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Undressed Rehearsals Part 2

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 11/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2006

Director:Marty Stevens

Cast:Joel D'amici, Stefan Keller, Troy Allen, Alex Orioli, Josh Elliot, Roman Chaykin, Joey Amis, Bolek Polanski, Jean Morocco, Steve Jen, and Matt Phillipe

Body Types:European guys (18-26), guys with natural body hair, uncut guys


Things to see:oral, anal sex, oral cumshots

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

Undressed Rehearsals part 2 features more Bel Ami models being interviewed by a director. Some of the scenes have more director interactions than others. Other scenes practically resemble a story based Bel Ami title, except for the actors making a few goofs and mistakes. For example, the last scene is practically perfect until one model accidentally cums before he was supposed to. These mistakes demonstrate how difficult it must be to control those natural body urges to shoot a load.

Even if this title closely resembled a “porn's funniest blooper” title (it doesn't, thankfully) you would judge the porn based on it's quality of the sex. Fortunately this DVD is full of romantic, erotic, and beautifully staged sex scenes. The actors are cute, young, and many are quite well endowed. Also, the cinematography and lighting are very well done, enabling the audience to clearly see all of the action without a hitch. Therefore, these undressed rehearsals are an appointment you won't want to miss.

Scene one:Joel D'amici and Stefan Keller

The director asks Stefan to seduce Joel, although Stefan seems intent to tease the audience, rather than demonstrate his skills. With some coaxing, the boys eventually pull out their erections and start to suck on each other. Joel has a rather large dick and Stefan looks hot going down on it! Next, the boys passionately make out all over the couch. Joel then arches his back to show off his perfect bubble butt. Stefan figures out what to do next so the boys start fucking all over the couch. As the boys screw each other in three positions, it becomes clear that both of the actors are turned on by the other, resulting in some passionate and romantic sex. At the end, both guys jack off together.

This scene had a lot of interaction between the actors and the director. Generally, the director's comments aren't distracting because his requests result in positive changes for the scene. The sex is quite erotic due to the sexy actors, their sexual chemistry, and the sex itself. Overall, this was a great scene.

Scene two:Troy Allen and Alex Orioli

Troy, a blond with long curly hair, waits for his brunette friend (Alex) to return from the beach. Once Alex returns, the guys take off their clothes and begin to make out in their bed. Both of the guys have perfect bodies, which they gleefully show off for the camera. After lots of stroking and kissing, each actor takes their turn to suck on the other's dick. When Alex devotes some extra time to Troy's Rod, he moves his tongue down south towards Troy's hairy hole. After that, the guys form a 69 before Troy asks to be fucked. During the three positions they use, Troy's hole gets a major workout since Alex makes every attempt to use his dick like a jackhammer. Soon enough, Alex cums onto his own chest. However, Troy also wants his chance to screw a hole, namely Alex's hairy opening. The guys screw in several more positions before before Troy cums onto Alex's back. Alex cums again at the end.

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This scene was pretty good. I loved Alex's merciless fucking for Troy's hole. I'm amazed that Troy kept asking Alex to fuck him harder and faster; I bet that he got his wish! However, I would argue that Alex makes a better top than a bottom since he doesn't seem all too turned on by Troy fucking him. Finally, about Troy, he has long, curly blond hair, a style which won't appeal to everyone. There is no question about him being attractive and having a nice body, yet his Shirley Temple haircut might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Scene three:Josh Elliot, Roman Chaykin, and Joey Amis

Joey, a guy with blond highlights, starts out the scene by sucking on Roman's dick. However, Roman invites one of the film crew (Josh) to suck on his cock as well. Josh alternates his attention between Roman and Joey. After that, Roman and Joey head for the bedroom, leaving Josh behind. On their bed, the guys take turns sucking each other's cocks. Josh continues to watch the action outside on a monitor. Next, Roman takes it up the ass in a few different positions. Joey fucks him until he pulls out his dick, strips off his condom and shoots out his load. Roman cums on his own chest.

The sex was fun to watch, yet there were so many cheesy elements of the acting and the set up. For example, it was so completely obvious that Joey began the scene, having already been “fluffed” beforehand. Another cheesy aspect is the dialogue which may or may not have been translated correctly, resulting in some strangely un-erotic sex talk.

Scene four:Joel D'amici and Bolek Polanski

Joel returns for this scene, where he is paired with a dark blond (Bolek). The guys flirt with each other, using long art items from the nearby coffee table to stimulate each other. Joel then takes the plunge by sucking on Bolek's perky pecker. After that, Bolek sucks on Joel's big dick (it is much larger than Bolek's). Bolek then shoves his cock into Joel's hole, while Joel props up his legs. The guys screw in several other positions, including some backside screwing where the guys take turns with who does the thrusting. Finally, Bolek cums all over Joel's tan body and Joel spurts off his load as well.

This was a consistently hot scene. Joel does a great job at being a passive/aggressive bottom, wherever it was needed. Additionally, Bolek looked fantastic as he bobbed up and down on Joel's big cock.

Scene five:Jean Morocco and Steve Jen

Two studly brunettes lounge around in their towels. The guys eventually kiss passionately and remove their towels. The beefier of the guys has a nice, fat cock, perfect for sucking. Fortunately, his younger pal has no qualms about giving him some oral pleasures. The guys then alternate between oral sex and passionately making out through stroking, rimming and licking. The younger guy then puts up his legs so that he can be fucked. The couple screws nicely at first, but then they decide to increase the speed and intensity. The scene ends with a pleasant facial/oral cumshot for both actors. The 2ndcumshot, in particular, is very creamy.

This was a very hot scene. Both of the actors were clearly turned on by the other, resulting in lots of passionate lovemaking. The scene also had some nice music that played throughout. Finally, this scene felt less scripted than the other scenes. As a result, it seemed more realistic rather than the actors trying to say their lines that the director told them to say.

Scene six:Matt Phillipe and Troy Allen

At a beautiful water location, two actors make out passionately in the water. Their kisses are just as intense as the sun light hitting their naked bodies. The guys then make out indoors, on a desk. Both of the actors spend a considerable amount of time stroking each other before they head into the oral action. Matt then eyes Troy's hole and proceeds to rim and finger it. After that, Matt screws Troy's hole all over the desk. Matt fucks him until he unexpectedly pulls out, barely strips off his condom, and shoots his load all over the place. The actor then talks to the camera, apologizing for not cumming at the right moment. After that, Troy shoots his load onto his chest.

This was another really good scene! The introduction was beautifully shot, the actors were passionate and sexy to watch having sex, and the unexpected cum shot was very hot.

The DVD:


This DVD features a bright and colorful full screen transfer. The image is sharp, and most (if not all) of the scenes are lit properly, which makes the action that much easier to enjoy.


The sound is good and all of the action can be heard. Music tends to start once the actors start to have sex. During the 5th scene, there was a slight audio abnormality (there was a light booming sound) but it wasn't all too noticeable or distracting.


Extras include animated menus and a handy scene selection, where you can go to the oral, anal, or cumshots for each scene. Additionally, there is a lengthy trailer for Bel Ami online, and one trailer for another Bel Ami film.

Final thoughts:

Undressed Rehearsals part two continues Bel Ami's attempt at portraying unscripted sex and scene goofs. However, all of the scenes are so obviously scripted, with the different actors saying the same lines in most of the scenes. Therefore, the title “rehearsals” should be taken with a grain of salt. Despite these minor qualms, the sex is absolutely stellar. All of the scenes feature couples who passionately have sex with each other, and who are convincing at being attracted to one another. Additionally, the image is beautifully lit and the soundtrack is rather nice. As a result, undressed rehearsals part 2 is worthy of a highly recommended rating.

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