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Backyard Amateurs 9

Studio: Home Grown Video » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 11/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Amateur

Director: n/a

Cast: Heidi, Jewels, Genie Onyx, Luckey, Carmen, & Samantha

Length: 1hr 30 min

Production Date: Homegrown Select, 2007

Chapter Access: Without Act Access
Bonus Scene: Hardcore action with Claudine, a soft-bodied brunette that sucks and fucks. About 5
mins, not too magical. The same bonus scene as given to us on my last Homegrown review:Deep Throat Virgins 24 and Amateur Anal Attempts 9
Bloopers: 13 kick ass minutes of pussy farts, slips, falls, bad acting, the works. (Same as seen in Deep Throat Virgins 24 and Amateur Anal Attempts 9)
Web Info:

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is nothing more than good old stereo 2.0. The amateur quality of the film isn't seen too much in the audio. Even though this is shot outside and there are a few disruptions, mostly the track is very pleasing. The Video is Full Frame Color with all the signs of homegrown filming. The camera work isn't as strong as in other HGV's. There are many times when shots are too close and never offer a full view of the girls in action. There's also a great deal of shadowing and deep reds at times; which may be the trade for filming outdoors.

Body of Review: Homegrown Videos keeps exposing the neighborhood. Backyard Amateurs 9 takes us behind the fences of the people next door and gives proof to why you should invest in a pair of binoculars. Four scenes doesn't seem like much, but if the flick is as consistent as the other HGVs I've seen [ Amateur Anal Attempts 9 and Deep Throat Virgins 24] then quality should usurp quantity.

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Scene 1: Heidi
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM,
     Heidi looks like the perfect example of a hot ass, Swiss girl. Her bright blonde hair is in braided pigtails and her natural body is slim and petite. One difference is that she's tanned as leather, but this just builds on her hotness. Heidi lounges by the pool in a spaghetti strapped, white summer dress, hiking it up to show her soft, golden ass. She agrees to get fucked in her backyard and starts to slob on the cameraman. Heidi does a fair job at giving head, but the fun thing is watching her pretty lips and her natural, little boobies. Her body is so smoked, she could be dissecting a cat and still give you wood. She pumps her bare pussy in reverse cowgirl and then turns around, hopping her tight ass like a spring. Heidi is the ideal picture of perfection; although she's kind of got a Kirtsten Dunst teeth thing going on. Her fresh tits jiggle like jelly and her pussy drips with excitement when she gets it from behind. Her nipples stand firm as she's pelted with a nice, thick wad of man goo. A nice start to the disc, even better for an amateur scene. Heidi isn't a great performer, but she's natural and hot as a campfire. (In the end, the camera follows her for a few minutes as she goes to freshen up--cum dripping from her chin the entire time).

Scene 2: Genie Onyx & Jewels
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
    Heavy bottomed Genie looks good dressed in a horse jockey outfit, riding her horse to a picnic area where Jewels is waiting, wearing a two-piece bikini. Genie is tired from a day of riding (just you wait, Genie), so Jewel offers to take off her clothes and help her relax. Both ladies are nothing beyond your average pair of cute amateurs: nice figured, dark haired, and faces cute enough to get them jobs as a waitress. Fondling their shaved vaginas and sucking tit leads to a hot pussy on pussy grind. It doesn't last too long though, and much of the time is spent with the girls simple petting and kissing. Lars to the rescue; he breaks up this wily-nilly pandering starting with 2 on 1 oral. Lars plugs Genie from behind and her nice rump is again highlighted . Jewels lends her hands and mouth to their actions, but never goes beyond performing oral. Not a big loss, but the scene becomes Genie's to the end, even when she takes a healthy pop of pudding to her lips. Jewels is there however to wipe her clean with a towel. Genie, refreshed and feeling like a new woman, rides away topless on her horse. A fair scene that should have been a better threesome.

Scene 3: Luckey
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
    Luckey is a short gal that looks like she'd be on the junior varsity cheer leading team. Her body is tight, with a very slight softness to it, and her dark brown hair is a high school, straight-cut bore. She a cute gal nonetheless, and in her tight ass blue jeans, her butt is so small it could pass as a pair of softballs. Unfortunately, she's partnered with a guy three times her size, and his bohemiath figure towers over her like a skyscraper. Luckey & Troy head to the backyard, where Luckey sucks on his pudgy, thick-headed cock. A tip-girl, Luckey stays at the top of his dick, rarely venturing beyond. She is excited and more gung-ho than the previous girls. This includes some dirty talk and her eagerness to ride his dick. Beginning in reverse cowgirl, Luckey's fresh pussy is split by Troy's wide shaft. Her boobs jiggle as much as they can for their size and Luckey calls out at every thrust. She's the first to work the camera, keeping an eye in the lens and putting on for show. A good amount of time is spent with Luckey on all fours, and I have to say this is her best angle; her ass planted in the air and her sweet face turned around watching us watch her. She gets a heavy blast of cum in thin ropes across her face and in a strange act, picks up her clothes and runs off. Odd, since she was begging for his jizz only moments earlier, but it's hard to hold a grudge against a hottie like Luckey.

Scene 4: Samantha & Carmen
Acts Included: Oral, Dildo Play
    Samantha and Carmen perform a little silly skit before giving in to each other's temptations. Carmen is an average figured gal with ok looks. Her friend, Samantha, is a thin, black hottie that barely looks 18. Both gals play lezzie with each other, sucking tity and licking snatch. Shortly they pull out a dildo and share its pleasure, jacking into each other's vag or riding it like it was real meat. The strange makeshift bed on the back porch lends for an odd setting, and neither gal is all that interesting. With no cock to break the funk of the scene, it peters into nothing.

Concluding Words:
     Homegrown Select's Backyard Amateur's volume 9 isn't as strong as their other titles. The boning is decent and the talent a fair bag of mixed goodies--with Heidi and Luckey taking the cake. But the backyard element only seems to hinder the scenes. It causes over lighting and shadowing very often, making the picture hard to watch. And since there's no real 'thrill' or 'danger' in their backyard soirées, they may have just as well stayed inside. Hailing as a backyard fuck fest, implies (in my stupid, perverse mind) that there could be neighbors grilling on the other side of the fence. But these yards are huge and some settings--like the pool in the first scene or the porch in the last--aren't anything apart from outdoor fucking we've seen in the past; they're carefully remote. I'd hesitate to go beyond a rental recommendation--though Heidi and Luckey deserve credit for their performances. The weaker scenes and bad production sinks things a bit, and the extras have been the same ones for the past 4 HGV films I've seen. Rent It.


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