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Girls Banging Girls 2

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 11/9/07

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I was hoping that Axel Braun’s “Girls Banging Girls 2” would change my mind about lesbian porn. The past titles I’ve reviewed have not fed my liking for the fetish and that’s a shame. I think to tap a better market, Braun and Hustler could have named this “Latin Girls Banging Girls,” which would have made sense since most of the women here banging are Latina, even speaking in mostly Spanish. As an overall product, “Girls Banging Girls 2” is just a good enough porno film, with a bunch of gorgeous girls who mostly just act out male fantasies through aggressive sex and wrestling that leads to kissing. Sadly, the film tends to be repetitive and it brings the proceedings down considerably, thus sometimes leaving me bored. Suffice it to say, I’ll hold off on lesbian porn for a little while.

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Bang One: Milli Moreira & Agatha Meirelles

Milli is spread out along the couch fondling herself until Agatha interrupts her session by lending an extra hand, dressed into a black piece of lingerie. The fondling heats up as the two begin kissing and caressing each other’s nipples, all the while Agatha flaunts her gorgeous legs and ass, which Milli kisses and eats with pleasure. The kissing soon turns into foot worship, as the two lay entwined and begin caressing and licking each other’s feet. Braun’s film is very focused on the foot, which is something that’s not completely centered on, but is often used as a sexual device. Milli begins eating Agatha out, and aggressively muffles her screams while Agatha lays spread out with her long legs under fish net stockings. As explored by the opening montage, Milli mounts Agatha’s ass and begins foot fucking her (there’s a sentence I’ve never used!), and makes a meal out of her pussy and even blows into her ass. As she finger pops her, one finger turns to two, two turns into three, and before long we have a bonafide fist fucking session that really makes for the best scene in the segment. The two women overall don’t have a very entertaining chemistry as Milli just will not stop talking through the fucking making it all rather distracting to sit through, but you have to appreciate toe fucking.


Bang Two: Nicole Gaucha & Vanessa Lopes

Acing the “That’s disturbing but kind of hot” atmosphere is this rather entertaining segment featuring a sleeping Nicole Gaucha who is interrupted in her sleep by Vanessa who is dressed in a red corset. As Nicole resists, Vanessa insists on fondling her and kissing her, and it leads into a struggle between the two. The struggle soon turns into rough foreplay as they begin tearing into each other’s clothing and wrestling along the couch and kissing. As the kissing heats up, Vanessa is spread out and eaten as she moans and turns Nicole over eating her and fucking her with a dildo as she sucks on another. This is another segment brought down by goofy scenes of slapping and would have been much better had it not fallen under repetition. I wanted to love this segment, but once the two start finger popping each other, it quickly becomes monotonous.


Bang Three: Juliana Gomes & Raissa Prado

Placing more emphases on feet, as Juliana Sleeps in her white lingerie, Raissa sneaks into her room and lies beside her, caressing her body and kissing her and pulls down her stocking to feast on her toes, and caress her ass. In spite of all this, Juliana is still asleep and finally begins to reciprocate. The two shares a passionate kiss and Julianna goes down on her friend, eating her pussy out and rubbing her clit, and soon Juliana begins taking over. She reaches over and begins aggressively finger popping her midnight visitor and pinning her down. She’s then bent over and spanked with a rather large dildo, which will come off as utterly silly, but still rather hilarious. Raissa changes her mind and decides to leave, but is soon wrestled to the mat by Juliana and forced to endure the large dildo slowly jammed up her ass as she howls. Hair is pulled dildos are used as spanking tools, and the two make up a fun segment.


Bang Four: Agatha Cristine & Monica Matos

This segment wastes no time, as before we can even know who is who and what the set up is, our two lovely ladies are spread and eating each other out faster than we can realize. I even rewound the DVD to see if my player didn’t skip and forward to a specific chapter, but alas, we were dropped in the middle, and the two gorgeous women go at it hot and heavy, kissing and eating one another, and Monica even sports a large dildo rubbing it around her mouth and being fucked with it while screaming. There’s not a lot left to this segment that I enjoyed since it is one of the segments here that fell prey to repetition and offered nothing more than the same old stuff we saw in the previous segments. The women here look bored and tired, and I just wasn’t convinced that they were all that interested in each other. My best suggestion is to skip over this one and go on to the last segment which I was hoping would offer a little more this time around.


Bang Five: Sheila Dantas & Angela Ferrari
Sheila is talking to her teddy bear and engaging in conversation, until Angela interrupts the monologue bearing two large dildos and forces her down onto the couch taunting her with the tools and slapping her in the face with them. The two soon begin kissing and caressing each other’s breasts, and Angela undresses Sheila, abusing her and eating her ass out along the couch, slapping her and biting her ass as she molests her poor but fortunate teddy bear. The two finally begin eating each other out furiously, and Sheila lays along the couch submissively, moaning and groaning as Angela eats her pussy and rubs it down. This segment really was no better or worse than the others. It suffers from sheer repetition, and never attempts variety, unless you count the ridiculous dildos which come off more comedic than sexy.

Odds & Ends

This is a pretty drab affair as far as ambience goes. The colors are dull, and the set pieces are terrible. Braun’s film is in a widescreen format, which sadly doesn’t help the atmosphere or the set ups too well. The audio is well enough for what is required here. There’s a lot of moaning and screaming which comes with the territory, and comes in loud and clear, as well as the dialogue which is all Spanish but very audible.

We’re shafted on the extras, just as I expected. We get nothing more than a slideshow of screen captures from the movie, there are a series of trailers to Hustler and VCA titles, commercials to sex hotlines, and of course URL’s for the Hustler websites. There’s really nothing to see here, and that’s a damn shame for consumers. Beyond that, there’s a “Choose a Star” function which allows you to watch the segments by the star pairings which is pretty much like the Chapter index when you get down to the bullshit.

After Thought:
I really wanted to like “Girls Banging Girls 2” more, but beyond the good looking women and occasionally humorous moments, it’s a repetitive and rather boring little affair. The performers look bored, the set ups are flat, and the extras are terrible.

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