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China Blue

Studio: Teravision » Review by Alexander » Review Date: 11/20/07

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China Blue's main menu

Tagline: "China Blue is the color of Lust.  It's the scent of transgression.  It's the heart of a fantasy."

Genre: Asian, vignette

Condoms: No

Director: Axel Braun

Cast: Charmane Star, Dee Lily, Nyomi Marcela, Keeani Lei, Max Mikita, Nadi Phuket, Johnny Sins, Spyder Jonez, Jay Lassiter, Chris Charming

Length: 1:55:26

Extras: Blah.  All we get here are 12 trailers, some "weblinks," the requisite photo gallery, and a 30-minute behind the scenes featurette that amounts to little more than the girls answering questions from director Braun.  There's an occasional flash (literally) of tit and asshole, but it's ultimately pretty dull.  (There should be a rule that prohibits the billing of these dull Q&A sessions as "behind the scenes" features.  If low-budget, filmed-in-Europe fare like Swank's Latina Deluxe 2 can include some actual BTS footage of casting sessions, scene blocking, and on-set photography, why can't a prestige outfit like TeraVision, with Vivid's support, come up with something better than interviews?)   

Dee Lily, "behind the scenes."

Audio/Visual Quality: Filmed in high definition and presented in a 16:9 aspect ratio, China Blue looked really nice on my 42" Panasonic HDTV.  The reds and blues seem to jump right off the screen and the video's moving images are crisp and clear.  However, while PQ is top-notch, the "creative" editing and lighting of the scenes leave a lot to be desired.  For instance, scenes one and two are marred by shadows at the top of the frame which obscures the girls' faces.  Also, it appears as if Braun got a bit over-zealous in the editing booth.  He seems to use every tool in his editors toolbox to create different transitions and video effects.  Some, like the blue silk sheet that wipes images from the screen in scene two, are nifty and help sell the Asian-inspired theme.  Others, however, like the monochromatic split screen effect he employs in scene five (pictured below), and the red and white tinting in scene four, are far more distracting than cool.

An example of Braun's pervasive editing.

Sound quality is just OK.  There's some ambient noise present and the groans, pleas to "fuck me," and sloppy cock sound effects are a little too loud and uniform in volume.  The segments sound hollow and unnatural and will probably leave you searching for the mute button on your remote.  

Scene 1 (featuring Max): This scene takes place in a pyramid. A pyramid! In Africa!  It doesn't make a bit of sense and it was then that I realized that what I was going to be watching had nothing to do with "China" or "blue or "scents of transgression."  No, this DVD is essentially a collection of five set pieces that only have the Asian heritage of the featured girls in common.  

Max strips deep inside a plastic-walled

-- sponsored by --

Anyway, we begin with unnattactive Max getting fucked in the mouth on a pedestal of some sort. Our ripped stud is absolutely ramming his long rod against the back of Max's throat, occasionally forcing her to gag on his meat until pools of saliva dribble down her chin.  I'm not a big fan of this choking-on-large-penis thing, but I can tolerate it if the girl is hot enough.  Max, unfortunately, looks like a tranny with her shaved head, soft body, hoop earrings, torso-covering fishnet bodysuit thing, and knee-high pleather boots. 

Finally, the pair move on to some aggressive fucking, with our stud maneuving Max on a very slippery pillow that refuses to stay lodged beneath Max's butt.  It slides this way and that way and results in a handful of awkward moments between the two as they're forced to feign pleasure and keep the cushion from tumbling to the floor. 

There's some bow and arrow, another wet blow job, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spooning, and a couple of anal sequences.  It's varied and aggressive and ultimately leads to a.) Max squirting her juices all over our stud's hand which he then thrusts into both of their mouths, and b.) lengthy and furious jerking off as our boy tries really, really hard to shoot his seed onto Max's belly. 

The good? The variety of the sex and Max's eruption of fluids.  The bad? The awful set, the irritating shadows, and, well, Max.  She's the least attractive of the bunch.

Scene 2 (featuring Nyomi Marcela): Gorgeous Nyomi does a little striptease while seated on a large red leather ottoman in the middle of a fake bar.  She fingers her pussy while what looks like the lead singer of Midnight Oil stares on creepily. It's very Hills Have Eyes-ish. 

Note the creepy bartender in the background.

A jarring cut to a wrinkly ball bag (!) being dipped into a Manhattan.  Nyomi slurps the alcohol off the sack and then dips the end of what I'm guessing is Sinz's knob into the cocktail glass.  She proceeds to masterfully suck and stroke the cock and...I've gotta be completely honest here: I could watch Nyomi suck cock all fucking day.  All fucking day. Anyway, minutes later, Nyomi is sexily bent over the ottoman, ass high, slightly spread-eagled, with left leg planted on floor, and right leg akimbo on the stool.  (Confession: I had to pause the DVD here and jerk off.  Nyomi's awesome ass and perfect legs in this position are that damn hot.) So, naturally she gets attacked from behind and we're treated to more shots of Nyomi's rockin' ass.  Some missionary, cowgirl, spooning, and reverse cowgirl ensue before Sinz shoots his load onto Nyomi's dress.     

It's a hot scene, but note that I found it hot mainly due to my appreciation of how ridiculously hot the full-lipped and dark-skinned Nyomi is.  The sex is just OK and the premise is really bizarre (Nyomi gets fucked by creepy looking bartender on a red ottoman? Say what?) and totally not fitting in with the whole "China Blue" bullshit promised on the box art. Whatever. 

Scene 3 (featuring Nadi Phuket): So-so Nadi sucks a monstrous cock on a black futon in a purple-lit "room," then winces through a dozen or so minutes of cowgirl, spooning, pussy munching, b&a, and doggie.  That's it: Cute Asian chick gets fucked by mammoth cock on futon. 

The end.

Scene 4 (featuring Keeani Lei): We're in a red-walled room lined with samurai swords (finally!).  Keeani plays with herself while Braun employs some more of his distracting editing tricks. Mercifully--and smartly--the tinting and superimposing are brief and Braun instead focuses his camera on Keeani's super cute face and body.  Enter heavily tattooed Spyder Jonz, whose cock is strategically poking out of his fly. Keeani proceeds to take it into her mouth and when I say "take it into her mouth" I mean she forces her face towards Jonz's crotch until his cock is lodged deep in her esophagus.  And there his cock stays while rivulets of saliva stream down her chin and her eyes roll back into her head.  Finally forced to, you know, breathe, she pulls her head back for a second or two before going right back to work on Jonz's rod.  The gagging? Off-putting.  But it's realy hot seeing Keeani attack Jonz's rod so passionately. 

Keeani Lei's solo segment features more of
Braun's editing tricks.

Anyway, mouth fucking complete, the pair engage in a variety of positions highlighted by a reverse cowgirl sequence that results in Keeani squirting a quart or two of her juice towards the camera.  It's quite hot.  More fucking ensues until Jonz awkwardly jerks a weak load onto Keeani's lips. 

Despite the pretentious editing in the beginning, this is easily the best segment on the DVD so far. Keeani is a hottie that is obviously having a great time getting pounded every which way by Jonz.  Yes, the gagging (and possibly the squirting) will be a turn-off for some of you, but I guarantee that if you dig fine Asian chicks, you will jerk off to this scene a few times.  It's well-framed, the setting is finally appropriately Asian, Keeani is gorgeous, and the way our girl attacks Jonz's cock with both her mouth and tight pussy add up to a winning segment.

Scene 5 (featuring Charmane Star and Dee Lily): More snazzy editing bullshit.  Slow motion. Tinting. Black and white.  Missing frames.  It's ridiculous and entirely unnecessary since cover girl Charmane and partner Dee are smokin' hot and demonstrate a ton of chemistry.

The DVD ends with a bang with some crazy
hot girl on girl action

The scene begins with the pair fondling themselves interspersed with black and white (ugh) snippets of the two making out.  Again, it's pretty pointless since within minutes the two are really getting it gloriously on, in full color.  What follows isn't revolutionary--there's the requisite asshole licking, toe sucking, pussy fingering, and making out.  But the two girls are simply amazing looking, from Dee's ridiculously perfect breasts and cute face, to Charmane's smokin' bod, dark skin, and sexy hair.

Despite the weird editing early, this final scene is fantastic.       

Final Thoughts: TeraVision's art department (or Axel Braun, if he's the guilty party) should be paddled--hard--for the completely misleading box art.  The cover promises a "feature" (slash narrative) and a distinctly Asian twist.  Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the only things Asian about the DVD are the six girls and the samurai swords in scene four.  I mean, scene one takes place in a fucking pyramid.  That lack of attention to detail, coupled with some funky editing, and a very weak third scene prevent me from recommending this title as a purchase.  Yes, scenes two, four, and five are stroke-worthy and feature some of the finest Asian girls in the industry, but with literally dozens of more affordable and better filmed all-Asian options out there, rent this one.       

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