-on which she had rode herself.  The girls are great fun to watch, though the griminess I felt from the whole (darkly lit, blemishes everywhere, Tajaa’s beer belly) of it all stuck out most of all.  It was a little hard to watch, and even then I wanted to submerse my face in a bucket of cold water.  If you like your girl-on-girl dirty and real, well, then, this one’s for you.


Scene Five: Kelly B. (24 yrs old) [condom]

All the way from Sweden, a very giggly Kelly, a lower tier of jagged teeth curling the smile on her pink skin, arrives to “be a star”.  Down to the top of her back, her somewhat curly hair is red and blonde, though never either, and her legs are wrapped in a sheen of thin stockings.  Her partner for the scene arrives, receiving a blowjob for his troubles, and he eats Kelly out.  In missionary (condom on), her crotch is riddled with hot pink burns along its pale white surface.  Our man works her over in little pumps, her curiously dark brown nipples sway as her tits register a low-grade rumble along her torso.  Her neck and chest become flushed red, her enjoyment apparent both physically and mentally (well, at least I thought so).  They switch to doggy, and she giggles as he winds down his spell of pumps.   Kneeling over her face, he drops his dose into her mouth, which she immediately spits out (yellow-colored, it was).  Not a bad performance from Kelly, though her giddiness can be a bit disconcerting (even as she’s being pleasured, with delight).

Bonus Features 

As in every other Homegrown release, the same array of cam/website ads, along with the same bonus scene which is included on every other Homegrown release! By some accounts, annoying, to others, infuriating, but to me: I am indifferent at this point.  A complete lack of bonus (I write the word “bonus”, in the freest sense of the word) features would be refreshing, in this studio’s case, at this point.

Audio/Video Quality

The disc is presented in full-frame, all of the footage shot on videotape. The grainy quality of some scenes, as well as the low light in others, add up to an uneven mix of visual presentation, and the colors tend to either bloom or wash out without warning in some cases (Cody’s, specifically), and hard to discern at worst (Tajaa & Zooey’s). The scenes shot in a well-lit bedroom are the best looking (Kelly and Jean, respecitively) of the lot.  Sound quality, as well, varies from scene to scene (Tajaa’s & Zooey’s are a little overblown and boomy), though is adequate enough, through and through.  Each scene is indexed into six chapters each, and is accessible from the menu as three different categories per scene (Foreplay, Lovemaking and Climax).


Overall Thoughts

As a series, this title holds up in presenting an appealing spread of amateur girls, though the scenes themselves are brief (in comparison to other, more tightly produced discs).  The camerawork and audio/visual presentation match the somewhat shaky quality of the sex therein, though I felt that the ratio of cute girls who performed well was higher than usual.  Still, the overall length, lack of bonus footage (almost a non-discussion at this point), and the technical glitches weigh the rest of the package down. Try before you buy, or find it cheap, and you may get a little bit of love out of it.

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