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Hola Panocha

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 11/16/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Latina-Anal

Director: Gil Bendazon
Cast: Thaina Perez, Melissa Pitanga, Gisele, Nicoly Gaucha, Mariano Sato

Length: 2hrs 28 min
Production Date: Platinum X, 20007

Chapter Selection: Without Act Access
Behind the Scenes:
Cumshot Recap:

Audio/Video: The Audio of the disc is set in Stereo 2.0, with nothing remarkable to note. There are no introductory scenes and no music overlays, so it's purely bone sounds. The Video, Full Frame Color, is on par with most Platinum X pictures. Scenes were well lit and shot and there was a decent, smooth control in the pace of the film.

Body of Review: Everyone is catching Latin fever these days. It seems the golden beauties of Mexico are not only taking over the U.S. population, but gaining majority in the porn field. Fine by me. If they're willing to do the work others won't--though it's rather hard to find a white bread, porn kat that won't do something these days--I'm all for porn visas. Hola Panocha! is just another dab of hot sauce in a growing bowl of menudo, but damn isn't Mexican fine tasting.

Scene 1: Thaina Perez
Acts Included: Oral, Titfucking, Vag, Anal, Facial
     Sultry, sun kissed Thaina is the ideal Latina. Soft around the edges, long, strong legs and a face with plump lips and round, doe eyes. Thaina strips out of a beaded nightie, exposing her bikini and thong tan lines which work well to highlight her naughty areas. A quick and sexy finger in the ass gives the heads up to what is coming. She crawls across a pool table to meet her partner and takes to his dick like it was the fountain of youth. The lovers take their time fooling each other's tools and sadly, Thaina's Bj techniques are less than exciting. Lying back, however, her skills are put to the test. Her costar pumps her with an insane fury that isn't violent but mechanical and dry. Thaina looks her best taking his plunges yet not so much when she slips into anal. Despite lagging acts and a super slow start, Thaina is easy on the eyes and all natural. But this does not a great scene make.

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Scene 2: Melissa Pitanga
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Cumshot
          Hot damn! Melissa's ass looks good in a dental floss, green thong. Set against her cafe con leche skin, the color pops out and draws attention to her fun things. Melissa herself is not a bad looking star; stripping from her skimpy bathing suit she too dons a pair of pasty triangle tities. Her features and redish blonde hair make her look like most Latinas in the biz. Thankfully, the action starts right away. Mel sucks his straight dick and enjoys having her pink taco chewed. Spooning her, he fills her taco with extra meat, but with awkwardness and fumbles. Melissa is fine to watch; though her looks don't aim to thrill. Her curvy body must be a land of soft pleasure and even though she too accepts deliveries in the rear, it's not the type of action you're going to remember in the morning.

Scene 3: Gisele
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Facial
     Gisele is not your average Catholic Latina daddy's girl. She has a bit of a rough edge to her. Her near black hair is cropped to her shoulders, and on her petite frame a huge tattoo snakes across her side. She stand out in a good way from the others and this seems to suggest she's going to be fun. A long and loving look at her asshole and thin, vertical lips prove that she's got the goods and that they're not too damaged. She gives head like a catholic girl, reserved and barely letting his dick go past her teeth. Her vag and ass is pumped in a way that would make any Hispanic father hit the Tequila; but leave his friends shaking his hand. Grisele isn't a star and no where near remarkable, but she is one of the finer few moments of the disc and smokes her body with lusty fucking.

Scene 4: Nicoly Gaucha
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal Facial
     Nicoly is the antithesis of Latin looks--but she's still Latina and more importantly, hot. Fair skinned, straight, red hair and typical white American girl features--a bit soft in the gut and with looks as common as a stop sign. One huge, and I mean grand, difference, is that Nicoly was blessed with a bodaciuos backend. But first things first: and this includes her oral, which is nice seeing her pretty face in action, but with her lips pulled back it doesn't fit. Her simple boobs and bare, pink pussy receive a heavy tongue bath, leading into a 69 that looks fine on both ends. Nicoly's body holds up and looks damn fine getting the beat on. Her Latina ass bounces off his lap, and she pushes inot his cock for hwr own rythym. Nicoly's creamy-coffee skin gets a second dose of half and half to the chin and seals a decent scene.

Scene 5: Mariana Sato
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Facial
     Mariana is a well rounded, snap! big assesed, gal with jet black hair down her back. She eyes the camera and smiles a big cheeky grin. Mariana looks more Asian than Latina, but honestly, who's checking visas? Mariana's oral is fairly hot; mostly when she looks at the camera with those Asi- I mean Latin eyes. Ms. Sato slobs his knob in the vein of the previous scenes. No hanky-panky, just simple down the throat slip and slide. Mariana spreads her legs and her pussy is lapped as though it were a fountain. Gracefully moving into vag, her friend pumps with love and then gives her the real deal by bending her over and poping into her asshole. Much like the other gals, Mariana is nice to watch and gives up a decent show; but at the same time, the scene is very much like the others. So unless you are seeking the lighter side of anal Latinas, you're likely to be bored.

Concluding Words:
     Hola Panocha! What the hell does that mean? Well, it's an unrefined sugar from Mexico. And it also means 'pussy'. Although lately I have been curious about the socio- and agricultural aspects of the cane harvest in Mexico's last 5 years, I'm willing to bet a left nut that this flick deals with the latter. But how neat if they had blended the two? Educational on so many levels. Well, dashed historical hopes aside, the Latina beauties that fill the minutes of Hola Panocha! are worth nothing more than an hour or two of your perverted little life. The women are a nice range of looks, showing that, well, basically that Latinos will breed with anybody (living proof right here). Pale, dark, thin, thick, all colors and sizes give the disc a nice variety. And while the fucking is very standard, it's consistent and the anal acts deliver. There's not a great deal of Replay value here, mainly because no scene or actress stands out, so a little push out of the circle might have helped this flick. Still, if you're a Latin Lover, or maybe just a humdrum scouting for a easy moving anal flck, I'd say check this out. Rent It.


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