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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Jenna's Wonder Mini Bullet

Jenna's Wonder Mini Bullet

Studio: Doc Johnson » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

I'm not exactly the world's biggest believer that attaching a porn star's name to a product makes it better; in fact, I tend to think just the opposite. After all, just like we don't really think Michael Jordan wears every product he endorses, why would we expect a "porner"
 to use a particular vibrator? On the other hand, plastering a pretty picture on a box has long been used in porn to move product so I really can't blame Doc Johnson, one of the most trusted names in sex toys worldwide, for trying to differentiate itself from the pack so when I picked up the Jenna's Wonder Mini Bullet for review; I tried to remember that Jenna Jameson was about as likely to use this as she was to chow down on a dozen hamburgers.

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Okay, the device was pink and that suited bachelorette #1 just fine. Like me, she appreciates the color pink a whole lot, even if I suspect our levels of appreciation stem from completely different mental states (mine is due to the color of cooch while hers is likely the result of societal programming). This is one of those really small toys you can use when insertion is not the main game or unless you are experimenting with anal sex and a finger is simply too large (especially my huge fingers).

It takes two AA batteries and the vibrations will last a pretty long time given the relative weakness of the toy. If you're hoping for some really powerful "good vibrations", this will leave you as satisfied as a two pump chump but it might make a beginner or someone really sensitive happy. It connects to the power supply via a cord about three feet in length; not far enough to let your partner control it too far away but not so short that you're completely on your own either.

The cord appeared to be water resistant where it connected to the toy but not the battery pack so you will not want to use it in areas that get wet (technically, areas that the power pack could get wet). The cord plugged into the power pack securely so that should not be a factor and the battery case opened easily (labeled with a company logo at that and Jenna's name nowhere to be found). The dial used to adjust the level of vibration really did not do much either (and I used brand new, high end copper top batteries for those who care).

Compared to other pocket rocket or mini vibrators, the Jenna's Wonder Mini Bullet was on the weak side for the pleasurable buzzing we all love so much though. The pretty pink look reminding me more of a miniaturized bowling pin than anything else. The fun we had using it was replaced by a larger toy within about 15 minutes though so you probably want to keep in mind that this is either best as a starter toy or to try anal fun (and yes, it felt good on the outside but no insertion took place). So if you're in the market for a good vibrator of small stature; pass this one up unless you get an extremely good deal on it (remembering that you get what you pay for too). Oh, and as a side note, the warranty card specifically excludes the state of Texas even though other states have upheld their more restrictive sex toy ordinances (while Texas' law was struck down by a judge) going all the way to the Supreme Court so you won't want to pick this one up if you're in the Lone Star State. Jenna Jameson on the cover looked cute but not cute enough to make this a high end toy worth your money.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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