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Dropping Loads #2

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 11/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Facial

Director: Various

Cast: Various

Length: 3 hrs

Production Date: Platinum, 2007

Scene Selection: By multiples of ten.
Web Info:

Audio/Video: The Audio on the disc varies in sound and quality, but it's all good. The scenes are only a few minutes long so you'll deal with one or two bad ones quickly maybe, but I didn't notice. The Video, although varied from scene to scene, all looks the same, Full Frame Color, and even seems crafted by the same hands--maybe just part of the Platinum protocol.

Body of Review:

     77 girls & 140 cumshots.  Most cumshot compilations speed by as quickly as the jizz shoots from the shaft. I thought this was really the only way to put a cumshot comp together. I mean, the point is to skip through all the 'fluff' and get to the money shot.
     But Dropping Loads #2 does it a bit differently, and at first, I didn't like it.  The start of each scene shows the title of the flick it came from, which is actually rather handy if you ever want to check out the clip in its entirety. Then there's a few minutes of 'social foreplay' you could call it, and this varies. Some are Q&A segments, some strip teases, others a bit of fucking to build for the finale.
     In a strange way this puts the cumshot into context; it allows us to enjoy the girl, rather than she being just a face on the screen for 10 seconds. Even though it would be nearly impossible to clip these scenes into a typical facial montage because there's more to them than just a wham, bam, thanks mam (mainly they involve multiple pop shots and sometimes run a few minutes while the girls play with the come).

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     The beauties here are not simply willing to take facials. There are few that get a splat on the cheek or chin and those that do the usual swallowing. The majority, which is composed of some of the hottest and nastiest girls alive, go beyond their call of duty. The following are six scene rundowns and highlights. These aren't necessarily the best of the film, rather ones that stand on their own and bring something different to the table. They include the original films they're lifted from.

1) 1 Lucky Fuck #2
     Emoray, a sex kitten that's only 21 teases in red fishnets and gets the run down of what she's going to get. As one guy pumps her red vag 3 guys step to the plate and drop loads on her face. Emoray is crazy. She begs to get fucked harder and can't get enough cum. By the end, you can't tell where her nose is, some of the cum even runs up her nostrils. After talking into the camera about what a slut she is, the guy boning her pops his load on her face, turning her into a creamsicle. The cameraman dares her to wipe it all of and eat, which she does, scraping it from her face and sucking her fingers and licking her palms.

2) Sperm Splattered 2
     Two ridiculously hot California bikini babes invite the camera into their house. Chloe is a thin brunette with a flat chest and amazing body. Courtney, a blond, tanned queen with a wide mouth perfect for cum blasting. They met some guys and want it filmed. They say they're not that big of sluts, so they won't let the guys fuck them. Hmm... I wonder if they give in or not. I'd say the guys made out pretty well however it went. The two girls kneel on their floor and put their faces cheek to cheek. Despite the flying cum the girls keep their eyes and mouth open most of the time. Four guys take their time jerking off onto their faces leaving them splattered in spooge. The act and shots aren't stellar, but Chloe and Courtney are so hot, you can't believe what they're willing to do.

3) Sperm Splattered
     Gorgeous, green eyed Jasmine is anticipating some cock. She's excited. Her hard nipples poke from a blue fishnet top complimented by a pair of stunning globes. She has a lot of makeup on, which makes her look younger than she likely is. But even if she was 50, she would be a looker. Her first shot catches her by surprise. She's sucking his dick when he starts to spew, popping into her mouth. She pulls back, laughing and spiting some as he continues his blasting shooting all across her face. Just his pop alone, looks like four guys' worth. But there's more in store for Jasmine. Four me line up, shoveling their cum into heaps on her. A big glob the size of an acorn hangs perilously from the tip of her nose. Jasmine's fun and receptive and her good attitude enhances the mood.

4) Slutinas
     A decent looking Spanish cutie shakes her thick ass in the lens and then she's on her knees with her mouth open like a bass. He fills her mouth with cum and asks her if she's ready to 'get nasty with it.' She nods her head and the guy lies on his back with his legs hiked in the air. She spits the cum on his asshole and laps it up, eating him out and licking his pipe clean.

5) Boy Fucks Girl
     Angel Long is aptly named for her long, slender legs. Her thighs are endless perfection, you just want to bury your head in. Angel is a British gal from across the pond, curious about the taste of American man cum. She spread her mouth open, using her fingers to pull her cheeks out further. Her load is rather puny, but Angel makes the best out of it by pushing it to her lips and sucking it back in and using her fingers to toy it out into long, strands of bubbly jizzim. Angel's, tight British frame and ability to make a worthless cumshot into something greater go nice with her sweet body.

6) Big Tit Anal Whores 3
     Gives us a smoking hot blond with gargantuan breasts that can barely stay in her sexy outfit. Its a purple and lavender matching bra and panties, with little bows on the side. She is striking in this outfit, groping her melons and brushing the insides of her meaty thighs. Too bad we don't get to see more of her before she quickly takes a few tablespoons of man juice on her chin. This classy blond doesn't eat his cum, but rubs it into her huge knockers.


     These are just a few of the highlights. Many of the scenes unfortunately, come from the same batch of flicks. Some of these titles are: Slutinas, Slant Eyed Sluts, Nasty Hardcore Latinas 2, Sperm Splattered, 1 Lucky Fuck #2, Freshly Fucked 2, Round Butt Sluts, Teen Fuck Holes #5, Nasty Hardcore Latinas 3, Big Tit Anal Whores 3, Boy Fucks Girl, Interracial Hole Stretchers 4, Tight Teen Twats, Big Giant Titties 5, Round Butt Sluts 2.
     So it was a tad disappointing about 1/4 through the disc when this became evident. It seems that rather than grouping a batch of great poppers, the producers decided to just take a dozen films and bare them down to the money shots. It's a decent effort, but I left a little ripped; I suppose because it was as though they didn't really seek the scenes out, but rather grabbed a stack of dvds and trimmed of the first 20 minutes of each.
     Besides feeling stomped on by the heavy boot of commercialized pornography,  Dropping Loads 2 gives ample amounts of spooge covered faces. And the title info and little clips at the start of each scene do make me want to revisit some. I've always considered cumshots like snowflakes in that no two are alike. And essentially that's represented here; there are some simple pops, gulps, winces and such. But there are a few gals that chew the cum like bubble gum or turn their mugs into vanilla frosted wedding cakes. For 140 pops, this is definitely worth checking out. But as with most compilations, there's only a handful that'll really make you fall in love, so the disc's replay value deters me from suggesting you buy it. Recommended.


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