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Private Life of Tim Hamilton, The

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 11/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2005

Director:Marty Stevens

Cast:Tim Hamilton, Danny Saradon, Lukas Ridgeston, Joshn Elliot, Mikhail Ryzkov, Johnny Surabaya, Todd Rosset, Dano Sulik

Body Types: European guys (18-26), guys with natural body hair, uncut guys


Things to see:anal, oral sex, deep throating, facial cumshots, threesomes

Plot:Tim reminisces about his exciting life of being a porn star.

The Movie:

Unlike a celebrity expose documentary, you won't find anything too shocking and surprising in this erotic expose of the porn star Tim Hamilton. The film follows Tim's adventures, both on the set and off as he screws his way to the top. Tim Hamilton is a cute and attractive model who is charismatic and friendly. If he didn't possess those qualities, then there probably wouldn't be an entire film devoted to him. Tim is a natural blond with a chiseled face, pouty lips, and has a decent dick size. He has that boy next door kind of look, yet he also resembles the classic 80's bully or the rich preppy who you wouldn't root for. Fortunately, Tim is rather likeable, talented at being versatile, and possess enough cinematic beauty for this entire film to be about him.

Throughout the film's lengthy seven scenes, Tim shares threesomes with his attractive fuck-buddy (Danny), goofs around on a porno shoot, and even manages time to buy Santa Claus hats for his friends, which are then used as costume enhancement for a threesome. All of the sex scenes are quite good, including a hot threesome with Lucas Ridgeston, and even a nice facial for Tim. To see what other “exciting” things Tim has been up to, read on:

Scene one:Tim and Danny

Tim invites his brunette friend Danny to his house. Tim describes Danny as his fuck-buddy. The boys share a banana in the kitchen, before pulling out their real “bananas.” Tim strips off all of Danny's clothes and then sucks on Danny's cock. Tim sucks away like a wild man, including some nice deep throating. It doesn't take long for Danny to cum, which he shoots all over Tim's face. Tim can't resist the temptation to try a little bit of it. Danny then sucks on Tim's beautiful cock, sucking on it with great intensity. After the sucking, Tim tells Danny that he wants to fuck him so the guys head to the bedroom. The guys fuck on the bed until Tim's boyfriend (Lucas) returns home with flowers. Lucas throws the flowers at Tim and storms out the door, but the guys continue to screw all over the bedroom. At the end, Danny's body is covered with Tim's cum.

The opening oral action was very nice due to Tim's deep throating skills, as well as him not shying away from taking a facial. The rest of the sex was good as well, despite the fact that Danny remains flaccid throughout the screwing.

Scene two:Tim, Danny, and Lucas

Danny tells Tim that his memory of the “Lucas incident” was wrong. Instead, he says that Lucas didn't storm out of the room, but in fact decided to join them for a threesome. The film then cuts back to Lucas entering the room with a flower, where he then proceeds to take off his clothes to join Tim and Danny, already in bed. The boys waste no time, with each taking turns to suck on Lucas's big cock. Danny then bends over to take all of Lucas's big meat. Tim erotically kisses both actors while they are fucking. Lucas fucks Danny until he cums all over him.

It is always a pleasure to see Lucas Ridgeston in porn and I can see why he has continued to remain popular for such a long time. Both Tim and Danny look great as they practically fight over who gets to suck on Lucas's big dick. This scene's only flaw, is Danny, who still has a flaccid penis.

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Scene three:Tim, Danny, and Mikhail

Tim tells Danny that he couldn't help resist the lighting man's (Mikhail)cock, which he checked out during the filming of the kitchen scene. The film then shifts back to the kitchen scene, with Danny sucking on Tim's cock. Once the directors have all the right angles, Mikhail offers to help out Tim with his erection. The lighting guy gleefully sucks on Tim's dick and then Tim returns the favor. Tim cums on his own chest. Tim then climbs on top of Mikhail's dick. The guys screw in several other positions until the guy shoots his load onto Tim.

This was another good scene, although it wasn't quite as exciting as the former scenes.

Scene four:Tim, Danny, and Josh

It's Christmas time, so Tim ventures outside to buy a Santa cap for himself, his lover Danny, and his young friend Josh. The scene then cuts to the guys lounging in bed, wearing Santa caps. The guys strip off their clothes, yet they leave their Santa caps on their heads. The guys quickly start to feel around and grope each other in a chain-gang of stroking. The guys then alternate between sucking on each other's “yuletide logs.” Tim then rims Danny and Josh's hairy holes. After that, Tim and Danny stretch and finger the younger guy's pink hole. The guys then “tag team” Josh on both ends, with Danny screwing and Tim receiving the oral attention. Tim then gets his chance to screw the young lad as well. Finally, Danny cums on Josh's chest, Tim jacks off Josh, and then Tim shoots off his load. It looks like Christmas came early!

This was a really erotic scene. There is lots (and I mean lots) of oral action, all of which was very good. The tag teaming for the younger actor was also very nice.

Scene five:Danny and Todd

Danny talks about his experience with catching a young guy (Todd) masturbating to porn. The scene then cuts to Todd stroking and screwing himself with a thick butt plug. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, so Todd gets up (with the butt plug still in his ass) and answers the door. Danny immediately notices the guy's hardon, so he decides to offer his oral talents. The guys share some mutual stroking before Danny has his cock sucked on. Danny then yanks out the butt plug so that he can screw Todd himself. After some pumping, Todd shoots off his load. Danny finishes off the scene with a nice load onto the guy's chest.

This was a good scene. The actors didn't speak much to each other, yet they both looked like they were turned on by each other.

Scene six:Tim and Johnny

Tim shaves in the bathroom, while the director tries to get the sleepy Johnny out of bed. The actor quickly “rises” to the occasion, so he starts to suck on Tim's dick. Tim then sucks on the Johnny's morning wood. While Tim is having his dick sucked, he continues to eye Johnny's ass and tell him about how much he wants to fuck him. After that, Tim screws the guy's tight hole, taking it nice and slow at first before starting to jackhammer his ass. Eventually, both actors release some creamy loads.

This was a pretty good scene with both actors showing lots of enthusiasm.

Scene seven:Tim and Dano

An already naked Tim plays around with a group of guys. The guys walk around the set, talking to the camera. Eventually Tim gets hard enough so that Dano can start to suck on his cock. Tim then sucks on Dano's penis as well. After that Tim has his ass rimmed. The scene then features more horsing around as Dano gets his penis lubed up and puts on a condom. Dano fucks Tim in several positions. However, Tim gets up and out of bed to go pee, thus disrupting the scene. The actors then continue to screw. The guys form a nice straddle position, enabling Tim's dick and balls to flop all around. Tim then screws Dano, holding his legs up, and then screwing him doggie style. Finally, Tim has his ass rimmed, enabling him to shoot off an impressive load. Dano then quickly shoots off a far reaching load onto Tim. Dano licks up some of his own cum. .

This was a fun and quirky scene. The actors were having fun at first, being slutty, silly, and acting strange. There wasn't much buildup between the silliness and the action sex; the actors were suddenly making out. Also, some fans might not care for the occasional interruptions in the sex. Finally, this “backstage” scene features tons of beautiful and famous Bel Ami models, yet only one of them has sex with Tim. I'm sure it's wishful thinking, but if the models are already on the set, why not have them all have sex in a glorious orgy!?

The DVD:


This DVD features a bright and colorful full screen transfer. The image is sharp, and most (if not all) of the scenes are lit properly, which makes the action that much easier to enjoy.


The sound is good and all of the action can be heard. Music tends to start once the actors start to have sex.


The extras, like the model's waistlines, are slim. Extras include animated menus and a handy scene selection, where you can go to the oral, anal, or cumshots for each scene. Additionally, there is a lengthy trailer for another Bel Ami title.

Final thoughts:

The Private Life of Tim Hamilton is a very good film! The actors are cute and the sex is great. Some people might begin to grow tired of Tim after a couple of scenes, however, there is still enough variety to warrant this title being awarded a highly recommended rating.

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