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Simple Fucks 2

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/11/07

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Simple Fucks 2

Silver Sinema/Pure Play Media

Genre: Vignette

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Avy Lee Roth, Barry Scott, Riley Evans, Joey Ray, Kylie Wylde, Cheyne Collins, Roxy DeVille, Talon, Sativa Rose, Christian

Length: 107:03 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/27/2007, 5/29/2006, 10/10/2006, 1/2/2007, 1/4/2007

Extras: There were not a lot of value adding extras here, not a surprise from a relatively new company to porn DVDs. The best of the limited batch was a 11:54 minute long solo masturbation tease provided by Riley Evans on the couch. She stripped to the light jazz score, rolling around on the floor and couch as she felt herself up. It wasn’t bad but considering the other extras consisted on a pop shot compilation from the scenes, trailers, and a photogallery; I was underwhelmed to say the least.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Simple Fucks 2 was presented in an anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 widescreen color offering by some uncredited director(s) for release by Silver Sinema as one of their first titles to hit the market as a DVD. I was left with the impression that the material was largely shot for websites and then compiled onto DVD for release but given the varied weaknesses, I can see why the director did not want to be credited. In any case, the scenes were largely shot in generic settings with minimal lighting and too much movement of the camera. The women were all looking pretty hot and that alone compensated for the technical mishaps but the color tones (in the form of the flesh tones mostly) were accurate and the basic camera angles were handled fairly well most of the time; the biggest nuisance being the editing from what I could see. There were a few compression artifacts but the bitrate for the video hovered around the 6 Mbps mark a lot here so I really don’t think the compression rate was to blame. The lingerie and other focal points did help make the ladies look pleasing to the eye though so whatever minor gripes I have about the visual qualities of the movie, it was not all poorly handled (making me think there might have been three different directors in fact). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (192 Kbps) offering but relied on generic porn music that sounded suitable for the mid 1990’s but largely lacking in any vocals which weakened it for me.

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Body of Review: Silver Sinema is a company I knew little about when I reviewed Simple Fucks 1 earlier this year so I set out to see if I could learn more about them before reviewing the sequel title, Simple Fucks 2. The movie itself was a set of fairly generic scenes by the strength of the casting alone gave me pause that it might offer something more appealing so I watched it for this review. The company website said this about what they were seeking to accomplish: “Silver Sinema is a division of the (SC) SilverCash Affiliate Program. Silver Sinema specializes in hardcore high definition content and complimented by Reality, Solo Girls, Ethnic, Tranny, Niched and Gay DVD Content. Our continued growth in niche orientated content along with evolving technologies we are confident that the Silver Sinema experience will be unique and unforgettable. What We Do: Silver Sinema produces exclusive adult content. Our team only seeks the most attractive models and most qualified production teams in the adult community. Combining this with the most advanced technology, we are delivering premium DVD entertainment for your viewing pleasure. Silver Sinema encompasses the true HD and adult experience. We embrace the unique 'needs' and lifestyles that exist in the demand for exceptional content. Our diverse line of DVD's is an unforgettable journey. Technology: Silver Sinema is a dynamic team that embraces technology. We invest a significant amount of resources in bringing you high quality content in High Definition. Using only the newest technologies we are prepared to adapt to the changing needs of our clients. Obtaining the best angles, unique features and identifying value added opportunities for online promotions...our clients demand and receive an experience like no other. We are confident that once you experience any of our Silver Sinema products, you will quickly realize our commitment to professionalism. Our Strategy and Vision: Silver Sinema continues to adapt and provide unparalleled adult entertainment to a world wide audience. With the global market being the gateway to long term success, we have aligned with strategic alliances to reach the entire adult market. Our DVD's can be found in European, Canadian and US markets. Our television reach has an aggressive expansion strategy. With successful operations on the internet, we have strong knowledge of understanding the demands of the global adult market that will provide unique advantages of delivering premium adult content on various media channels.” So checking out the movie was easier for me, especially remembering the comments on the back DVD cover that pointed out: “No Games, No Gimmicks, just hot girls who simply love to fuck!” If you’re still interested, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were worn:

Scene One: Avy Lee Roth, a tattooed brunette reported to be the illegitimate daughter of a pop musician, was up first in a generic living room wearing a red top and white skirt as bald Barry Scott disrobed her. They did not speak loudly and he lightly savored her titties and ass before spending more time eating her pussy out. Avy then reciprocated by slobbing his modest knob, jerking him off as she tried to get him aroused. This worked to an extent and he was soon pounding away at her cookie in missionary, moving to some PTM before she sat in his lap to more actively ride the rod. The camera went in and out on the couple as she gave a performance lacking chemistry but displaying some energy to make up for it. A few positions later, he pulled out of her in doggy style to drop a load of population pudding on her ass.

Scene Two: Riley Evans, a very cute and lean blonde with an all natural body, was up next in a blue dress with aging lothario Joey Ray in the living room. The formulaic approach continued here as they made out, he pawed her, and she dropped to her knees to suck him off. I had recently seen how much body art he added to his right arm (reminding me of both Janine and the cell phone commercial where the guy is told he’s “still a tiger”) but she was a professional and carried on as though he were not her last choice to work with. After she blew him, she climbed onto his lap to ride in a fairly active manner with a moderate amount of PTM between positions. He did not go down on her at first (only a few licks of her lollipop later too) but managed to screw her in several positions before busting a nut on her lower abdomen. It wasn’t a bad scene, just a limited one.

Scene Three: Kylie Wylde, another sexy blond in a living room setting, had a thin shirt on and blue jeans as she was pawed by orally aggressive Cheyne Collins (his hair looking newly dyed and out of place). To his credit, he gave her some oral that she seemed to like so when it was her turn, she returned the favor more enthusiastically. She was less active during the vaginal sex but I have to admit that she looked really hot (as always). He grabbed her throat a few times but there was no truly rough sex and the varied positions ended with a titty pop before they kissed to a fading camera.

Scene Four: Roxy DeVille, the hotty brunette I picked up the movie to see, was up next on a maroon couch with skin head Talon. Her black outfit was removed as the two treated each other like appreciative teenagers in heat; his warming her up not enough for me to enjoy thoroughly but her blowjob showing a degree of skill. She kept eye contact with him and at least appeared to get into the scene with him, elevating it above the other scenes in that way at least. Her hand to gland combat style enhanced the hummer somewhat too, but she was really on a tear when it came to the vaginal fucking. Her vocals let loose and he spanked her ass, the right cheek getting red as he pounded her cookie and she pushed back to meet him better than any of the others (in doggy no less). She did add in some over the top elements as well but the overall experience was definitely strokable with a lot of replay value. The scene ended with a facial and some post coital blowjob work, Roxy looking up at the camera as they she dominated the mope (and technically, she did just that). Whew!

Scene Five: Sativa Rose, an appealing Latina with a great body, was up last on the couch with bald Christian; her sun dress not lasting very long as they peeled it off of her for him to have easier access to. The minor efforts on his part to get her ready were okay but she livened things up with another decent blowjob, showing she wasn’t there just as a babe. She attempted to give him a titty fuck but didn’t have much titty to fuck with so she finished up the oral for the fucking to begin. She was far less active than Roxy but she was also about as loud at screaming too so it balanced out in some ways. The couple both got all sweaty with the action too, more titty play coming forth before the tast testing and vaginal hammering continued. It ended with a titty pop of all places and she rubbed the load in like lotion, ending the movie on a reasonably decent note.

Summary: Simple Fucks 2 by Silver Sinema was another effort in need of some polishing up on both sides of the camera but I felt it was worth a rating of Rent It. The picture looked clear and the bonus solo scene was an improvement over the last volume in the series, the cast a mixed bag in terms of performances but the ladies looking good. The cookie cutter sex in most of said scenes was a big issue for me and the heat between the players was definitely in need of some work but I found more to like as well so check it out if you like the ladies here. In short, Simple Fucks 2 was a step up from Simple Fucks 1 and I hope to see if future company efforts might have even more worthwhile sex to enjoy.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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