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Teens Corrupted: Special Extended Set

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Bree Olson is a total babe!

Teens Corrupted: Special Extended Set

Evil Angel/Jake Malone Inc.

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jake Malone

McKenzee Miles is also physically attractive.

Cast: Bree Olson, Steve James, Marco Duato/Banderas, Lefty Larue, D. Snoop, Jake Malone, McKenzee Miles, Richard Kline, Renae “J-Ho” Cruz, Manuel Ferrara, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Mike Hash, Joe Blow, Steve James, Maya Hills, Holly West, Brittany Angel, Sandi Jackson, Jean-Claude Batiste, Johnny Fender, Emma Heart, Michael Stefano, Tone Capone, Hooks

Length: 320:38 minutes

Date of Production: 8/7/2007

Renae "J-Ho" Cruz is on the rise in terms of her popularity.

Extras: My favorite extra was the 22:16 minute long Behind the Scenes feature on disc two. It had some additional nudity, sex, and interviews (starting with Bree Olson on the couch; Indiana’s favorite juvenile correction inmate years ago). Bree got the lion’s share of the bunch (over 17 minutes of it was focused on her) and Renae Cruz ended with the majority of additional footage so fans may want to keep this in mind if they like other gals. There was also a photogallery, some limited filmographies, a cast list, a biography for Jake, 2 popshot recaps, and 10 trailers to shows like Blacksnake Bitches, Own My Ass 2, Bitchcraft, Fuck Slaves, Fuck Slaves 2, Gang Bang My Face, Nice Fucking View 1, and Own My Ass 1.

Condoms: None

Maya Hills is another total package of a babe!

Audio/Video Quality: Teens Corrupted was presented in the standard 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as most porn is shot these days, by director Jake Malone for Evil Angel. The picture was decent and showed some improvement over a few of his recent releases by using nice lighting, solid composition of most shots (making the women look more appealing than usual), and good fleshtones; looking as technically solid as any of his peers in the Evil Angel stable in the portions where the lighting was decent. The bitrate it was offered in was hovering largely around the mid 3 Mbps range so it wasn’t the best looking title of the day but still pretty decently made overall. Jake kept his rough edge and raw energy at full levels while addressing my concerns nicely, marking it as a turning point in his favor if he can keep the momentum going. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English in 192 Kbps and was generally well done although it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for a gonzo production. I could hear the gals moan, groan, and talk dirty so I was pleased with it but there wasn't any separation between the channels and the dynamic range wasn't all that great either.

Holly West assisting Maya Hills.

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Body of Review: Jake Malone is one of the guys in porn expanding the limits of the gonzo genre by bringing forth women that embrace the harder edge of circus act sex with his movies at Evil Angel. I can’t always say that I like and enjoy them but I can suggest that he pushes the limits of what is acceptable there more than any of his peers, catering to his own muse rather than worry so much about whether fickle distributors will sell what he brings to the consumer. His latest title is Teens Corrupted: Special Extended Set, a series of outlandishly hardcore scenes featuring some of the youngest ladies in the jizz biz; all of them performing with men twice their ages or more. Given the drive by companies to provide the youngest gals they can legally offer up in such titles, it was clear that most of the gals were in their late teens or early twenties (and looking younger) in an effort to make you happy but rarely showing debutantes unable to handle the kind of action Jake is known for. With over five hours of all new footage in the movie itself, you have to hand it to the guy for addressing the quantity issue but what about the quality you say? I think most of you will be quite happy with that too, though some of the ladies were clearly more comfortable doing all the kinky things Jake had them do. If you’re still interested, here’s a brief glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Sandi Jackson and Brittany Angel.

Scene One: Bree Olson, the curvy blond featured on the lower half of the front cover, was up first and you can’t argue with her selection as the opener (she's a hotty!). The men she worked with on this day were Steve James, Marco Duato/Banderas, Lefty Larue, D. Snoop, and even Jake Malone himself. Bree started off with some tease that had Jake poking her with his black gloved finger only to show her masturbate in extreme close up for the camera as she moved to the comfortable couch. She stretched her pussy and ass with a glass toy, doing some taste testing from time to time (PTM and ATM), with the first real sex coming in at about 24 minutes into the movie with Marco slamming his cock down her throat. She loved his cock and her nipples hardened as she gave him a sloppy blowjob; her free flowing saliva going all over the place (though little on her pink dress). Marco ate her ass and then the pair started to actively ride vaginally; Bree showing her stretched out snatch able to accommodate his meaty member easily since she was so juiced up. She was markedly less active in the anal sex but got better with time; gyrating her hips and employing more dirty talk as the scene progressed. Her anal gape was huge and had a long hang time but as Marco continued to drill her holes, she showed why she was not one to rely on looks alone to sell her scenes. Marco dumped a load of population pudding into her mouth for swallowing, after which the other guys filled her mouth with additional rubbed out loads. The scene finished up at just past the hour mark; perhaps Bree’s most hardcore scene though she told Jake that her website would have a lot of really hardcore sex since she was about to go under contract. Whew!

Emma Heart had a delicious, heart shaped ass.

Scene Two: McKenzee Miles, the cute blond on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she followed the tease routine in her white lingerie while some decent music played in the background. She also had a glass toy to play with but the mainstay of the action was brought to the world by Jake Malone and Richard Kline. She masturbated with the beaded toy anally, readying herself as she penetrated her perfect pucker, the lean blue eyed blond looking tasty in her white fishnet top. Claiming to be 19, she didn’t look much older and was first up with Jake as she blew him in POV style. That led to him slowly fucking her pussy; her oiled up ass shiny as the couple bumped uglies. She was moderately active during the ride since Jake was tied to the camera, McKenzee asking him to spank her ass before she went back to sucking his semen out of his dick; swallowing the load with ease. Richard came up next after she cleaned up a bit, Jake introducing them on another couch as she masturbated before him. He went down on her to get her ready, spending some time on her ass before she gave him a teasing hummer (flicking her tongue on the tip for example). She was an active rider from the very beginning, bouncing on cock with energy if not chemistry while she shook her ass around to grind on his pelvic bone. She was loud and it came off like a performance but she had everything advertised in spades, her puffy pussy getting tired so she began taking it in the ass. Jake worked the camera but started jerking off against her shoe, the fetish angle only touched on before she did more taste testing (ATM). She wasn’t a great lay anally but she did give him free access before he jerked off to her mouth, McKenzee swallowing his modest load before the scene ended.

Scene Three: Renae “J-Ho” Cruz, a spicy little Latina spitfire working her way up the ladder of the porn pantheon, was up next as she took on Jake Malone, Manuel Ferrara, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Mike Hash, Joe Blow, and Steve James. Her tease began outside on a sunny day by the rock garden, her clothing opening up until she encountered the director in the shaded area. She then gave a strip tease for the guy, taking her time as she catered to his whims and “spoke” with her asshole; lowering her white cotton panties for Jake as he felt her up. She laid out on a blanket on the lawn to masturbate; stretching her ass with a couple of toys in preparation for her scene with Manuel. He rushed over to go down on her, getting her lubed up with his fingers before he prick poked her pussy rapidly around that hairy bush of hers. She squealed in delight and did some PTM, proving her oral skills as being very experienced (far beyond her years). That led to them doing anal but her pucker was really tight so it was tearing her in half to take such a large cock, the couple moving to a titty fuck the drain his balls dry (which she easily swallowed). The mope squad members then lined up to give her more semen to drink down, the pouting gal making it a point that she needed more, not just wanted more. She provided some oral stimulation but most of them were already primed to drop loads, this portion of the scene taking place inside the house.

Scene Four: Maya Hills, the other blond featured on the front cover (this time the top portion), was up with cute Holly West, Marco Banderas/Duato, and Manuel Ferrara. Maya was clearly the lead of the scene (the cast list broke it up into two scenes) but both gals sucked some hard cock after Maya gave up some heated tease. The tease was not as developed as the previous scenes and Holly was short changed in not having her own section of it, but they double teamed Marco really well this time; each showing a combination of experience and skill at blowing a meat pipe. Maya sat on his dick first, doing vaginal easily as Holly gave some oral support with PTOGM. Maya was a sexual demon in how she tore into the cock though and Holly showed she was no slacker either. Maya sucked Holly’s ass a lot this time and was just as active during the anal ride. If any gal earned a featured spot on the cover with Bree, Maya was the one! Holly did oral clean up with ATM and some keen 69 as Maya took the rod hard. Maya must’ve loved the taste of her ass to as she kept gong back to it even though Marco was not allowed inside Holly’s back door. Holly took the facial and Maya cleaned her up (as well as swallowing it); the first half of the scene showing a lot of passion. Maya then took care of Manuel alone, once again using a toy to ready herself though he spent considerable time orally getting into her as well. His fingering led to a short but aggressive blowjob, the couple vaginally fucking hard on the couch. Unlike Marco, Manuel seemed to take a lighter approach with the lady; the man slapping her only a little on the ass and titty as she impaled herself on the penis. He playfully choked her a little but hardy worth discussing but his larger prick in her ass kept her focused (she was not as active and did not use nearly as much dirty talk). She picked up the pace after he stuck four fingers in her backdoor and fed it to her; Maya’s ass cheeks rippling from the effort. They were clearly into one another though and as the sweat rolled off both of them, they seemed driven to push each other further and further, Maya adding more fingers in her ass at his insistence. The scene finally ended when he wrapped her own stockings over her head like a mask, his semen freely flowing through and opening to go to her mouth to be swallowed. Whoa!

Scene Five: Brittany Angel and Sandi Jackson, the movie’s version of an interracial relations session, were up next with Jean-Claude Batiste, Marco Duato/Banderas, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Mike Hash, Johnny Fender, D. Snoop, and Jake Malone in the large house. The scene started off with some limited but heated tease and a POV blowjob by the ladies on the director. There were some lesbian antics too and a lot of the expected rimming but the gals took his small load easily as Brittany did the oral clean up. That was when Jean walked in and Jake claimed to be the gardener (so they shouldn’t mention what happened), the black male taking a fancy to the fresh white ass presented before him. He gave some rimming to Brittany as Sandi waited for permission to jump in; the gal getting it to make a more complete bit of action as Jean choked Brittany. He focused most of his efforts on the white cutie but Sandi was available too; playing as much with her playmate girlfriend as jean was though taking her from the front. Initially, Brittany tackled his large black cock by herself while Sandi masturbated in the nearby chair but both gals did some oral before the penetrative sex began. Marco spied the action and saw an opening when Sandi was otherwise not engaged, the four pairing off for a two way interracial scene. The pussy poking action by both men struck me as almost a contest of sorts, each giving her partner some pleasure while bent over. Sandi was a more active rider and had a better ass but Brittany had a cuter face and seemed willing to play both ways; licking Marco’s cock from her pal’s pussy as she took it from behind. Neither gal did anal and Brittany took Jean’s load to swallow as well as give Marco some access to her puffy pussy before sharing his wad with Sandi; the mope squad members (including Jake in POV fashion) providing some additional semen to swallow down.

Scene Six: Emma Heart, a sexy little brunette as seen in a tiny picture on the upper left hand corner of the cover, was up last with Michael Stefano, Tone Capone, Hooks, Steve James, and Jake Malone putting her through her paces. She gave some sweet teasing before Michael oiled up her fleshy ass out by the pool; the gal built for comfort over speed but looking a lot better than the usual porn gal fresh off the bus. Michael stuck his face in her ass a bit but waited until they went inside the house to really get into it completely. He loved her ass as much as I did and smacked it around to test her cheek ripple factor, using them to masturbate with as she laughed at the perversion of it all. She sat on his face and he started banging her cookie on the couch, the couple screwing in several positions with him doing most of the work as he went wild on her during the penetrative sex. She also did some PTM but never provided a full blowjob; her ass standing out best when she was placed on a bar stool for him to fuck some more (vaginal only though). By the time he was finished, she was raw down there but she swallowed his load easily, taking the additional loads from the remaining male cast that had stayed out of sight as they jerked off (and she swallowed).

Summary: Teens Corrupted by director Jake Malone for Evil Angel was a lot of fun and for whatever rough edges it had, the premise was always covered better than most porn on the market. The ladies were young and horny, their sexual skills ranged quite a bit in order to provide some needed diversity, and the sexual situations were caught nicely thanks to Jake’s skill with the camera so I rated this one as Highly Recommended. The editing was in need of polishing up and some of the settings could have been better lit but considering how much footage was provided here (two full movies worth by most standards), the levels of fuck for the buck were almost as solid as the replay value to those of you that like young gals with high energy and enthusiasm. In short, Teens Corrupted: Special Extended Set was one of the times when Jake went all out to give tremendous value to the consumer; hopefully his peers will see the light and follow his lead.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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