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Time After Time

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/5/07

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Time After Time

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Francois Clousot

Cast: Julia Ann, Randy Spears, Brooke Banner, Barrett Blade, Tommy Gunn, Mindy Main, Kirsten Price, Eric Masterson

Length: 87:49 minutes

Date of Production: 4/9/2007

Extras: The best extra for most of you will be the bonus scene from Love Always between Julia Ann and Randy Spears. It wasn’t very long but it adds some value for those of you that don’t already have the movie so I described it below. My personal favorite was the 15:21 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Jax (and edited by Jef) as it gave a better look at what they cast & crew were trying to do. There was some nudity and clips of action from the sex scenes but it struck me that this was another effort scaled back for a different audience than myself; generally an audience that watches little porn or finds Julia especially hot (I’ve enjoyed her work for years but I’m not a slavering fanboy). There were five photogalleries, some star stats, a promo reel, the usual DVD Rom material, and 10 trailers to movies like Operation Desert Stormy, Perfect Match, The Craving, Made in the USA, Becoming Carmen Hart, The Visitors, Supernatural, Coming Home, Black Widow, Melt, and Love Always. There was also a true double sided DVD cover and a cardboard slipcase for the case.

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: Time After Time was presented in an appealing 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Francois Clousot for Wicked Pictures. While filmed in high definition, it was down converted to a regular DVD (in the future, the HD version should look even better), so there was some minor grain in some of the scenes where lighting was minimized as part of the scene (night scenes tend to do that). The good news is that even in the dark night scenes, the visual elements were fairly well handled, providing a lot more quality than most studios are capable of handling these days. The video noise was minimal and the composition of the scenes was extremely well taken care of, enhancing the look of the ladies in nearly all cases. There were no obvious compression artifacts and the bitrate was typically in the mid to upper 6 Mbps range. The audio was presented with two choices, the primary one being a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track that balanced the vocals and music nicely. There was also a 2.0 Dolby Digital track in Spanish available for those who care but the fact is that the dubbing seemed humorous to me. Otherwise, the audio seemed to be another step in the right direction for Wicked Pictures, even though the vocals were almost certainly recorded in monaural or dubbed in later (not to mention limited in scope). Still, the music was well done (I liked the romantic chanting piece in the first scene especially) and the overall quality of the audio was slightly better than average as well (well better in a few scenes and dialogue portions).

Body of Review: Julia Ann has had a lengthy career in porn, most of it under contract with one company or another. She has given the impression that she is leaving performing behind her so it was interesting to me that one of her last titles would be a fluffy science fiction romance story by director Francois Clousot for Wicked Pictures called Time After Time. The movie was not related to the Cyndi Lauper pop music hit of years back but yet another searching for lost love, small budget release that had Julia in the lead role as a loving wife that scientist Randy Spears could not life without. I’ll skip the time machine angle for now and say that it wasn’t as weak as many related efforts but the gimmicky nature of the plotted portions of the show were a bit light on the explanations so keep that in mind as you check out the flick. The back cover said it like this: “Alan (Randy Spears) is a scientist who is on the verge of changing the world. He has found the key to time travel. His machine still needs work, but the basic equation is right. Soon after his discovery, his wife Sarah (Julia Ann) dies in a car crash. Devastated by his loss, Alan sinks into depression and uses his work to cope. His best friends Stephanie and Steven (Kirsten Price and Eric Masterson) and his assistant Eva (Brooke Banner) try to comfort their distraught friend, to no avail. In his depression, he decides to travel back in time to try and save the love of his life ... but things don't always happen the way you want them to ... sometimes fate can not be changed.” I like Julia Ann so I was looking forward to seeing the movie, knowing it would have a lot of condoms and limited sexual activity in it, but here’s a brief glimpse into the scenes by cast and action for those who want to know:

Scene One: Julia Ann, the curvy hotty on the front cover, was up first in bed with Randy Spears. This being a romantically driven movie, I knew it would have some oral by both, vaginal screwing in a few positions, and a typical pop shot (this time to the lower abdomen). She was moderately engaged in the action and the couple have long seemed to have some chemistry together so if you’re willing to forego most of the tease I like so much and any variety, this scene will help inspire you to rub out a load or two of your own population pudding but it tried too hard to cater to the folks that like their sex watered down.

Scene Two: Brooke Banner, a curvy blond with a nice face and ass, was up next at the bar playing a lab assistant under a great deal of pressure to make the project work. The bartender was played by Barrett Blade and he hoped to gleam some secrets out of her by giving her the oral attention she needed to relax. He went down on her and she blew him in return; the couple seeming to be pleasant together if not overly energetic. Brooke gives a fine hummer and when she dropped to her knees, I knew she would be right at home here. Barrett then bent her over a bar stool to drill in doggy and missionary before she did PTM on his rod. He tossed off a load to her face as a closer, but she revealed no secrets.

Scene Three: Julia Ann, without any build up at all, was then up slobbing the knob of muscular Tommy Gunn in bed. For a feature, it stuck me as odd that there would be so much diving into sex without any tease or build up but I played along as Julia’s lips wrapped around a cock is always a sight for sore eyes. Tommy gave her some loving too but they did not seem to have as much connecting them as she did with Randy in the first scene so it dragged on (even though too short in length again). They did very little vaginal sex in the missionary position before he came on her lower abdomen; making it look like she abstained for a few weeks given how plentiful his orgasm was.

Scene Four: Mindy Main, an attractive blond with a nice figure, was up next in bed with Randy Spears; mirroring the previous scene in most ways as she blew him, he reciprocated, and then they fucked like happy little bunnies. She was more active at fucking but it didn’t last long either, the cutie asking him to jerk off on her titties to finish up.

Scene Five: Kirsten Price, with dark hair and a sleek figure, was up last as Eric Masterson went down on her in bed. She over acted like a performer while he licked her clam, the gal providing one of the best blowjobs of the movie in return. She embraced his cock as an extension of herself; handling it manually and leaving streamers everywhere but coming across as though trying to drain him dry without any penetrative sex. They did screw vaginally and it was about as good as the other scenes but unless you’re looking for something to initiate a rookie porn watcher into the genre with, this was still too light to get into very deeply; lacking replay value even as she took the facial.

Bonus Scene: Love Always: Julia Ann, the busty hotty seen on the left hand side of the cover, was up next as she crawled along the kitchen table at night to get to her husband Randy Spears in his dream. Ever the seductress, Julia went right for the pole in her mouth as she satisfied her craving for man gravy, jerking him off as she inhaled the meat pipe in heated fashion while gyrating in her black satin nightie. He fingered her and started drilling her cookie, Julia actively participating to assist with her own needs in the candlelit scene before he rubbed out a load to her ample chest. It was not as hot as the previous scene for me but it was a nicely handled scene all the same.

Summary: Time After Time by director Francois Clousot for Wicked Pictures was a showcase for the lovely Julia Ann that fans may enjoy a lot. Like most of the recent science fiction/fantasy movies from Wicked, the underlying theme of acceptance was present and I’m not going to ruin the story with spoilers but it struck me as a lot like one of David Stanley’s movies with how many plot holes it had. The sex was also on the watered down side so unless you’re getting this one for a person new to porn, this is not going to be enough to work for most people so I'm rating this as a Rent It. In short, Time After Time was fluffy and cute but as Eric said near the end of the show: “What’s written is written” which perfectly described the metaphysical nonsense here; the movie a brief respite from the harshness of gonzo but not living up to the promise of the elements provided.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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