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Knuckle Sandwich

Studio: Hot House » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 11/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Michael Clift
88 Minutes
CAST: Kent North, Matthew Ford, Adam Faust, Josh Edwards, Tim Rusty, Mason Garet, Til Wegman, Rocky Torrez

The Good Stuff

Knuckle Sandwich is a super intense flick put out by Hot House's fetish line of Club Inferno. It has some very extreme fisting and dildo play in it so be forewarned if that is not your scene.


Scene 1
Josh Edwards a tall, Latino looking guy comes in in a red jockstrap, shiny black leather boots and leather chest harness. He has a slim muscular build, trimmed facial hair and tattoos making sleeves on his arms. He passes the buffet table of dildos and but plugs and picks out a foot long red graduated dildo lubes it up and starts stretching out his hole. After some tasty close ups of the insertion in comes Mason Garet to take over the anal manipulation. Mason is a tall blonde guy with a shaved head, smooth muscular body and both nips pierced. He is wearing some leather chaps and a white jock and a leather chest harness. He picks his weapon from the dildo ensemble and chooses an at least 14 inch long super wide cock shaped dildo and gives Josh's hole a work out with that before switching over to some good old fist action. He struggles and no matter how hard he pushes he just cant get his fist completely in up to his wrist. Whats a fister to do? He goes and gets some baseball sized anal beads and pushes two of those up Joshs loosening sphincter. After Josh hole gets tired its time for Masons hole to get a work out. Josh uses a good two foot long monster dildo on his hole before using some giant mushroom headed plug/dildo. The size of this things head looks like a small cantaloupe to me. After forcing some of that in Mason squats over it to really force it in. Mason loves every minute of his ass stretching experience and he lets you know. After that he rides Josh's fist up to the forearm before both guys are jacking their prince albert pierced cocks to creamy goodness. Both guys let go with massive loads after all the prostate stimulation.
[Actors: Josh Edwards, Mason Garet | Sex Acts: Dildo, Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Cut |]

Scene 2

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Right from the get go you can tell Kent North and Matthew Ford aren't going to take it easy with each other. Kent is wearing chaps, a jock and the required leather harness showing off his smooth muscular body and Matt is wearing a red leather shirt and blue jeans. They make out forcefully before Kent bends over to realize he is already stretching his hole with a buttplug previously inserted. Matt works his fingers in around the plug then fucks Kents ass with the plug. Matt wants his dick wet so tells Kent to suck it. Matt strips from his clothes revealing his trimmed body hair, muscular body and long cut rock hard cock. Kent gags it down for a bit before Matt puts on a condom and fucks Kent's hole for a bit. Fuck fans thats all your getting. After that brief ass fucking scene there isn't anymore. Matt uses the plug some more before getting a large two headed dildo from the anal arsenal and using that on Kents hole getting most of the two foot long thing up Kents cavernous hole. They progress on to a large black graduated plug that Kent rides like a pro. Matt seeing that Kents uncut fat hog is rock hard cant resist but suck on it in between Kent riding the large black plug. Finally Matt fists Kents stretched hole before both guys jack out decent loads.
[Actor: Matthew Ford, Kent North | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Dildo, Jacking | Positions: Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dick: Uncut, Cut | ]


Scene 3
Til Wegman a large muscular older fellow, maybe in late 40's with a shaved head and goattee comes in in a black tank, jock and boots with Adam Faust who is wearing a chest harness, leather jock, bikers cap showing off his tatts and muscular frame. Adam orders Til to lube himself up which he does then to lube up his hand, again which he does. Adam works his freshly lubed hand up Tils waiting hole before using a large plug with a chain attached on Tils bung. Shoving it in and yanking it out several times. These two are pros at this they show it off. Adam starts with some hardcore punch fucking of Tils gaping hole using it almost like a boxer uses a speed bag. This goes on for a while with Adam punch fucking Tils hole interspersed with some anal cavity exploring with a fist. Til shows an almost rosebud but not quite before Adam opens his leather codpiece and jacks out some spunk.
[Actor: Adam Faust, Til Wegman | Sex Acts: Dildo, Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 4
For me this last scene between Rocky Torrez and Tim Rusty is the hottest because of the two guys who I think are sooo sexy. Rocky has a shaved bald head, thick dark beard and tan muscular body. He is wearing some leather chaps and a leather chest harness and is just sex on a stick. Tim is a tall lean, toned, pale bodies red head. Red heads aren't usually my thing but he is sexy and after you see the scene a talented bottom and willing to learn. Rocky assumes the role of coach in this scene coaxing Tim on to larger and larger toys. After admiring Tims tight pink hole and taking a taste Rocky starts stretching Tims hole with a good 12 inch graduated dildo before moving on to an 11 x7 black cock dildo and using that. You can see that in the beginning Tims hole can't take the hole thing no matter how hard Rocky pushes. After some coaching and working it in and out Tims hole gives up and that wide black cock dildo goes up to the hilt. When it happens Tim looks like he is in heaven. Now for the part that makes this scene a disturbing one as well as hot. Up until this point I was digging this scene as I said the guys are hot and really into the action. But when Rocky pulls out the dildo the lube leaks out of the hole and it was red. That lube was white when it started so red indicates blood and that doesn't make me happy. That aside they move on to Rocky placing his arm on the table and Tim lowering his tired hole down onto his muscular fist and taking it forearm deep. Switch to Rusty on his back being fisted and Rocky jacking his decent cut cock to a creamy finish.
[Actor: Tim Rusty, Rocky Torrez | Sex Acts: Rimming, Dildo, Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Cut | ]



The full frame transfer was clear with great color and good lighting. The different camera angles were blended perfectly and all shots were steady. The Dolby 2.0 digital audio was perfect and everything could be heard. Every scene was crystal clear and not a grunt was missed.


Yawn...no real extras just advertising.

XXX Gallery: A combination of promotional shots and stills taken from the film 42 in total.

Trailers: Over seven minutes of trailers for Mister Fister, Slam Dunk, Twisted,

Club Inferno Dungeon.com: Advert for Studios website.

At the End of the Night

Hot House studios has produced another high quality flick with Knuckle Sandwich. The action is extreme and intense. You'll be left wondering how in gods name do those guys walk after having that up their hole. Hot House has selected some smoking hot guys from their stable of performers. My favorite being Rocky Torrez with his shaved head, dark beard and large muscled body. Fisting is totally not my scene but I found this flick intense and hot in a good way. This isn't as extreme as some flicks I have seen where they are pushing out rosebuds and the guys are coated in Crisco. Still there was one shot in the film that totally grossed me out and it was when Rocky pulled the brown cock dildo from Rustys hole and the lube leaked out. I'm pretty sure that was bloody lube and blood is totally not my thing in any way shape or form. Yuck! There is minimal sex so if you are looking for that you might get about five minutes total of fucking from the whole flick. To sum it up the production values for the flick were top notch, the guys were sexy as all get out and the guys who got to shoot loads did it well. For fans of intense anal acrobatics this flick is for you. I give it my rating of “Recommended”. If not for the bloody lube I might have given it a higher rating.

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