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Debbie Loves Dallas (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Vivid » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 11/10/07

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Genre: Feature

Director: Eon McKai

Cast: Charlotte Stokely, Monique Alexander, Mary Jane, Cassidey, Dana DeArmond, Pixie Pearl, Stoya, Melodie Gore, James Deen, Julius Ceazher, Alex Gonz, Justin Syder, Tommy Pistol, Icarus Corpse

Length: 1:57

Production Date: 7/17/06

Extras: the doll underground: I don't even know what to call this or say about it. It's 8.5 minutes of pure weirdness.
watch the music video for "Play Time" by Dallas: speaks for itself
check our Vivid Alt trailers: there are a total of 6 trailers
watch Eon's short film "Clean Hands Dirty Photography": it's under a minute and pictures of a girl smoking ?!?!
peep Eon's alt-life picts: a photo gallery of behind the scenes and candid stuff
commentary track with Eon McKai, Dana DeArmond, Octavio, Daniel, Alaska, and Gene Platinum

Audio/Video: The video is given in 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color. Eon McKai takes an artistic approach to filming (as many porn feature directors do) and as a result the picture does not always look great. Soft light is used frequently to focus on the performers in some scenes. The use of soft light causes a lot of glare that bounces off of the performer's bodies. It doesn't look great. There are also some fairly dark scenes and they feature a heavy grain that is really apparent in this Blu-ray release. Overall, I wasn't hugely impressed with the quality. The birate of the video ranged from 10 Mbps to 20 Mpbs, usually somewhere around 12-15 Mpbs. The normal DVD release (according to Don Houston) is 5 to 7. The audio is given in 2-chanel stereo and sounds good. The spoken dialogue and sex noises are easy to hear throughout the feature, even when the music is playing.

Body of Review: Debbie Loves Dallas is director Eon McKai's alternative take on the popular porno Debbie Does Dallas. In this alt-version a group of porn actresses bend over (literally) to meet the singer of a popular band. Cassidey plays Debbie, a girl who later learns that she can do anything. She is a special, unique Debbie capable of anything. In this case, getting in the pants of her favorite dude. That dude is Punky, who is played by Alex Gonz. He is the lead singer of the band "Dallas". Debbie and her friends go on a journey that leads them to a weird hot dog vendor (which features a comical performance by Tommy Pistol), horny band members, horny bouncers and more. Personally, I thought it had some decent sex scenes, but I wasn't really in love with the movie. My biggest issue was the camera work/style. I really don't care for the use of soft light and the artistic nature. I'd rather see the action in a proper-lit environment with good steady camera work. Anyways, here's the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Dana DeArmond & Tommy Pistol
Condoms: no
Dana is a cute gal with a nicely shaped figure and perky tits. The scene opens with Dana asking for cock and Tommy telling her he has just what she's looking for. Then the couple moves into oral sex. Dana sucks Tommy's prick and puts a good effort into the act. There's some titty sex in the mix. Afterwards they engage in sex. The action has Tommy working Dana at a good pace. They start off in missionary and then finish in anal doggie. The scene ends with a facial. While the action was pretty good, I did not care for the lighting. Eon McKai uses soft light which looks pretty bright on Dana and leaves a lot of glare coming off her body.

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Scene 2: Pixie Pearl & James Deen
Condoms: no
Pixie is a pretty attractive gal with a nice body and tits. The scene opens with Pixie and Cassidey coming home and finding James there. He's a bit out of it and ready to fuck (mentally, not physically). Cassidey is supposed to be James's girlfriend, but she just isn't in the mood. She tells him to fuck her friend. Before you know James has his hands all over Pixie. He gets a quick blow job and fucks her tits. Then they fuck cowgirl, doggie, reverse cowgirl and missionary. Towards the end of the scene, the music video from "Dallas" starts playing and then James and Alex in and out of the fucking, showing the song lyrics coming to life. Eventually the sex scenes returns and Pixie gets cum on her face and she eagerly licks it up.

Scene 3: Dana DeArmond, Pixie Pearl, Daniel, Julius Ceazher, Icarus Corpse
Condoms: no
Cassidey is trying to get some alone time with the lead singer of Dallas. While at the studio she sends in her friends to distract everyone else. Dana and Pixie eagerly take 3 for the team and join Daniel, Julius and Icarus for some sex. The action kicks off with a lot of heavy petting and some cock sucking. Eventually sex comes into play and the dudes go to town on the gals. It's some decent stuff. The action ends with the girls getting cum on their faces and kissing each other. The camera work features a get-up-in-your-face style that has its moments. The camera is pretty shaky throughout the scene and feels like one of those poorly shot POV films. But still not bad stuff, just not great either.

Scene 4: Charlotte Stokely, Cassidey, Justin Syder
Condoms: no
Justin is playing the bodyguard preventing the girls from seeing the lead singer of "Dallas". He tells the two gals that the one who sucks his cock the best will get to meet the man. The girls eagerly go to work on Justin's dick. They take turns and try to out do each other. At the end Charlotte wins and gets the cum on her face which she spits a little on Cassidey's chest.

Scene 5: Pixie Pearl, Cassidey, Monique Alexander
Condoms: no
Pixie and Cassidey are trying to think of a way to meet Punky from "Dallas". They aren't sure what to do, so they put in a porn. Magically Monique Alexander appears as a Debbie-Does-Dallas-angel and informs Cassidey she is special and unique and all this other crap. Before you know it Monique has her hands on Cassidey's naughty bits and the 3 girls engage in girl on girl fun. I'm not a big fan of girl/girl action, but this had some decent stuff.

Scene 6: Charlotte Stokely, Alex Gonz
Condoms: no
Charlotte gets into Alex's dressing room under the guise of a TV reporter. Alex knows what's going on and tells her to stop with the charade. So clothes come off and they have sex. The action kicks off with Alex stuffing his cock in Charlotte's face. The action has some nice moments as she tries to take his big dick. The action gets cut short when Charlotte's "dad" shows up and pulls her out.

Scene 7: Cassidey, Alex Gonz
Condoms: no
Cassidey finally gets a chance with her dream guy. She and Alex go head to head. The action kicks off with some light foreplay and before you know it they are really going at it. Cassidey puts her mouth to work and gives and energetic blow job with some nice deep throating. Afterwards sex comes into play. The fucking is pretty heated and Cassidey looks great getting worked. There are some nice shots of her in missionary, reverse cowgirl and spoon. The scene ends with the pop shot on her feet.

Concluding Words: As you've read my review of Debbie Loves Dallas, you might have gotten the picture that I wasn't really in love with it. I thought there was some good action, but none of it struck me as anything I really wanted to watch over and over again. (I watched the video several times to see if it grew on me.) There are a couple reasons why I didn't like it, but mostly I just didn't care for the story or the director's style. The story is pretty light, but in fairness what porn feature isn't? It is about a pornstar who wants to meet the lead singer of a band. She and her friends sleep with many people to get there. There ain't much more to it. With that said I thought the story is a very little selling point, even if it is supposed to be Eon McKai's vision of an adult film classic Debbie Does Dallas. The other main issue I took with Debbie Loves Dallas was the director's style. I did not like how the scenes were captured. The lighting and camera work were not to my general liking.

The next thing worth mentioning is double dipping. If you already own the normal DVD version of Debbie Loves Dallas (which costs around 25$) than you might be wondering if spending another 50$ for the Blu-ray version is worth it. In short, I'll say no. While I do not have the normal DVD version to compare to, I can guess based on the quality of the Blu-ray version that it is not going to be a substantial improvement. Eon McKai's style with soft light and dark lowlit scenes does not translate really well into high definition. The picture is clearer and looks crisper, but the grain is still there.

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