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XL Files Part 5

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 11/4/07

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Date of Production:2007

Director:Jeff Daniels, Sebastian Bonnet, Eliot Klein

Cast:Milan, Martin, Tamas, Pavel, Laszlo, Csaba, Tom, Robert, Lukas, Tibor, Matus, Rado, Josef, Marek, Antal, Mato

Body Types:European guys who could pass for underwear models, guys with big dicks and well chiseled bodies


Things to see:guys masturbating, dildo play

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

The company Bel Ami has always been known for its beautiful and young European models. While many of their titles feature numerous cute guys, I have never seen such a perfect assortment of outstandingly hot men as in this title. There were simply way too many guys who I could have picked as my personal favorite model due to their physique, good looks, cock size, or a combination of all three. I would even argue that every single guy in this film could easily pass for a high class underwear model. Of course this is an XL title,meaning that the guys are meant to also possess huge dicks. In this aspect, the DVD succeeds because all of the models possess large cocks, with some owning seriously long and thick pieces of equipment. Therefore, the combination of hot models and large dicks results in this fantastic masturbation DVD!

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While the past XL titles have featured all of the models masturbating on a couch, this DVD aims to shake up the masturbatory monotony by changing the model's surroundings and giving them opportunities to better show off their skills. Most of the interviews take place indoors, although some scenes feature the actor in an outdoor setting. The actors are asked questions about their sexual fantasies, fetishes, and experiences. This information is largely superficial, although some fans might enjoy the interviews. Once the interview ends, the actor then undresses for the camera and poses, with some actors showing off their martial arts moves sans clothing. The posing is a great way to see the actors in their flaccid state so that you can compare when their penises are rock hard. All of the actors masturbate on the couch, yet some of the scenes feature the models masturbating close to a mirror, and one scene has a model using a dildo while he masturbates. These changes break up the monotony that plagues most solo titles.

Another welcomed addition to this XL title is the use of a different questioning techniques for the models. I didn't care too much for the sometimes demanding and ridiculing comments made by the director in the past XL titles. Gone (mostly) are the comments about the lack of semen released by a model. Instead, the director takes the back seat and helps to coax the actors into feeling comfortable enough to release their loads. This change in style results in visibly comfortable actors who enjoy looking at the camera, showing off, and occasionally smiling at the audience. This is one change that I hope that Bel Ami continues with their future XL titles.

I have made it this far without mentioning some of the hottest guys from the title. While this is largely personal by my preference, I dare audiences not to fall in love with the model Robert. Robert is a hot (and I mean hot!) Hungarian stud with a beautiful smooth chest and a nice cock. His scene starts out slowly with him shirtless on a rooftop, showing off his martial arts moves. The camera catches all of his body's wonderful features, resulting in a serious dick tease for the audience. However, after a few minutes of interviewing and showing off, Robert removes his underwear to reveal his glorious cock. As Robert masturbates, the camera catches his confidence since he never looks shy and bashful. I think that catching an actor being turned on from having others watch him is perhaps one of the hottest things that a DVD can catch. At the end, he even ends the scene nicely with a tasty cumshot.

The model Robert isn't the only guy worth mentioning. The model Pavel has the largest dick in the entire DVD, probably larger than ten inches. His dick is so large that he needs the support from his hands just to hold it up in the air. The coverboy Csaba is also fantastic with his extremely handsome good looks and large dick. I also enjoyed Tamas's huge curved dick. From one angle, his dick almost looked unreal because it was so large. Alas, I could go on and on, but it would be pointless at conveying how great the models really are in this DVD. The bottom line is that this DVD has some of the best models around.

The DVD:


This DVD features a beautiful full screen transfer. Each scene is brightly lit and highly detailed. Some of the outdoor scenes suffer from darker lighting, but that is to be expected given the limited amount of light.


The sound quality was very good. The indoor interviews can be easily heard, and understood, thanks to English subtitles. However, some of the outdoor scenes suffer from poor recordings of the actors, probably due to the microphone not being close enough to the model. Music plays throughout each scene and is appropriate and non distracting. However, I would have loved the option to be able to listen to the actors stroking, without the additional music.


Extras include an animated menu, an animated scene selection, a trailer for another Bel Ami title, and a trailer for Bel Ami online.

Final thoughts:

This DVD is a must buy for anyone interesting in owning one of the best solo masturbation titles. All of the models are drop dead gorgeous and have perfectly large penises. Additionally, the DVD has a beautiful transfer. Therefore, the XL Files part 5 receives a perfect XCritic Pick. I really hope that you welcome these hot guys home to your DVD player!

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