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Lezcuties 5

Studio: 21st Sextury Video » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 11/8/07

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Genre:Young, Girl on Girl
Director:Oliver Brand
Cast:Kelly, Zuleika, Meadow, Breana, Sunny, Abigail, Charlene, Denise, Irina, Laki, Aliza, & Lilja
Length:2 hrs
Production Date:21 Sextury Video
Chapter Selection:
Without Act Access
Language Selection:
Web Info:

The Audio of the film is your typical porn standard of stereo 2.0; it sounds great but oddly, these girls are practically mute. Little more than a whimper is what you get from them, but the room is so quiet you at least get to hear that. There's an option for Languages, but I didn't even check it out as the actors hardly say more than three words before diving for clams. The Video is a pleasing, clear and crisp Full Frame Color--a tad over lit sometimes.

Body of Review:
21 Sextury Video goes all out with Lezcuties 5, an all girl love fest with each one (that's 14 of them) getting their dirty plumbing pumped. By the looks of the box, the girls are deathly young looking and fresh as daises. We can only hope.
Scene 1: Kelly, Zuleika, Meadow
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Dildo Play, Rimming, Mild Gaping

From the flick "Gossips" three very young gals start the disc. Two dark haired, petite Euro-babes and a light haired, dirty blonde don't waste any time. Two strip the third and suck on her plump breasts, tonguing her nipples to make them stiff. Beneath a sheer, black, skimpy bottom is her sweetly shaved snatch. The girls move slowly, undressing, fondling and performing some, major all-mouth sucking (lots of smacks and slurps) as they toy each other's teeny flesh. The girls are cute in an everyday-way; but that their foreign doesn't do much for me because I like them homegrown I guess. But these Euro-hotties are nearly as nasty, bending over, licking ass and fingering any hole in the area. They act a bit juvenile, peeking into one another's ass as though it has a hidden secret, so they look kinda funny at time. But if you want soft petting with anal play between three young ones, these gals will slowly raise your flag.

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Scene 2: Breana & Sunny
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Dildo Play, Rimming

A Raven-haired boner-breaker, sits in a chair sketching her live, nude model. I'm not sure if she's Sunny or Breana, but it doesn't matter because both are smoking hot. They pet one another's long, slim legs, spreading them to show their see-thru panties and the little tufts on the playing field. Sadly, they are both wearing attrocious hooker heels, but they quickly come off as they suck each other. One gal wets the other's pussy by spitting on her crotch and rubbing it through her panties. Both must be a little dry because soft spitting comes up alot. A lavender dildo makes an appearance, first jabbing at one gal's vag before moving to her cornhole. This anal pumping is tame and slow, but offers nice, slick shots of her wet ass clenching around the toy. No gapes here, but lots of slender fingers in their asses. You have to like the slow moving action to enjoy this scene.

Scene 3: Abigail & Charlene
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Dildo Play, Anal Dildo Play

The two lovelies front and center of the cover are Abigail and Charlene, two adorable blondes that start their scene on a bed dressed only in boy short panties and lacey bras. The two can't get enough of each other, but they move like slugs, kissing and sucking nip and licking just about every inch of each other's bodies. This is a real tease scene, as it takes a long while to get to the sex. But it's nice to see the two enjoying each other and not just rushing through for the camera's sake. A double ended dong is a nice change; they spread their legs across one another and pump pussies. This is way to slow for me and I don't like the teasing (although some will) and once completely naked one of the gals is bony thin.

Scene 4: Denise, Irina, Laki
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Dildo Play, Anal Dildo Play, Gaping

The second set of threesome girl action includes all dark haired girls with suprisingly plump boosoms. A smidge of kissy kissy and one is between the legs of the other. The third gal keeps a blindfold on and is the subject of most of the attention; though she is allowed to reciprocate later. Each gal gets her taste of pie and has her pussy lips spread by the floppy, purple dong. One of the gals gets a good double-digit dig in the ass, sending her into writhing pleasure. Two take on the double ended dong and are sexy, but they barely make a peep. Then I realized the entire disc has been as quiet as mouse farts. The first good gape of the disc comes after a serious beating to the ass with a dildo. It only lasts a few seconds though and sets the path for one more but a much shorter gape.

Scene 5: Eileen & Lis
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Dildo Play, Anal Dildo Play, Rimming

A drop-dead European blonde sits at a desk pretending to do homework. In tight blue jeans and a jersey hoodie she's sending out that sexy atheltic-chic look; though she has wide hips and a thick ass. Her panties poke from the back of her jeans in an unintentional tease. Her dark haired friend comes in to help with her studies but is diverted by her friend's amazing body. Each girl undresses and plays with their soft, young tits. The blonde burries her head in her friends legs and munches on her red pussy. A pencil thin dildo loosens her ass for a thumb but nothing more. The payback is better. The blond bends over the desk and gets a thumb rammed to her stink hole and a small toy just a bit larger than the other. A dissapointing scene because the anal play is little more than a finger and although both girls hit it off with each other, the action is too slow for what little action there is.

Scene 6: Aliza & Lilja
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Dildo Play, Anal Dildo Play, Rimming

Last and possibly leas is dynamic duo Aliza and Lilja. These two girls have one thing in common that the others lacked; both have amazing thighs that are thick and luscious. The director knows this and gives their crazy bodies sweet, full attention. Although this makes them both a bit curvaceous and rolly polly around the tummy, it's easy to get lost thinking how soft they must be. The blonde's dirty asshole receives two stabbing fingers and she moans more than all the girls combined. Her partner is a bit of a howler too and a pretty decent gaper. A little road work with a dildo in her ass spreads her spincter for about 20 seconds, but they never take it further. In fact the scene ends soon after.

Concluding Words:
For one thing, unless you like girl on girl action that is as slow as molasses, you are not going to enjoy this. The scenes move at a painfully slow crawl, beginning with a sex shop full of foreplay before moving to the nitty gritty. Don't get me wrong, these girls are incredibly hot, and young looking as hell, but they probably don't even get their heartbeat up. There are some nice rims and dildo action, but like the film, the acts are cool breezing. The box brags that there is gaping and DPs; but they are very few. The DPs are mostly fingers and the gapes, which only two stand out, are quick as a wink. This isn't a disc I'd likely revisit, as the teasing quality is too slow. But pervs that enjoy lengthy clips of girl on girl foreplay will get their socks rocked. The extras are non-existent and who knows why they bothered with a Language selection if the English these girls are gonna speak is practically another language? Let their fine Euro-bodies speak for themselves. Rent It.


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