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Eden: Believe the Unbelievable

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 11/6/07

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Opening Credit

Director: Daniel Dakota

Number of Discs: 2

Length: 218 minutes

Release Date: 9/25/2007

Production Year:  04/16/2007- 04/26/2007

Category: Feature 

Condoms: Yes


Beautiful Waters of Hawaii


Synopsis: Believe the Unbelievable especially on a remote island a select few will experience dreams beyond their imagination! 


Master of the  Helm Evan Stone

Cast: Ava Rose, Bree Olson, Carmen Luvana, Courtney Cummz( Zero Tolerance’s Contract Girl), Evan Stone, Evan Valentine, Jean Val Jean, Jerry, Tommy Gunn 

Features: Disc 1: Full length Feature, Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Disc 2: Trailers, Bonus Scene, Int. Tel. Sex, Web Site Information 

Audio/ Video: Eden directed and  written by Daniel Dakota,distributed by Adam &Eve is  presented in full screen format and  filmed in full High Definition and is  presented in 2.0 Digital Dolby Surround Sound and  5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound .The set-up  gives you the option to  choose between the two. The entire film was shot outdoors using natural lighting.


Your Host  Mr. Xavier, Evan Stone, Bree Olsen

OverView:  Everyone has an image of what an erotic fantasy should be especially when paradise happens to be on the exotic island of Hawaii, everyone’s own personal Eden. Eden comes to life when  a few vacationers need the  time to  wind  down to enjoy  life and have  some  much needed  fun leaving  behind the  hustle and  bustle of  every  day life.  Sounds familiar... Welcome to Fantasy Island, were all your dreams come true…. Hosted  by  Xavier Powers and Evan Valentine they  both   make sure  that their  every need is  catered too.  Oops Wrong show.  Eden is the adult version of Fantasy Island filmed on location in  Hawaii . The  cast and  crew are treated to very  beautiful   beaches , helicopter  rides,  horse back  rides and boat ride and a few other treats that really  don’t make  sense. With the cast  made up of  Bree  Olsen, Ava Rose and  Carmen Luvana and  Contract   gal Courtney  Cummz on loan from  Zero Tolerance ,  Tommy Gunn, Evan Stone, Jerry and  Jean Val  Jean  bring to the  screen just how  beautiful  ones  fantasy  can be with the  right  setting and  script. Director Daniel Dakota attempted to bring the same   quality and passion as he did with Lady Scarface, the better of the two films. Eden was  suppose to  help  people  realize  their  fantasies  with the  help  of  Xavier and his  associates Ms. Ono ( Evan Valentine) and  Jack Marshall (Evan Stone) the island guide but was  slow in the process. As  far as  extras  go,  the  two  disc  set  devote the  second  disc entirely to the  extras.


Xavier and  Evan Valentine (Yum!)



Disc 1: Eden the Movie, Chapter Selections,

Disc 2: Includes Behind the Scenes, Interviews, Bloopers, Casting Call, Trailers, Photo Gallery

Trailers:Fetish Dolls, A Slice of the Pie, Dark Confessions, Big City Nights, The Devil Wears Leather, Rawditions 2, Bonus Scene from At Your Service with Randy Spears and Phoenix.


Behind The Scenes:

 Cast interviews and commentaries from Daniel Dakota, bloopers from Eden, Casting Calls; who made it and who did not, trailers from Eden which lead one to believe  otherwise. The most enjoyable in this disk are the bloopers with Evan Stone and Ava Rose in the water. Then you have Bree Olsen   talking about the trouble with the locals and the cops and the hopes of  some nominations for the 2008  AVN Awards , Ava  getting  green on the  ship, clips from  Lady Scarface, among that photo  still  of the  ladies and  different  parts of the  island.

Playing by the Pool

Scene1: Carmen Luvana & Jean Val Jean, Courtney Cummz

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After the introductions and everyone is  welcomed to the  Island  by  Xavier and Ms. Ono, Carmen is  sitting  at  first  pool side, being  watched  by  Jerry who  sits next to her  trying to  hit on her for a few moments. After thwarting his advances, Carmen heads of on a horse ride with Jean at the request Mr. Xavier. Carmen and Jean head off to a seclude area of the island. Jean then proceeds to seduce her in his own way that would make any woman swoon. Jean puts the moves and Carmen and lets his hands wander feeling her up and setting her up for some oral action. Carmen pulls herself up against the tree so Jean can eat her out which he does for a lengthy amount of time. Carmen then sucks him off and within minutes Courtney joins them making the twosome into a threesome making the  scene from what I saw more  enjoyable  for  Carmen as she seems more at  home with another  woman than with a male  co-star. The ladies  take  turns with Jean and  even  get in some  g/g  action with  Jean unloading on  Carmen’s ass  with Courtney licking it up.

Always the Charmer Jean Val Jean & Carmen Luvana


Scene 2: Evan Valentine & Tommy Gunn

This  next  scene  has  Tommy and Evan on the  beach were  Evan admits to  Tommy that she  can get  away  with  just  about  anything and everything on the  island. To prove her point she makes the move on Tommy and within minutes they are making out and hands begin to wander. Evan goes down on Tommy. After   sucking him off for a bit, Tommy goes down on Evan making her way over to a 69 with her on top. They go at it in several positions before Tommy unloads into her waiting mouth.


Evan Valentine

Scene 3: Bree Olsen & Ava Rose

This next scene  takes  the  viewer  poolside with  Ava  being  approached by Bree about how  real  her  g/g scene are on  film . Ava  responses is  exactly what  Bree  was  looking for  when Ava reaches  over  towards  her  and  kisses her. The  ladies  take it  from there and  taste and  tease the other with just the  aid of their fingers and  mouths.. 

Scene 4: Carmen Luvana & Jerry

After playing hard to get the first time around Carmen give Jerry a second chance and goes out with him boating. With the  beauty of the  surrounding  island and the   clear  blue water  hormones  take over and   Carmen and  Jerry  get  busy  on the boat. They weigh  anchor  and  get  hot and  heavy  with the mutual  oral  action as well as the  vaginally sex in  various  position making the  boat  rock  even more ending it with Jerry unloading all over her  boobs.

Scene 5: Bree Olsen & Evan Stone

Evan & Bree

While  Bree is  distracted looking outwards to the  beautiful waters of the  island , Evan  joins  her and  they  exchange a  few  words. Bree is  upset that  the others feel that she  can  buy what ever she  wants being a  rich widower. Evan consoles her a bit and ends up giving her  what  she  really wants and then some. Evan and  Bree lock lips at  first then he  hoist her over  his  shoulders and  munches on her  clit. From there the try  several  different positions which  Bree does with ease ending it  with  Evan unloading on her face.


Scene 6: Evan Valentine & Evan Stone

After an incredible dive with Ava and the run in with the shark, Evan joins Evan on the beach with a drink to calm his nerves. Evan makes the first move and it’s more lovin on the beach when Evan takes her into his arms and begins the slow seduction. Evan has a nice tanned body and all the right curves including a nice firm round ass to match. Evan nibbles at her breast then works his way downwards to her  clit where  she  straddles  his  face in a reverse  69. They fuck in  several  positions  including  doggie with Evan unloading into her mouth.



Scene  7: Carmen Luvana & Courtney Cummz& Jerry

Jerry is  alone on the  beach and  his  fantasy  comes to life  right  in front of him with  Carmen and Courtney playing around in the  water  then  reaching over and  playing with the  other. The  ladies work their way into a  kiss then  take it to the beach were the  fun  begins. Courtney and Carmen  give and take as  they taste poke and  prod the others muffs  bring the other  pleasure  in the  sandy  beaches of paradise.

Jerry & Carmen & Courtney


Scene  8: Ava Rose & Evan Stone

Ava and Evan  take this  one indoors to the bedroom as it is one of my  favorite  scenes. Written as a  text  book seduction out of a romance  novel, Evan shows that he  too can be  just as  romantic as the  next with the  beautiful  Ava  as his lady  love. Working at a nice pace Evan takes his time  with Ava in pleasuring her and works his magic on  her  clit with his  tongue. The coupling between them is magical with Evan making sure that he pleases Ava in every position before he unloads on her on her breasts.

Evan & Ava

Scene 9: Bree Olsen & Tommy Gun & Jean Val Jean

There is no doubt in Bree’s mind that she  can handle  more than one man at a  time as  she  proves her  point  doing  double  BJ  duty on the  beach. Bree takes on both men in more than one way as she takes them both vaginally and anally but no DP.. Both men unload into her mouth.

Scene  10: Courtney Cummz & Tommy Gunn

In this final scene we have Tommy looking out to the ocean and   cursing out loud. Courtney appears before him shed her  bathing  suits and  gets  right to work  sucking him off. Tommy does  Courtney  up against the palm  tree in  various  position before he  unloads into her mouth. Tommy  then wanders off to the  east side of the island and finds something he isnt looking for..


Wonder What Tommy Found??

Final Thoughts

What should have been one of the   best adult features of 2007 ended up being some what of a semi-sleeper. As I watched the opening credits, it reminded me of another movie with a similar opening Jurassic Park. Even the opening music had me wondering when the dinosaurs would start walking across the screen. Incredible as  it  may seem,  I   kept thinking of Fantasy  Island and I waited  for  Mr. Roarke and  Tattoo to make  their  appearance on the island. Director Daniel Dakota should have   cut some of the unnecessary dialogue out and made more of an effort to show less of the island. To me it seems he was trying to fill in for time instead of focusing on making the fantasies of the visitors more plausible.

There was too much  going on at  one  time to make the one  scene perfect and  not  enough time  spent developing  the  characters  especially if the goal he had in mind was to make  it to the  AVN in 2008. As you  watch  Eden you are  going to notice that even in the  first  scene  Carmen Luvana isn’t clicking with her  male  co-star Jean Val  Jean making it  seem as if  she was in a rush to  get  the  scene  done and over with. But  yet  once  joined  by Courtney she  slows  down and is  more at home with another  female than her  male  co-star. I also notice how Contract Girl for Zero Tolerance, Courtney Cummz, and Bree Olsen (new addition to A&E’s contract gals) didn’t seem to be enjoying themselves either when around Carmen. As you continue to watch, the other cast members enjoyed themselves as well as their co-stars with out any animosity. The acting and the lines at times were   cheesy except and this is just my pov when, Evan Stone was in the scene. Even  in the  bloopers  I  enjoyed  watching   Eva and  Ava  being thrown around  by the   huge  waves.  

 I have  mix  feelings about  Eden even though  within the  2  disc  set.  The  slow pace  story reads like a  typical  erotic romance  novel that  takes you  further into each page with  each  touch. Even though the  movie is centered  around the ladies, the men  get equal time which is a  first and show  more of the  seduction side in a  few scene. My two favorite being the indoor scene with Ava Rose and Evan Stone and Evan Valentine and Evan Stone on the beach. Where  as  I  reviewed Eden  from  a “romance and  mushy  pov” and   as much as I hate to say this.. as a  couples movie  yes its worth the  “ Renting” especially with the  beauty of the  Island as its  set and  the  slow  pace of the  movie  which  allows  for  couples to  slowly  build on  an evening of  much pleasure as  they are  watching Eden. Eden has everything a woman looks for in an adult title with out the hardcore action seen in most titles today. Adam & Eve has always taken a woman’s pov as a marketing tool when it   comes to sales. Let’s just hope that it works as a Rental and then carries over into a future purchase.


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Aloha From Paradise!



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