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Undressed Rehearsals Part 1

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 11/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2005

Director:Marty Stevens

Cast:Luke Hamill, Tim Hamilton, Joel D'amici, Davy Paxton, Roman Chaykin, Oleg Tarkowski, Sebastian Bonnet, Bolek Polanski, Josh Elliot, Marc Vidal, Pascal Eppy

Body Types:European guys (18-26), guys with natural body hair, uncut guys


Things to see:oral, anal, romantic sex,

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

Some porn uses a gimmick to entice the audience. For example, amateur porn uses the gimmick of average people having sex in their unglamorous surroundings. The gimmick in this film is that we supposedly get to see the Bel Ami models rehearsing for a tryout in an upcoming film. Some of the scenes feature the director asking the actors questions and guiding them to explore each other's bodies. Other scenes resemble what you might find in a typical story based Bel Ami title, yet they have a mess-up which prevents the scene from being used. Overall, the scenes resemble sex that (largely) has been rehearsed. This isn't a bad thing, of course, since a lack of direction can lead to some boring sex.

In the end, the film's gimmick will either appeal to you or leave you wishing that you had paid for a “regular” Bel Ami title. When it comes to the sex, however, the film features some great pairings of cute European actors. Most of the scenes also feature great romantic chemistry between the actors, which is visible through the romantic foreplay that some of the actors do. Therefore, this DVD might appeal to you if you are looking for something different, whether the gimmick is real or not.

Scene one:Roman Chaykin and Oleg Tarkowski

Oleg, a hunky dirty blond guy, messes around on the set and tells the director about how he developed a scratch close to his eye. Oleg then shows his scratch to Roman, a sexy dark brunette, before the guys start to make out. With the help of the director's commands, the guys start to explore each other's bodies with a childlike excitement. As the guys alternate between sucking on each other, they try out some deep throating, although neither of them can get too far down the shaft. After that, Oleg announces that he wants to be fucked, which Robert has no problem fulfilling. The guys screw in a doggie style position for a while, until Oleg hops up and runs to the bathroom, claiming that he needed to pee. Oleg then returns to bed where the guys try out another position. The position hurts Oleg, so the couple shifts around until Oleg straddles Roman's cock. After some brief pumping, however, Roman announces that he is going to cum. Oleg hops off and allows Roman to strip off his condom and shoot out the load. After that, Oleg shoots out his own load.

This scene made me smile because both of the actors joke around and giggle throughout the scene. This scene felt different from most staged porn since the director left in the actors's inability to deep throat, as well as Oleg rushing off to pee. Although these additions might sound like they should have been edited out, I think that they bring a sigh of fresh air to the scene, making both of the actors seem human and almost normal, despite their beautiful bodies. Overall, the sex was good and the actors were quite cute.

Scene two:Tim Hamilton and Luke Hamill

At an outdoor beach location, the two actors sunbathe in the nude. The actors find some porn, which intrigues the brunette Luke. Being curious about Tim's former work in porn, the boys head into the house to make out. Tim gets his dick sucked on first and then reciprocates the oral pleasure. After playing around with each other, the guys rim each
other's hole. Tim then screws Luke from behind. Suddenly, while screwing, Tim pulls out, laughing, saying that he can't go on anymore. He then dries off and fucks Luke some more. Finally, Tim shoots his cum onto Luke, followed by Luke cumming onto his own chest

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This scene didn't feature the director giving directions. Instead, the actors share staged sex. The scene could have passed for something from one of the story based Bel Ami films. However, the moment that Tim pulls out laughing was apparently the reason why this scene was included here. Perhaps the director thought that the scene was ruined since the actor gets out of character and starts to talk to the camera. Fortunately, the director continued to shoot until the guys completed their scene. Overall the sex is good, if a bit vanilla in flavor. Finally, this scene featured some slightly “off” translations, resulting in hilarious lines that are meant to be erotic, yet sound funny, such as “show me your chocolate hole.”

Scene three:Josh Elliot and Marc Vidal

The models talk to the director and entice him to follow them to their room so that they can show “interesting sex.” On a bed, the actors quickly remove their clothes and rub each other's cocks. The guys share a nice 69 position before devoting time to pleasure each other's cocks individually. While the actors work on each other, the director occasionally gives them commands such as “lick his balls” and “play with your cocks.” The guys then get ready for some screwing, leading to a straddle position. The brunette bottom remains hard throughout the pumping and even manages to occasionally smile. While the bottom is being screwed, he spurts out a thick load onto his leg. The blond top screws some more before he pulls off his condom and shoots all over the brunette bottom's leg.

Both of the actors were cute and handsome. The sex was erotic yet also romantic since the actors took their time to be gentle and please each other. Overall this was a very good scene.

Scene four:Bolek Polanski and Davy Paxton

Two attractive brunettes take an erotic shower together, after having spent the day at the beach. Once the guys have dried off, they head over to the bed for some erotic kissing and rubbing. The guys share some sensual (and hot to watch) oral sex before the anal action. One of the lads is screwed from behind, with his legs up in the air. The guys then switch to a doggie style position and conclude with the bottom lying on his back. Finally, the top pulls out and shoots all over his friend's chest, followed by the bottom cumming as well.

This scene featured some stellar oral action which showcased the model's beautiful bodies as they received the oral action. The cumshots were also spectacular. Except for a director interview at the beginning, this is a standard porn scene, with great sex.

Scene five:Luke Hamil and Pascal Eppy

Luke wrestles with a feisty brunette (Pascal). While they wrestle, Pascal tells Luke to show him his dick, which leads to them erotically exploring each other's body. At the request of the director, the boys then take off their clothes and compare their erect dick sizes. The guys eventually start to suck on each other and continue this for several minutes. Luke then penetrates Pascal's tight hole. At first Luke is gentle, but then Pascal tells him that he wants it faster. Luke then fucks Pascal swiftly, making him moan quite a bit. Finally, Luke shoots his load onto Pascal's chest, followed by Pascal cumming as well.

This was a pretty good scene. Both of the models were undoubtedly acting, yet they were convincing at displaying an erotic chemistry between each other. The intense chemistry results in this highly romantic scene.

Scene six:Sebastian Bonnet and Joel D'amici

Sebastian, a very hot dirty blond, is paired with a dark brunette (Joel). The guys start out the scene in a bubbling sauna. Sebastian starts to be playful with Joel's hard cock, which quickly leads to some nice and wet dick sucking. Sebastian then sits on the cement ledge to receive some similar dick sucking. The guys then goof around in the water, enjoying each other's nakedness. After that, the guys head into an indoor shower to orally pleasure each other. Once the actors are dry, they walk over to a couch for some anal action. Sebastian puts on a condom and then starts to screw Joel in a straddle position. The guys screw in other positions before settling into the best position to get Sebastian off. Sebastian cums on Joel's leg and then he sits behind Joel so that he can help him to stroke out a load.

I love water scenes! The water makes dicks look moist and so darn tempting. In particular, the indoor shower scene is beautiful to watch because the natural sun rays shine on the actors nude actors, while the misty water splatters all around them. My only gripe with this scene was the director squawking at the actors about not being loud enough. Other than that, this was a great scene!

The DVD:


This DVD features a bright and colorful full screen transfer. The image is sharp, and most of the scenes are well lit, which makes the action that much easier to enjoy. The last scene featured a few minutes of intense light during the shower segment, resulting in somewhat inconsistent light levels. However, I don't view this to be a flaw since the sun rays and intense sunlight give the scene a dream like atmosphere.


The sound is good and all of the action can be heard. Music doesn't kick in until the director has finished asking the models questions. The music is standard new age music, although I thought that the last scene featured some very nicely done music that complimented the images.


Extras include animated menus and a handy scene selection, where you can go to the oral, anal, or cumshots for each scene. Additionally, there is a lengthy trailer for Bel Ami online, and one trailer for another Bel Ami film.

Final thoughts:

Undressed Rehearsals part 1 is a quirky title. I'm not entirely convinced that all of the scenes were truly “rehearsals” because they

lack the director guiding their actions. Other scenes seem closer to high quality amateur porn due to the actors talking to the screen, etc. Regardless of how authentic the scenes are, the sex is rather good, and the models are quite hot. Therefore, base your decision to buy this title on the hot sex, and not necessarily the premise. Because of this DVD's quality of sex and production values, it receives a highly recommended rating.

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