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Eden: Believe the Unbelievable

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/1/07

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The title page looked cool.

Eden: Believe the Unbelievable

Adam & Eve

Genre: Feature

Director: Daniel Dakota

Cast: Carmen Luvana, Courtney Cummz, Jean Val Jean, Evan Valentine, Tommy Gunn, Bree Olson, Ava Rose, Jerry, Evan Stone; Xavier Towers (non-sex)

Length: 217:56 minutes

Date of Production: 8/15/2007 (box); 4/16/2007 to 4/26/2007 (credits)

Carmen Luvana and Jean Val Jean.

Extras: The first disc of this double disc set was for the movie only; containing only the flick itself with a couple of audio selections. The set itself was contained in a fetching cardboard case with a fold out holder that provided a wealth of beautiful pictures for those who care. The second disc was where the action was at, providing a wealth of extras that were better than most releases by the company in some time. Starting off with a bonus scene lasting 11:03 minutes between Lauren Phoenix and Randy Spears from At Your Service, the separate bonus section included some spam and six trailers. Then there was a 15:42 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, the camera followed the cast & crew around during the shoot. There was a fair amount of interviews and minor anecdotes but no sweeping revelations for fans of the ladies. The amount of nudity was minimal and I expected more. The second quality extra was the 12:55 minute long set of dedicated interviews where the director and the ladies provided even more information of a superfluous nature, mixing in what could have been placed in the main BTS had someone thought more about it. I appreciate that there was some minor action going on and the scenery was nice but there was a general lack of focus here too. That led to a series of auditions by failed candidates for the movie; the reasoning behind some not being selected more obvious than others (I did not recognize all of them but some popular gals were present). It only lasted 5:06 minutes but it was interesting to watch; perhaps more so if the reasoning had been made clear to the viewer for how people got picked (not just the goofy versions mentioned). There were some trailers, a lengthy photogallery, and a bunch of funny bloopers (some of them were hilarious) lasting 12:45 minutes but nothing substantive to really sink my fangs into.

Evan and Tommy on the beach.

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: Eden was presented in an anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color as shot by director Daniel Dakota for Adam & Eve. Most of the scenes were well lit using natural lighting as the settings were generally outside during the morning to afternoon sun on the tropical location. Natural lighting always seems to enhance the ladies and eliminates the grain, video noise, and other issues that generic porn lighting seems to exaggerate all too often so I was pleased by the results even if I did manage to see a few cases of aliasing and compression artifacts (due likely to the compression here as the bitrate hovered around the mid to upper 2 Mbps range). The composition of the camera angles tended to favor the ladies as well, minimizing how often their scars and blemishes were focused on and enhancing the moment in many cases when the slow motion was not so heavy. The audio was offered up in a choice of either a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English (in 384 Kbps) or a standard 2.0 Dolby Digital (in 192 Kbps) with the surround track my preferred selection. There was minimal separation here and I got the impression that the vocals were processed differently on the tracks; the enhancements taking place mainly in post production with the music and special effects tracks. It sounded like the vocals were dubbed in afterwards, with a slight delay and kind of hollow, reminding me of martial arts flicks dubbed by Australians (it sounded much more natural in the 2.0 track but the vocals were too low there). Still, the music was soothing and fitting for the visuals encountered, albeit not what I prefer in a stroke flick.

Poolside pussy with Bree and Ava.

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Body of Review: Daniel Dakota appears to currently be the lead director for Adam & Eve, getting all of their biggest projects. As such, when I hear about a double disc set released near the AVN Awards deadline, I know that something major is about to happen so I opened my copy of Eden: Believe the Unbelievable figuring it was probably their flagship effort of the year in terms of budget and care put into it. The movie was primarily a travelogue much like the popular Island Fever 4 mixed with the slightest touch of nonsensical plot as if a pornified version of Fantasy Island. Casting aside the feature elements almost certainly added in to lay claim on placement for consideration as a feature, the sex was definitely best suited for couples and women in most cases, the line up of performers offering a little bit to a lot of people. If you’re still interested, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action; noting that Carmen did require the use of condoms:

Carmen and Jerry on the yacht.

Scene One: Carmen Luvana, the topless blond with implants on the front DVD cover (second gal from the left), was up first in a tiny pink patterned bikini masturbating on a lounge chair by the pool. She was caught off guard and stopped, only to go horseback riding in the countryside with Jean Val Jean after changing into a skimpy white outfit that left little to the imagination as well. The romantic moment was definitely a trade up from Jerry and she was enamored by the man who wooed her under a large tree; the pair kissing as they felt each other up. He went down on her as she held onto a low branch, a storm brewing with a lot of wind foreshadowing the event. Eating her front and back led to her blowing him, Carmen wrapping her lips around his cock just in time for the two to be joined by lovely Courtney Cummz. Courtney took over most of the oral duties and did so enthusiastically as Carmen provided support (and a bit more head). Courtney rode first and then Carmen took a longer ride (with JVJ putting on a condom). I wasn’t too happy with the imbalance of riding time since Courtney was a more active fuck but the gals did some intermittent oral (PTM, PTOGM) and on each other before he rubbed out a load of population pudding on Carmen’s ass cheek for Courtney to lick at.

Evan spinning a yarn.

Scene Two: Evan Valentine, a brunette with an all natural body, was up next on the beach with studly Tommy Gunn as she pointed out that they could get away with anything they want due to the secluded nature of the location. She dropped to her knees and started blowing him, going at it slowly as he held onto a rock outcrop for support. Evan stuck to working the tip of his rod most of the time before positioning herself to sit on his face for some reciprocation; the pair moving to a 69 before she passively rode his cock vaginally. I got the impression that she must’ve had sand in her cookie though she did pick it up a bit as the scene wore on; her depth limited to about two inches from the looks of it. The repetitive porn moans aside, they continued until he busted a nut on her face and she licked at the tip as though he were toxic.

Courtney Cummz looked cute!

Scene Three: Bree Olson, the cutie on the left hand side of the front cover, was up next Ava Rose, the brunette on the cover, as they engaged in some lesbian licking by the pool in a lounge chair. Ava’s meaty ass looked good and Bree is always a hotty to look at so I wasn’t terribly concerned when they lacked a lot of energy. Ava’s sunburn actually made her ass stand out even more and despite a lack of chemistry combined with porn moaning, the gals provided a fair show to appreciate. The energy levels crept higher when the gals started fingering each other but it was a little too little, a little too late to see them live up to their potential.

Courtney prowling for Tommy.

Scene Four: Carmen Luvana, wearing a yellow bikini on the deck of the boat as they toured the island, was up next with Jerry. I really thought the setting and bikini worked for her, even if the overcast day did not quite look right on them in the medium shots (too dark). He spent considerable time sucking on her implants, moving south to give her pussy & ass some oral attention. Like the rest of the scenes here, the guy gave a lot more oral than usual (the movie caters to women) and she provided some oral attention in return while doing the slightest bit of titty fucking. He wore a condom to bone her pussy; Carmen actively riding it before he rubbed out a wad to her chest and got some post coital sucking.

Bree Olson looking hot and ready to trot.

Scene Five: Bree Olson, enjoying the lovely setting, wanted to do the mighty Evan Stone out in the open. He hardly touched her clam and she gave a short hummer before he was nailing her in a standing doggy style. She then went to the ground to continue but it was her active cowgirl variations that worked the best for me. The way the scene was captured looked like it was with a single camera so I can’t fault the photographer too badly but it was as if too much was edited out or simply missed during the shoot to make this a completely satisfying scene; albeit with a standard facial for those who like them.

The ending credits showed more humor than the movie itself.

Scene Six: Evan Valentine, wearing a cute pink bikini, was up next feeding drinks to the mighty Evan Stone after he and Ava had a harrowing experience involving a shark. The two Evan’s kissed and made out on the beach, the man going down on the woman but no blowjob before she rode his cock vaginally (sorry, their names are the same). She came across as having a lot less experience with sexual conduct than he did, eventually blowing him after a few more positions revealed the truth. The scene was boring for me and ended in a facial, the semen dripping from her chin as the camera faded away.

Scene Seven: Courtney Cummz and Carmen Luvana were up next in a lesbian scene on the beach. There was a lot of wind noise and they did not say a whole lot but covered the bases pretty well by rubbing and going down on each other. The ass play worked best for me, especially as Carmen rimmed Courtney and some anal fingering took place on the perfect pucker when they reversed roles.

Scene Eight: Ava Rose, in a bedroom scene at night, was up next as she had a Harlequin moment with the mighty Evan Stone where they slowly explored each other in a romantic fashion. I got the impression that whoever was working the camera had a lot more control over this setting and the results were an improved dynamic by the cast; the lingering shots and light foreplay building up some sexual tension as the scene progressed. I would have turned the lighting up a notch or two but they did just enough oral on each other to get the job done; moving to a moderately active vaginal ride. Ava on top, even as she reached out to slow his thrusting down, was a heated sight; his girth too large for her to accommodate easily. They boned in several positions, including a doggy where he pushed her limits before the pop shot was wasted on his own abdomen.

Scene Nine: Bree Olson, still looking marvelous in a neon blue bikini, was up next as she teased for all of ten seconds before immediately switching to her blowing both Tommy Gunn and Jean Val Jean on the beach. The lack of build up was demonstrated numerous times in the show, the pacing dropping the rating down a full level because of it and the lack of chemistry in most scenes. Bree was a talented enough fellatrix but the shadows got in the way and her “dirty girl” attitude almost overcame it but for the edits. She took their cocks anally and vaginally, actively riding them fairly well though never going any farther than taking them one at a time during the penetrative sex. It was curious seeing Bree play the nasty gal more openly than Courtney (who does an excellent job of it when allowed to) and despite the technical limitations; I liked this scene a lot more than most of the others. It ended with the usual facials, it had some nice touches as the sun set.

Scene Ten: Courtney Cummz, wearing a studded white bikini, was up last and looking fine as she embraced muscular Tommy Gunn by a palm tree near the beach (but on more comfortable grass). The two slowly savored each other orally, not rushing but in a different rhythm than the pounding music in the score, Courtney’s blowjob quite subdued. They fucked as expected but this was another case where she seemed held back to a much more passive role than I’m used to seeing from her, still engaging him better than some of the others but never living up to her potential. As a long time fan, I appreciated that A&E have been working out deals with their contract gals to do cross over appearances but would like it a whole lot more if they were shown in their best light. This one ended with a mouth pop that she appeared to swallow, the flimsy plotted points degenerating into a bizarre ending.

Summary: Eden by director Daniel Dakota for Adam & Eve was reportedly the company’s biggest budgeted movie to date (at least on their own) and the settings were reminiscent of few others being made at this time. Looking at it from two perspectives; for the sex and as a feature, I found it tried to be too many things to successfully work as either. In the auditions reel, the director suggested that Hollywood would be making this type of movie but for the ratings system as well as the project being more mainstream. Taking that as my queue, I found the plotted elements to be far too light to even earn consideration as a porn feature, never mind anything mainstream. The sex was the other issue I had since it looked like it was greatly toned down (if you’ve ever watched Courtney Cummz or Bree Olson letting loose, you’d know exactly what I mean) and formulaic. The technical difficulties of lighting (even outside, some shots needed a C-light) and editing also made me wonder why the company would try new crew members on their biggest project. Despite all that, I found enough to like in the extras section and movie to rate it as a Rent It but fans of couples sex and light plots might find this piece of fluff more interesting than I did (I just wished the plot elements would have either been dropped altogether or allowed to make more sense). In short, Eden: Believe the Unbelievable was not the worst movie I have seen from Adam & Eve over the years but it fell far short of the potential I felt it held.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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