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Marine Crucible 2

Studio: Other » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 11/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Chip Daniels
2 Hours 45 Minutes
CAST: Brock Masters, Sean Storm, Carter Longway, Jason Renyolds, Chris Neal, Austin Grant, George Mason, Chad Leigh, Marc Sterling, Jayden Marcus, Billy Dade, Jorden Michaels, Billie Lee London, Chip Daniels

The Good Stuff

What happens when you subject 13 raw recruits to a week of war games where your ass is the spoils of war? Find out in Marine Crucible 2.


Scene 1
Carter Longway and George Mason are the last guys getting dressed before the start of the war games. Carter notices George sweet white ass as he drops his towel and begins to get his clothes on. After a brief towel snapping tussle George wrestles Carter to the bed and straddles him. Carter admits that he is worried about the spoils of war part of the game because he is a virgin. Awwe! George being the good marine buddy he is offers to show Carter the basics in a follow the leader method. Both guys are slim and muscular with big cut cocks and shaved nuts. Carter has a younger looking face with a more modely type look to him. George starts blowing Carter then they swap positions both guys really working over each others poles. They move on to 69ing then rimming before George slips his hard prostate proder into Carters hole while spooning. Afters some serious in and out Carters throbbing cock wants to try out Georges tight bung and he asks if its his turn to fuck yet? Carter slides his condom covered willie up George and then these guys just switch back and forth fucking each other in different positions. They are really into each other and George loses his horrible American accent in the throws of passion and you hear his sexy British one. Georges cock stays ramrod hard the entire time whether he is fucking or being fucked. After several position changes Carter is riding Georges cock and jacking and nuts on Georges leg while Georges hard rod is up his ass. George takes a taste of Carters load before Carter jacks off George onto Georges abs. The handjob part was a delight because you don't really see many handjob scenes anymore. They kiss and Carter thanks George for the lesson...Now hes ready for anything.

Scene 2

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Now that the wargames have begun the first captured player is George Mason fresh from his barracks lovemaking sessiong with Carter. He is captured by Jason Renyolds a tall smooth muscular guy with a hot bubble ass and decent cut cock. Jason is a little clueless on what to do with his prisoner so George being the helpful guy that he is tells Jason to take off his cuffs and he will show him what you do with a prisoner. Before you know it George is sliding his giant pink steel into Jason doggie. George takes his time working that large rod in and out of Jasons glorious smooth hole. While the guys are fucking now in missionary position up comes Sean Storm who is shorter and more muscular to brag about the guy he captured. He asks Jason what hes doing? Jason says he is doing his captive but Sean says it looks like the prisoner is doing you. Sean wants some of the action so he gets on all fours and gets to have his prostate pounded by George while sucking on Jasons cock.. After everyone gets a turn at Seans hole its time for Georges to get a work out. George takes Jason then Sean who is mostly know as a power bottom takes a turn on Georges tight hole with his nice sized rock hard cock. Jason wants more George hole so he takes another turn but while he is slamming away up comes Sean from behind and slides his own cock up Jasons chute for some hot sandwich fucking. Jason spooges on Georges junk, George blows on his abs and Sean nuts on Jasons crack. All three guys with nice creamy loads.

Scene 3
Marc Sterling, Billy Dade & Chris Neal have captured Jorden Michaels and Chad Leigh. These guys waste not time in getting busy back at the camp. Chris Neal who is the manliest of men in the film with his large muscular body, pierced nipples and tattoo covered body( he even has tattoos on his gigantic 12” cock) is being sucked off by the tan and lovely Jorden Michaels with his smooth muscular body, round fuckable ass and gorgeous blue eyes. Chad Leigh who is blonde and muscular with a large uncut schlong is being primed for action by Marc Sterling and his ripped body and large cut cock and Billy Dade with his sweet twinkish body and nice cut cock. Marc is rimming his tight hole while Billy sucks him off. They switch to Marc fucking Chad and Billy being blown while Chris Neal slides his foot long into Jordens hole. Everyone is fucking everyone else. Then in the middle of the action Billy dissapears and everyone else circles around Jordens insatiable hole like sharks in a feeding frenzy. They all take turns turns reaming his slippery bung. After everyone gets several rounds at Jordens hole Marc lets go with the most spectacular cum shot in the film. He could give Peter North a run for his money, he gives you a good ten spurts of hot man milk. Chris works his tatted anaconda to a creamy finish before He and Marc lead Chad and Jorden over to some cots to stroke out their own respectable loads. Meanwhile Billy is off in the forest pulling his pud. I don't know why he left the action...I know I wouldn't have. Billy blows his wad then gets caught and handcuffed to a tree.

Scene 4
After an intense chase Brock Masters finally catches Billie Lee London in the barracks where he tried to hide in a last ditch effort to elude capture. Brock lets Billie know that he is gonna fuck his ass for giving him such a hard chase. Brock orders Billie to strip before feeding him his huge cut cock. Brock Masters is glorious piece of man with a tanned muscular body, long fat cock and duck egg sized balls that swing low. Billie Lee is slimly muscular and pale with pierced nips and an average cut cock and round pale ass. Brock stretches Billies hole with his moster cock in various positions all over the bed. He works that hole giving us some super hot close ups of his marauding cock invading Billies butthole. Brock stands over Billie and jacks his titan dong and rains cum down on Billie like a blessing before Bille jacks out his own load on his smooth pale body.

Scene 5
Jorden Michaels, Jason Renyolds, Jayden Marcus and Austin Grants team has won the day and they invade the other teams camp and ransack their tents finding a cooler of beer. They take a few sips of beer before they decide to do something more fun. Jayden Marcus a muscular guy with a large fat cut cock ends up paired with Jason and Jorden ends up with Austin Grant a twinkish guy with large cut cock of his own. They fuck and suck and do some dueling 69 and rim action in their pairs before doing some head to head doggie fucking. Austin and Jayden end up seated on some chairs with their hard cocks pointed straght up in the air begging for someone to ride them. Jason is willing and takes turns sheathing their cocks in his hole before Jordens sweet ass need some cock and he takes a ride on Jayden while Jason rides Austins pole. Jason cock flops around like a metronome keeping time as he rides Austin. They swap dicks again but now are in dueling missionary position. Austin pounding Jorden and Jayden pounding Jason. Everyone nuts decently then they run off into the sunset because they survived the crucible and are now men.



The anamorphic wide screen transfer for this DVD was very nice with a clean image, great color and good lighting. Since it was shot outdoors some of the lighting could have been a tad better but those are the sacrifices made when shooting outdoors. The film was shot in high def so every hair and ass pimple was crystal clear. The Dolby 2.0 digital audio was crystal clear and since this is a plot driven flick it was necessary.


Well butter my buns and call me a biscuit a dvd with some Extras!

Behind the Scenes: 21.31 of the goings on behind the scenes. You get to see the guys kidding around hear how they are actually directed. You can really see that its not nearly as romantic or fun as it seems on film. Towards the end there is a funny little interview show with Chip Daniels as the interviewr chatting with several of the guys from the film. Chip is the Sally Jessie of porn.

Photo Gallery: 25 Stills

Be a Model: Advertising for the Studio

Deleted Scenes: 11.30 of sex cut from the film

Contact Us: Get in touch with the studio

More DVD's: Previews for Navy Blues, Marine Crucible, Man Academy, Wild Rangers 3

At the End of the Night

Marine Crucible 2 is a film of thirteen guys put in an intense wargames situation. Whats the prize for capturing an enemy? You get to do anything you want with them. Makes me wish there was a wargames like this played in my neck of the woods. The guys in the film were all hot and all packing some serious heat in their fatigues. My favorites being Chris Neal and his tattooed hotness and Brock Masters with his elephant sized cock. Every scene was sizzling, the guys were definitely into each other, there was some serious flip flop action and the spunk was flying, Marc Sterlings load is truly spectacular. The storyline was good an flowed amazingly well. Sure some of the acting was campy or over the top but for the most part it was great. For a rarity there were some actual real life Extras included in this flick. I thoroughly enjoyed Marine Crucible 2 and give it my rating of “Highly Recommended.”

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