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Brianna Love: Her Fine Sexy Self

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/1/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Brianna Love about to show Mark and Pete her skills.

Brianna Love: Her Fine Sexy Self: 3 Disc Set

Evil Angel Prime/John Leslie Productions

Genre: Feature

Director: John Leslie

Cast: Brianna Love, Mark Wood, Mr. Pete, Darryl Hanah, Jon Jon, Jean Claude Batiste, Roxy DeVille, John West, Max Makita, Mark Ashley, Ben English, Derrick Pierce, Barry Scott, Justin Magnum, Christina Aguchi
Non-sex performance: John Leslie, Hattman

Length: 205:14 minutes

Date of Production: 5/23/2007

Darryl Hanah showing that she had a nice ass too.

Extras: The most unique extra would be the music CD included in the set; the 6 songs coming across as light jazz flavored and presented in a 2.0 LPCM at a 1411 Kbps. None of them were distinctive on their own but as a score to a porno, I have to admit that they were a step ahead of the pack. The first DVD contained mainly the movie itself but also a cast list and a set of six trailers to movies like Naomi: There's Only One, Drop Sex 2, Veronica Da Souza: Some Piece Of Ass, Gobble The Goop, Crack Her Jack, Fresh Meat 22, and The Voyeur 32. The second DVD had a lengthy photogallery, a popshot recap, limited filmographies of some of the gals, and a lengthy set of deleted sex footage and tease in order 1) 15:05 minutes (from scene 1), 2) 17:03 minutes (the POV from scene 1), 3) 11:08 minutes (from scene 5), 4) 8:41 minutes (from the fourth scene with Max), 5) 13:39 minutes (from scene 2); and 6) 4:57 minutes (Christina’s scene) .

Condoms: None

Roxy DeVille was also blessed with a solid posterior.

Audio/Video Quality: Brianna Love: Her Fine Sexy Self was presented in a fetching 1.78:1 ratio, anamorphically enhanced widescreen color offering as shot by director John Leslie for distribution by Evil Angel Prime as shot on video. John used better lighting this time and that helped improve the fleshtones, the amount of grain, and the other visual elements I tend to care so much about; the bitrate hovering in the mid 2 Mbps range but few compression artifacts observed. The composition of the camera angles showed a lot of care put into them, making Brianna and the other ladies virtually always look their best, and this is the strength of John's directorial ability more than anything else (as a producer, he also tends to make fine selections of cast). The editing was not the best and the shaky camera could have used a better editor (at times, not during the entire flick), but I thought the trade offs were well handled overall. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio track (in 192 Kbps) was better than gonzo porn usually is, the score adding something to the basic vocals. The cast could be heard moaning & groaning but this was definitely a limited selection based on audio quality.

Fans of fetish will like Brianna's scene with Max more than I did.

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Body of Review: Fans of Brianna Love have been enjoying a renaissance of sorts as her career has been reinvigorated thanks to her body filling out in the ass, two of my favorite titles starring her as the focal point being Brianna Love is Buttwoman and Brianna Love Comes of Age. Well, I found out there is another showcase title of the lovely lady directed by John Leslie under the Evil Angel Prime label; a “sort of” feature by the name of Brianna Love: Her Fine Sexy Self: 3 Disc Set. The movie was more of a day in the life of type of affair with Brianna a barfly that enjoys sex a lot, the gal under the protection of a mysterious older man played by John himself. While she usually gives happy endings, when she ran afoul of a band of thugs, she ended up their worst nightmare but I’m not going to spoil the fun for you in this review. In all, Brianna was in five of the six scenes, doing a decent job under the direction of a craftsman like John; the man eschewing his usual style in favor of an updated video offering. If that sounds good to you, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were worn:

Brianna showing her fine cookie to the men in scene five.

Scene One: Brianna Love, the hotty on the front cover, was up first as she hooked up with Mark Wood and Mr. Pete in the living room. She was initially wearing tight pants but those were cast aside in favor of her white garb underneath; the thong discarded to give the men a better show as she slobbed their respective knobs. She lit up at the sight of the cocks; jerking one off while sucking on the other, soon getting her pussy banged really well. The way her ass cheeks rippled was inspiring (as always) and she took turns with the men as did her; the gal picking up the camera for a little reverse POV action. The editing was choppy at times but the energy levels were enough to overlook that fact as the gal appeared to be having fun. The vaginal and PTM action then moved on to her doing anal with nearly as much enthusiasm, eventually doing some DP work too. By the end of the anal pounding she took, she was aggressively riding them hard, doing ATM as her only break in the penetrative action. She finished up with facials and some post coital sucking; the heat generated providing an excellent beginning to the movie as the population pudding fell down her torso. Yum!

Christina Aguchi was ready for cock too.

Scene Two: Darryl Hanah, a sexy MILF wearing skimpy lingerie, was up next with Brianna Love, Jon Jon, and Jean Claude Batiste, as the two ladies enjoyed some interracial action together. The ladies warmed up with some lesbian antics to begin with as the guys ogled them from nearby; the oral and clam digging moving to the ladies working the meat pipes. In some ways, it seemed almost like the ladies were competing with one another for a title match (best cocksucker or at least best lay of the day) but they cooperated with one another too. Darryl was the focal point this time and did anal with the men as Brianna assisted her with some rubbing. Why Brianna only did vaginal this time I can’t say for sure but it was still a pretty warm scene with the gals taste testing and taking facials before all was said and done.

Scene Three: Roxy DeVille, a hot brunette with great curves, was up next at the bar with studly muscle man John West after the bar closed. He saw her bending over the counter and immediately stuck his head between her legs, Roxy appreciating a man of few words but an active tongue as he sought to please her with his talents. When her turn came up, Roxy dropped to her knees to give him a fantastic hummer; jerking him off as she inhaled his rod like a vacuum cleaner. They were bumping uglies in no time, the active vaginal screwing being among her best to date with enough camera magic by John to showcase her lovely ass really well before Brianna Love walked in on them wanting a piece of the proverbial action. The gals joined forces to share his cock orally before Brianna got a chance to strut her stuff; the gal doing nearly as solid a job as Roxy in terms of how well she rode his penis. Having seen a lot of Brianna of late, I can safely say that this was not her best effort but she still looked good as the two gals took the facial as the camera faded away.

Scene Four: Max Makita, the skinhead Asian fetish gal that I find so alien, hotty Brianna Love, Mark Ashley, and Ben English, were up next. Brianna was in a large metal cage while the others toyed with her; Max possessing an inflatable toy and a large black strap on dildo while the men shoved their dicks in the cage for Brianna to suck off. This continued for awhile until Brianna was let up to allow all four of them access to her more fully. Max blew the men while Brianna sucked off her dildo, Max always in charge of what was going on. The action soon turned to the penetrative sex with both gals doing vaginal and anal; Brianna getting the majority of cock inside of her ass after Max stretched it out with a large black expandable anal plug that easy went inside of her butt. Brianna did a DP before taking the facials but she was uncommonly passive when the dicks were entering her ass this time; making it the weakest of the scenes for me even without considering Max’s role here.

Scene Five: Brianna Love, Derrick Pierce, Barry Scott, and Justin Magnum, were up next in the living room as she teased all men in her black dress. The form fitting dress did not last long on her frame as she jerked them off and started giving lap dances; culminating in her getting naked to masturbate before them while in an easy chair. The chair was aptly named given her propensity for sexual action, the gal using a large blue toy on herself that had a clitoral stimulator to enhance the moment for her. The self stimulation was a bit clumsy but I always figured she was enjoying the ride as the men watched from their seats across the room. The toy was fun but she wanted the real thing, Barry and Justin getting first dibs on her mouth before a possessive Derrick took over with some work on her titties. That led to the couple having some oral fun with Brianna slobbing his knob in hardcore style before he began drilling her in a multitude of positions. The majority of penetrative sex was anal and he did manage to get kind of rough with her (light slapping and spanking with some minor choking) but she remained largely passive during the screwing here. She looked great fucking but her fucking wasn’t great this time; leading to Derrick rubbing out his nut on her mouth and face. He then told his goons to “finish her off” so they started imitating his actions, allowing Brianna to become a free for all zone that they could play with; with some ending vaginal and oral to close it out (the real ending to the scene showing them raping her).

Scene Six: Christina Aguchi, a curvy Asian brunette, was up last after Derrick Pierce picked her up at the bar. She got freaky on the toilet with him and they retired to the living room where she rubbed all over him before she removed her thong. They continued with the blowjob until fucking vaginally; exploring a few positions before Barry Scott and Justin Magnum joined in to give her some more of the dick she appeared to want from them. She was vocal about her pleasure and the scene ended when she took all three loads from the sexually charged men to her face. It was a decent scene overall but she was not a consistently active rider. The movie ended with the men getting their just deserts.

Summary: Brianna Love: Her Fine Sexy Self by director John Leslie for Evil Angel Prime certainly had a lot of Brianna to appreciate and but for her other works that she has starred in more recently, this would have been a top dog affair but some of the performances were not consistent and the secondary players got in the way as often as not. The extras package and technical values were pretty high though so I found myself trying to figure out the best rating, erring on the side of caution for all be her most devoted fans (that should consider this a “must have”) and rated it as Recommended. In short, Brianna Love: Her Fine Sexy Self: 3 Disc Set was a good effort by all involved but I still prefer her in Brianna Love is Buttwoman and Brianna Love Comes of Age; this marking what I would consider to be the third leg in her elevation to her new status in the industry.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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