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Brea Bennet Pocket Ass

Studio: Doc Johnson » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 11/9/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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In the realm of realistic sex toys, there are two basic styles – the stimulator and the simulation. Vibrators, beads, and remote control rabbits are designed to specifically aid in arousal. They affix an unusual touch to the standard sensual experience, and provide a technological boast to occasional human fumbling. Those foam rubber replicators, on the other hand, are supposed to heighten the fantasy fodder required to work the wood. From ersatz tits to complete neoprene nether regions, the substitute partner performs a necessary function in the world of boudoir balling. Without being rude, let’s just call it the ‘diligent yet dateless’ ideal.

In order to remove some of the stigma, the adult industry has commissioned real porn stars to model for these lonely guy/gal specials. One of the newest comes from Brea Bennett. The featured actress and novelty namesake is the winner of Jenna Jameson’s American Sex Star competition. She is also a successful Club Jenna contract gal. Crafted by Doc Johnson from Ms. Bennett’s own butt, the Brea Bennett Pocket Ass is supposed to offer private, portable self-satisfaction. The question remains, however, if what is nothing more than a simple sleeve without any bells and whistles can result in personal pleasure. The answer is as confusing as the product’s purpose.

First, let’s discuss the item in question. Resembling a fleshy cylinder, the two sided sheathing has a single hole on one side, and a facsimile of Brea’s bunghole on the other. There’s even an impression of the gal’s index finger to accentuate the reproduced realism. It’s more odd than arousing, however. Inserting a digit inside reveals a series of ridges that one assumes copies the inner workings of a real rectum, and the feeling itself is not unpleasant. The opening is tight yet yielding, and the entire tube is soft, springy and very pliable. This means that you can really control the amount of resistance. Indeed, a looser booty is only a lax grip away. The packaging clearly indicates that the item is made from Non-Toxic, Phthalate-Free TPE and is silicon lube compatible. The texture is also advertised as being part of Doc Johnson’s UR3 line, the Ultra Realistic 3.0 Ultimate Skin product. After such a thorough inspection, two separate trials where held. One featured a partner, the other one had this critic flying solo.

For these tests, a water based lube was employed. Let’s deal with the twosome dimension first, shall we. Since there is no vibrating element, no means of giving your female companion any simultaneous pleasure, what we end up with here is a glorified hand job assistant – and an awkward one at that. When in contact with joy jelly or any other erotic oil, the Pocket Ass is almost impossible to hold. The entire item is made of the same super soft, very supple material, and it’s hyper-slippery when slicked. Your partner may have a problem controlling the action, which in turn will definitely effect your arousal. In addition, individuals with much larger penises (7” to 9” or more) or unusual girth will find Brea’s bottom to be rather snug and way too small. The item itself is only 5 ½” long, and because of how pliable it is, the length tends to collapse upon contact and use. This means you can forget about putting a vibrating egg or pocket rocket in the other end. You’re dealing with limited space – you don’t want to take up any more than is necessary.

Frankly, the Pocket Ass works much better as a solo masturbation tool. Once you’ve greased it up, inserted your cock, and adjusted your clasp, orgasm can be achieved rather quickly. Unlike the real thing, which provides its own sense of body heat, reactivity, and companionship, this is a change up option only, like switching to your less dominant hand or rubbing up against a soaped shower door. While a minor amount of fantasy can be achieved – you are, after all, supposedly porking a porn star in any number of anal permutations, the need for your physical input does dampen the experience. On the plus side, the slim instruction sheet does mention using an optional suction cup to secure the item to a wall or base. However, with the amount of give in the product, some sort of manual stabilizing seems almost mandatory. Again, it does feel very good – if not very real – in the moment. But the Brea Bennett Pocket Ass’s authentic make-up is also its downfall. It’s just too small, and too malleable.

So in the end, this fake fuck substitute will be valuable to those who want something a little different when it comes to self satisfaction. However, if you’re looking for anal without all the commitment, practice, and partner issues, you’ll definitely be getting a half-assed experience. The weird ultra soft pseudo skin, combined with a super slick lube to looseness ratio, means you and anyone willing to play along will have grip and traction issues. Overall, it’s a Recommended experience, one that will be impressive at first, and then wear off once the novelty is equally kaput. If Brea Bennett is your dumper darling, your delightful derriere dream gal, then perhaps you should stick with her films. The Pocket Ass is more gimmick than gratuity. Masturbation shouldn’t be this calculated – or clumsy.

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