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Bel Ami XL Files Pt. 4

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 11/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:December 2005

Director:Marty Stevens, Sebastian Bonnet, Jeff Daniels

Cast:Juraj, Michal, Ivan, Eli, Tomas, Honza, Henri, Honzik, David, David, Martin, Zdenek, Dylen, Fanda, Jakub, Ivan, Michal, Jiri, Radek, Jirka

Body Types:Unbelievably handsome European men with perfectly muscular bodies and gloriously huge cocks. Also two guys have pony tails, most of the actors are brunettes, with a few blonds mixed in for flavoring.


Things to see:masturbation

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

There must be something in the water. The European men featured in this DVD have some of the thickest and largest penises that I have seen in all my days of reviewing porn. Each of the guys is at least seven inches, with some guys easily approaching nine inches of tempting man meat. In addition most, if not all, of the models are extremely attractive with perfectly muscular physiques. All of the actors appear in their natural, unshaven state with hairy nuts, furry cracks, and some wonderful treasure trails. Their furry packages compliment their relatively hairless chests.

Each of the DVD's twenty solo scenes pretty much starts out the same way. The director asks the model some stereotypical questions about their sexual turn-ons, etc. Unlike other director/model interviews however, the director tends to be demanding, and sometimes demeaning to the models. The director enjoys "joking" around with the actors after they climaxed, and asks them if they are ready to immediately shoot their loads again. Not surprisingly, this "joke" falls flat every time he uses it, and results in the same nervous/unsure facial reactions on the model's faces. Clearly, the actors aren't all too interested in his style of "humor." The director is far worse when he practically criticizes one of the actors for his small load, and he also squawked at one actor for being too shy and not looking directly into the camera. Perhaps the director should consider using a friendlier approach, which would in turn make the model relaxed for the undoubtedly nervous shoot.

Once the director has finished his questioning, the actors get undressed to reveal their beautiful dangling sausages. Some of the scenes feature the actor removing all of his clothes and exposing his large, flaccid penis. Other scenes jump straight from the interview into the actor already hard and stroking his cock. Other scenes feature a mixture of the two, with the actors undressing and then suddenly hard, sitting on the couch. While it would have been nice to see the actors fully undress and then get hard, the editing is still manageable. In fact, one could make the argument that the editing is a way to jump right into the action, and to avoid a lackluster build up.

In terms of the masturbation by itself, the scenes are quite good. The models look very hot as they stroke themselves to a climax. All of the actors masturbate in front of the camera, while they sit on a couch. Occasionally, the actors will stop their stroking to show off their large members. Sometimes these poses reveal penis veins that weren't previously visible, as well as their plump and moist heads that were hidden by their foreskin. It will come as no surprise that the actors basically masturbate in the same way, although some of the guys choose to stroke with only a few of their fingers, resulting in a pleasant view of the shaft in action. Ultimately the actors shoot their loads onto their chests, with some actors shooting over their shoulders, and one guy unable to milk out much of anything.

While the film features twenty handsome solo actors, some of the models really stand out for their beauty and their large appendages. Juraj is a foxy brunette stud with a hairy crotch, a huge dick, and beautiful eyes. While the actor Michal is unable to shoot his load, he is a wonderful smooth body and a fat penis head. His penis almost looked like some exotic fruit that we all wish we could have a taste of. Ivan is a sexy brunette who shoots out a fountain of cum, well above his shoulder. Additionally, I loved the moment where the skinny and tall Jirka removed his tight underwear to reveal a large dangling (and flaccid) penis. Showing flaccid penises is something that I wish more directors would feature in their films.

Overall, the DVD's twenty scenes will appeal to those of you are enjoy watching attractive masturbating models. However, be warned because the DVD starts out with a caution screen, warning audiences that their eyes might be poked out due to the models extremely large cocks.

The DVD:


This DVD features a beautiful full screen transfer. Each scene is brightly lit and highly detailed. I was quite impressed with the image because it nicely captures all of the model's beautiful skin tones of their nakedness.


The sound was also good. Once the director has finished his interview, a peppy new age soundtrack kicks in. The music isn't too distracting, although I would have enjoyed an option to listen to the actors moaning, as well as the porn that they were masturbating to.


Extras are light including animatedmenus, scene selection, a cumshot compilation and one trailer. Given the large number of scenes, the easy to navigate scene selection is convenient and features animated preview clips.  

Final thoughts:

The XL files part 4 is a wonderful masturbation DVD. The image is beautiful, the models are hot, and there is a good assortment of different guys to satisfy your desire. In regards to the DVD's "XL" claim of large men, it succeeds because the models possess some extremely large dicks. Some of the models were so large that my mouth gaped open in amazement throughout the entire scene. Of course, my mouth might have continued to remain open because my body was telling me that I wanted to suck on some of these fantastic specimens of men. If you like young and hung guys, then this is your DVD. Therefore, this title comes with a highly recommended rating.

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