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Out At Last 5 Stiptease

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 11/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2006

Director:Marty Stevena sn George Duroy

Cast:Jason Paradis, Alan Connery, Ethan Clarke, Ben Keaton, Davy Paxton, Luke Hamill, Luc Renaud, Liam Phoenix, Sebastian Bonnet, Ethan Clarke, Robbie Martin, Josh Elliot, Vincent Soula, Jack Janowski, Juan Cortes, Josh Elliot, Liam Phoenix, Marc Vidal, Joel D'amici

Body Types:European guys (18-26), guys with natural body hair, uncut guys


Things to see:mutual masturbation, oral and anal sex, rimming, threesomes, facial and oral cumshots

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

It must be fun to be a profitable porn director like George Duroy. Throughout the last decade, he has established himself as a purveyor of quality porn. His Bel Ami studios has thrived because of the company's determination to offer only the best of European guys having sex with each other. This level of quality runs the gamut of proper lighting, sex position staging, and even choosing actors who look good together, as well as work well together. Unlike some cheaper studios, the Bel Ami directors have the power to order new scenes to be shot, test scenes to be shot in order to check out a model's ability to work with other models, and the directors even have the ability to have a scene shot, only to later be replaced so that they can shoot the scene themselves. This power is a form of quality control, whereby only the best is put forth in the film. However, this also results in the loss of money (although they seem to be doing just fine!) and a huge amount of leftover scenes.

These leftover scenes are doomed to be destroyed or sit around and collect dust. Fortunately, the Bel Ami producers have wisely chosen to release these scenes via these 'out at last' compilation DVD's. Included on this DVD are ten of these scenes which were cut for a variety of reasons. Some scenes were replaced with a different take, some scenes weren't as exciting so a new segment was shot. Some scenes were merely one aspect of an incomplete segment, such as an oral only scene which would then be paired with an anal scene, shot at a later date.

It would be wrong to assume that these scenes were cut because they were somehow inferior. The sex included in this DVD is quite good, with some scenes being above average and others being close to excellent. I particularly loved some of the intense oral scenes which showed off the actor's abilities to accommodate those large European sausages. I also didn't mind the fact that some scenes lacked anal sex. I would rather watch a good oral only scene, than an extended snoozfest “complete” sex scene.

To help you determine if these cut scenes will have you jumping for joy, read on:

Scene one:Jason Paradis and Alan Connery

This scene was shot for the film 'Greek Holiday' although an alternate location take was used instead. The scene begins with two attractive nude guys running into a cabin room. In the cabin, the guys suck on each other's dicks. The guys then screw for a while on the bed. Finally, the “bottom” jacks off the hunky “top” although we don't see the bottom cum.

This scene was beautifully shot inside a boat cabin. The scene features a wonderful warm color tone, making the scene look very romantic. However, the sex is the true judge of a scene's quality, and it is in fact very good. Both actors are attractive and cute. The only problem is that we don't get to see the “bottom” have his dick sucked on, nor do we see him cum.

Scene two:Ethan Clarke and Ben Keaton

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This scene was cut due to the model Ben Keaton shooting other films, as opposed to being a Bel Ami exclusive. I wonder if a bitch slapping occurred? The scene starts out with two guys meeting for some “training.” Once inside a room, however, it becomes clear that these guys aren't training for the Olympics. The guys quickly get naked and share some decent blowjobs. One of the guys then slips on a condom so that he can fuck the other guy. The guys fuck in a straddle position, on their sides, and doggie style. The top fucks away until the last minute, where he barely pulls off his condom in time for his money shot.

The actors didn't seem to share much chemistry together. In fact, the bottom barely says or moans much throughout the scene. I did like the teacher/student dynamic with the top telling the bottom what to do.

Scene three:Davy Paxton and Luke Hamill

This scene was intended to be used for a movie, yet it was never finished. The scene begins with two guys in bed. Luke is horney, yet his boyfriend leaves to go have breakfast. However, Davy soon enters the bedroom to help Luke with his morning wood. Davy orally services Luke's cock, although Luke can't resist the temptation to return the favor. The guys form a 69 and Luke rims Davy's hole. Soon enough, Davy cums and shoots all over Luke's torso. Finally, Luke jacks off his load onto his chest

Both actors were passionate and intensely kissed each other. This aspect was very erotic. The hokey dialog, however, was a slightly silly and pointless part to this scene.

Scene four:Luc Renaud, Liam Phoenix, and Sebastian Bonnet

This scene featured a French model (Luc) who needed some “personal training” before being given the opportunity to become a Bel Ami model. The scene begins with Sebastian and Luc, cuddling in the nude. Sebastian gives Luc some advice about the angles that must be seen for the audience to be able to properly see. Sebastian starts to suck on Luc's firm red monster. Luc then sucks on Sebastian's hard cock. The guys share some 69'ing. The guys then jack off together, resulting in some nice cumshots. Luc is then left alone with Liam. Without any foreplay, Liam bends his legs up in the air so that he can be fucked. The guys then fuck in two more positions, although neither actor cums.

The oral part of the scene was quite hot, however, the anal sex was merely average. Of course, such things are to be expected during a practice shoot. On a final note, it was fun to hear Sebastian Bonnet speaking English.

Scene five:Ethan Clarke and Robbie Martin

This scene wasn't finished in time for a complete episode. The scene begins with a group of shirtless guys eating at a dining table. One couple starts to play with their food by pretending that the sausage is a hard cock. The scene then shifts to one of the actors sucking on some real “meat.” The guy giving head sucks on his pal's veiny cock for quite a long time. The scene then ends with the guy cumming onto his friend's shoulder.

This was a brief oral scene, although the oral footage was quite good.

Scene six:Josh Elliot, Luke Hamill, and Vincent Soula

This segment was cut out from the final release, the director opting to use a different fourway ending. The scene begins with Josh and Luke sharing blowjobs in bed. Luke then flips up Josh to lick his hole clean. Josh returns the favor by moistening Luke's hole and ball sac. The guys discuss who should bottom for the other. Suddenly, Vincent pops out of a nearby chest and offers to be their bottom. The guys “tag team” Vincent, though he easily manages both of their hard members. The guys then switch so that Josh can try out Vincent's ass. The scene ends with an extremely hot oral cumshot for Vincent. Vincent does a great job at capturing almost all of their cum. However, he only shoots out a tiny droplet of cum at the end.

This was a very good scene, and the facial at the end was spectacular! On a side note, this scene featured a strange line of dialogue which I found to be hilarious; “now you discover your kingdom” as Josh is flipped over to have his hole rimmed.

Scene seven:Jack Janowski and Juan Cortes

This segment was originally shot for the film 'Enchanted Forrest.' Two hunky lads walk through the forest. Suddenly one of the guys decides to give his friend a blowjob. The blowjob is short but effective since it quickly leads to the actor shooting his load all over the guy's lips and tongue.

This scene was perfect. It was short and sweet and right to the point. The actor's penis looked so tempting and yummy and I'm so glad that the other actor got an opportunity to try the guy's cream filling.

Scene eight:Josh Elliot and Liam Phoenix

This segment was shot for a film, but was later replaced by another couple. The scene begins with the actors lounging in their beds and gently touching their hardons. Their rubbing quickly escalates to blowjobs and a 69. Liam eventually has his hole finger probed before Josh fucks him. Liam is screwed in several positions although he doesn't maintain an erection. Finally, both of the actors jack off at the end.

This was a average/good scene. Most of the sex seemed generic with a “been there done that” kind of feel to it.

Scene nine:Marc Vidal and Joel D'amici

This scene was used as a test for future collaborations. The scene begins with Marc receiving a blowjob. Joel sucks away until Marc cums onto Joel's chest. The actors then kiss romantically before Marc heads south to suck on Joel's big dick. Joel eventually leaves a sticky mess onto Marc's chest. Marc then fucks Joel's accommodating hole in two positions. Finally, the boys shoot out more loads at the end.

The anal sex was decent, but the oral action was hot! Marc looked particularly “yummy” as he has his dick sucked on. In fact, I would say that Marc is so photogenic that he looks perfect when his dick is being sucked on or when he is sucking on another guy.

Scene ten:Josh Elliot, Davy Paxton

The main director couldn't direct this episode himself, so this clip was used as a test instead. The scene begins with the guys making out in a bathroom. Josh quickly heads south to suck on Davy's cock. After that, Davy gives Josh some oral attention. The guys mess around some more before heading into the anal sex territory. Josh fucks Davy's tight hole in several positions. At the end, Davy's crotch is covered in cum, both Josh's and his own.

This was a pretty good scene. Davy remains hard throughout and the cumshots are quite explosive.

The DVD:


This DVD features a bright and colorful full screen transfer. The image is sharp. A few of the outdoor scenes are slightly darker, but most of the scenes are properly lit. Some scenes even have a warm glow to them.


The sound is good and all of the action can be heard. Music tends to start once the actors start to have sex.


Extras include animated menus and a handy scene selection, where you can go to the oral, anal, or cumshots for each scene. Additionally, there is a trailer for another Bel Ami title.

Final thoughts:

This DVD's ten scenes run the range of above average to excellent. The range of sex is to be expected given that some scenes were tests to determine whether a model worked well, and some scenes were incomplete since the director chose to use a different shoot. Despite some scenes being incomplete, the sex that is contained in this DVD is quite good, including some hot oral action, some great facials, and some very romantic sex. I even found that some of the short oral only scenes were actually hotter than some of the “complete” scenes in other Bel Ami titles. Therefore, your decision to buy this title should rest on your understanding that these are tests and alternate scenes that were dropped for one reason or another. Given several fan's appreciation of deleted scenes for mainstream cinema, these deleted porn scenes will have have great appeal for those of you who can't get enough of those sexy Bel Ami boys. As a result, this title comes with a highly recommended rating.


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