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Feeding Frenzy 9: Special Edition

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Lela Star about to meet the guys.

Feeding Frenzy 9: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video

Genre: Blowjobs

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Lela Star, Brett Rockman, Johnny Fender, Delilah Strong, John West, Brian Pumper, James Deen, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Jules Jordan, Annette Schwarz, Scotty Lyons, Gina Lynn, Gianna, Lauren Phoenix, Sasha Grey, Genesis Skye, Mark Wood, Carlton Banks, Phil Gash, Mike Hash, Jim Beem, Face Blaster, Geoff Chamberlain

Delilah Strong had a fine ass.

Length: 214:39 minutes

Date of Production: 6/27/2007

Annette was blessed with a sweet ass too.

Extras: The second disc had all the extras like the cum shot recap, a lengthy photogallery, a cast listing (sadly only listing the women this time), a biography for the director and trailers to six shows like East Coast Assault, Buttworx, Pump My Ass Full Of Cum, Black Owned 2, Slut Puppies 2, Facial Demolition, Weapons of Ass Destruction 5, Flesh Hunter 9, Breast Worship, Ass Worship, Jenna Haze: Dark Side, Black Owned, Feeding Frenzy 8, Weapons of Ass Destruction 4, and Tunnel Vision. My favorite extra was a 26:23 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that added more sex to the mix rather than focus on make up or other stupid shit that no one wants to see. Lauren and Annette got a lot more exposure here but it ended with Gina cleaning up and will give you more to stroke about.

Gina Lynn was most spankable.

Condoms: None

Gianna can be my maid anytime she likes!

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Audio/Video Quality: Feeding Frenzy 9 was presented in a combination of 1.33:1 full frame and a non-anamorphic widescreen color presentation with an aspect ratio of about 1.78:1 as originally shot by director Jules Jordan for distribution by Jules Jordan Video. I prefer anamorphic scenes but the equipment needed to capture that kind of thing is probably heavier and less portable so I gave Jules a break this time on the matter. The lighting was presented in a very pleasing manner that lit up the action in the scenes very well, limiting the grain and video noise a lot, and I only wish the look would have been consistent here (giving me the impression that some scenes were substantially older than others). There were a few scenes where things weren’t quite as good but that was almost certainly due to the skill level of the talent given Jules’ manner of coaxing out fine performances from almost everyone but the same could be said of the lighting that wasn’t always perfect either. So, in the scenes where the lighting was flat and stronger; the picture was good and the minor tint or other issues were decidedly not worth worrying about. The grain and video noise were both lots better than usual; marking another positive visual improvement by Jules that was complimented by the compositional work Jules offered up that repeatedly enhanced the look of the cast. There were no noticed compression artifacts and while the picture wasn't the best gonzo I've seen from the director (his cameraman lacks his skill so when Jules is in the scene, the quality goes down a bit), the technical matters never hampered the heat (the video bitrate usually in the mid 4 Mbps range). I still wonder what future releases using one of the true high definition formats (Blu-Ray or HD-DVD) will do for the quality of the picture given his recent improvements over past works though. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (at 192 Kbps) offering that really didn't use any separation in terms of the vocals (there was some potential to do so here too). The dynamic range was also kind of generic, an area that seemed slightly better than previous efforts and an area that Jules could easily improve to make best use of the great many home theatres in the hands of porn fans everywhere.

Lauren Phoenix needs to make a comeback.

Body of Review: Jules Jordan has long been about providing hardcore sex that fans want to see so it makes sense that the releases for his company, Jules Jordan Video, by all the directors working there are full of genre defining sex acts. Well, after another reviewer dropped the ball recently, I came in possession of a title he sat on for two months called Feeding Frenzy 9: Special Edition. I’m not a huge fan of blowbang sex but those of you that prefer seeing orally gifted ladies blowing scores of guys and swallowing the results will find this to be as welcome an addition to your collections as Feeding Frenzy 8 was yet with a whole new set of gals to provide knob slobbing fun. That said, here’s a quick look at the eight scenes, noting that no condoms were worn (only one gal rode the cock vaginally) and all the gals swallowed:

Sasha Grey was happy.

Scene One: Lela Star, the tiny brunette seen on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up first as she teased outside in a skimpy silver bikini. This gave Jules the chance to “prance around” to provide some tease, moving into the living room to “suck a lotta cocks” in the blowbang. Brett Rockman, Johnny Fender, and a couple other mope squad members were the donors of Lela’s semen sucking system; the guys playfully spanking her ass as she stripped down to keep her clothing clean. Lela wasn’t exactly working with the largest cocks in porn this time but she played to each of them well enough, jerking two off while sucking another as she played at being a “whore”. They pawed her as the scene continued and she continually smiled and laughed as she sucked and inhaled man meat; a few of the slackers taking far too long to get hard. Seeing the men surround her for the blowbang was okay but I liked it much better when she crawled around to service each one individually; using some titty fucking to augment her oral skills. It eventually ended near the thirty minute mark when the men rubbed their loads of population pudding into her mouth, Lela swallowing most of it with ease.

Genesis Skye wanted cock!

Scene Two: Delilah Strong, the blond hotty seen on the upper left hand corner of the cover, was up next as she was shown walking around the house in her blue fishnet body stocking (a white bikini underneath it). I hated her whorish make up as it was far too heavy but John West, Brian Pumper, James Deen, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, and any of the others she tackled orally didn’t mind one bit. This scene had less tease up front but given her oral acuity, I suspected that she would be right at home wrapping her lips around numerous cocks; the pawing, blowbang, and other elements largely the same. She did have them line up at one point to give them a more orderly workout with her mouth; the handjobs and multiple dicks tiring her out a little so the need for the single serve station she provided. She did an excellent job of blowing them all, working it as much for the camera as them individually but this time, she encouraged them to jerk off into a martini glass for her to swallow from; gulping their protein shakes with ease and cleaning the glass before she did Jules Jordan in a final POV effort. It was funny seeing her struggle with his jeans but she wanted his cock badly so she kept at it, draining his balls dry too in the fullness of time but this time doing so with her vaginal riding skills as much as her mouth.

Scene Three: Annette Schwarz, the blond anal queen seen on the upper middle of the front cover, was up next and she was completely ready to suck dick like a champion. She was on “a mission from Germany to collect cum, initially teasing in her red bathing suit outside on the sunny day.” Her partners included Scotty Lyons, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Johnny Fender, and Carlton Banks, as she went inside to take them on. She used some dirty talk when her mouth wasn’t otherwise occupied but they definitely kept her actively engaged with her mouth and hands. I liked how she could focus her attention on the men individually while slobbing their knobs but not lose sight of the bigger picture either. Every now and then, Jules would interject a comment or two as well; either encouraging her to do something or to praise her efforts with the cocks sliding so actively down her throat. She didn’t stop with cocks & balls either as she tossed some salad (rimmed the men) while on a lust filled spree of depravity. The scene flew by as I watched it though, Annette getting the men to jerk off onto a black dinner plate to lick clean at the very end; swallowing semen as though really wanting to do so.

Scene Four: Gina Lynn, the busty blond cross over performer seen on the middle of the far left cover, was up next with Scotty Lyons, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Johnny Fender, and a few more that joined afterwards as they surrounded her to play. I could have used more teasing from this major player too but given her propensity to get into the oral loving as shown here, I saw she was in her element wrapping hands and lips around cocks while inhaling them in a turned on state of mind. This scene spent more time focused on the blowbang than the others from what I could tell (I wasn’t timing her) but she also tried the crawling around for cock method that made her shine nicely. For me, her strength was in doing one cock at a time so this part of the scene was my favorite; especially as it had plenty of her ass in that sexy fishnet and corset outfit on display. They ended it by again surrounding her to drain their balls on her face, the hotty sucking down all the spew coming her way from the martini glass. Whew!

Scene Five: Gianna, the busty babe seen in her maid outfit on the lower to mid right hand corner, was up next as the first scene on the second disc. She was proclaimed as the best maid Jules’ ever had as she walked around the house giving a tease show, sadly only lasting a few minutes before she encountered the room containing Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Johnny Fender, Mike Hash, and some other mope squad member intent on having her clean his pipes. The guys did their thing and she gave a great show of oral talents while slapping them around, taking off her clothing, and titty fucking them as needed. There was a lot more spitting and dirty talk this time; Gianna deepthroating better than any of the other ladies in the movie as she enthusiastically and energetically went to town on them. The guys could not keep up with her as she overwhelmed them using her skills; the result being a fantastic sequence that I only wish culminated in her doing a lot more in the form of penetrative sex. She swallowed as well as the other gals, taking the loads straight from the tap this time rather than employ a gimmick such as a glass. Yes!

Scene Six: Lauren Phoenix, the anal queen seen in the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she showed her ass off to Jules (who commented that this was an oral movie instead). I haven’t seen Lauren looking this good in a long time so it came as no surprise that she was making Brett Rockman, Scotty Lyons, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Johnny Fender, and one of the other guys seen throughout the movie hard. She teased them through their pants but managed to unzip them and blow each guy as though he had plenty to offer (most of them were lacking in the package department) while they felt her up. Her all natural body looked good getting rubbed down, her fleshy ass a prime target even if it wasn’t on the agenda this time. As much as she is known as an anal queen, her first love was always giving head from what I recall so she did an excellent job with the men. I’m not a huge blowbang fan but managed to find this to be another well shot piece of action; Lauren swallowing the loads down in groups, again straight from the tap(s).

Scene Seven: Sasha Grey, the diminutive brunette on the middle of the lower front cover, was up next in a fetish outfit that didn’t last long when she was introduced to Scotty Lyons, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Johnny Fender, and at least a couple other third tier mopers in the living room. The tease was light and she went right to blowing the men surrounding her, Sasha looking right at the camera much of the time. She had a fair amount of skill with a meat pipe and as small as her mouth was, she could deepthroat amazingly well (albeit only with their modest members to work with). They slapped her face with cock and she left streamers all over the place; Sasha outgunned by numbers more than size as she told Jules how she wanted their “filthy cum in my mouth so I can swallow it”. The chemistry was nonexistent and she came across as merely trying to impress Jules but it served the purpose well and she even appeared to get off when they were fingering her. By the end of the scene, I was sure her favorite bird was the swallow and it will give fans something more of her to appreciate.

Scene Eight: Genesis Skye, the blond on the middle of the front cover, was up last and was probably the least known gal of the show but quite cute all the same. I haven’t seen much of her work but would have hired her as an intern myself, the concept of the show being explained to her with the help of Mark Wood, Brett Rockman, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, and Johnny Fender. She took her cue from them as she stripped naked to display her all natural figure, the number of dicks around her giving her wild ideas about how to play with them. She started off slowly as she blew them one at a time, and they gave her enough space to feel comfortable; the surrounding aspect of the blowbang downplayed for the most part. Her style was messy and the streamers flew all about as she went crazy sucking dick, the end result the same as the other scenes with her swallowing lik the other ladies had done earlier in the flick.

Summary: Feeding Frenzy 9 by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video was a lot of fun and earned a rating of Recommended or better depending on how much you are into blowbang action. I prefer fewer men getting to do more to the ladies but I know these outings are popular too so if all you want is blowjobs in great quantity over great quality, you can hardly go wrong here. In short, Feeding Frenzy 9: Special Edition was a lot like Feeding Frenzy 8 so you will know exactly what to expect when you pick up a copy with the technical matters, the casting of ladies, and the action exactly what was advertised on the cover (though technically, the sub heading of “Gulpin’ Gallons” might have been a bit too much).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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