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Bed Heads 2: Butt Heads

Studio: Adonis Pictures » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date:

March 2007

Directed By:

Ross Cannon

The Movie:

Sexy Trevor Knight tries to quit smoking cigarettes. Lucky for us, he’ll continue to smoke pole!

The Cast:

Trevor Knight, Bobby Williams, Hans Ebson, Christian Owen, Brett Matthews, Lex Sabre, Tristan Matthews.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Bead Heads 2: Butt Heads” offers the viewer seven appealing dudes with muscular and toned bodies, hairy and smooth chests, and hard cocks. Most of ‘em are cut but Lex Sebre has a tasty unclipped tool.

Scene One:

Bobby Williams (cute with short dark hair, husky/smooth body) has more in mind than Nicorette gum when hot delivery dude Christian Owen (brown buzz cut, toned/smooth body) drops off a package of the medicated chewables. The dudes kiss with plenty of wet tongue action while their curious hands roam over one another’s bodies. Christian is quickly on his knees yanking Bobby’s pants open and his white briefs down revealing closely trimmed pubes, plump balls, and a long ‘n hard cut cock. Sliding his wet mouth up ‘n down the meat pole, Christian gives a mighty blowjob cramming his gullet full. Bobby digs the head encouraging his new pal with all sorts of lusty compliments. “Yeah! Fuck that feels good!” Bobby chows down on Christian’s stiff clipped tool jacking the shaft, nursing the purple knob, and paying close attention to those plump nuts. There are plenty of hot close-ups of all the cock sucking.

Christian leans over the kitchen counter and Bobby munches down on that tight shaved bunghole tonguing the pucker in excellent close-up as Christian moans and fills the room with loud heavy breathing. Bobby slides his big dork in smoothly from behind and fucks this randy delivery dude doggy-style fast ‘n hard. Switching to the missionary position, Bobby drills that hole fast ‘n hard and Christian loves it! “Fuckin’ pound my ass! Fuck Yeah! Your dick feels good!” There are plenty of cool penetration shots from behind as the dudes engage in hot sweaty man-sex. Bobby shoots a wet load on his fist and inside thigh. Christian busts a large thick nut on Bobby’s cock and stomach.

Scene Two:

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In a posh outdoor tent next to a swimming pool, Masseuse Hans Ebson (good-looking with short dark hair, cool sideburns, muscular/smooth body) gives Trevor Knight (good-looking with short reddish-brown hair, toned/smooth body) a much-needed rubdown. Trevor is frisky and pulls Hans’s blue jeans open revealing dark pubes and a plump uncut cock. Hans pulls Trevor’s butt cheeks apart exposing his tight shaved touchhole and begins to rhythmically rub those plump nuts and sensitive gooch. Trevor rolls over showing off his huge ‘n hard clipped tool and Hans immediately slides his mouth up ‘n down deep throating all the way to those hot reddish-brown pubes. Trevor munches down on Hans’s tight lightly hairy asshole really tonguing the pucker and eating that beautiful ass for all it’s worth with plenty of close-ups. Both dudes are totally into the action breathing heavily and loudly moaning as Trevor fucks Hans’s hole with his tongue.

Trevor fucks Hans from behind sliding his big dick in nice ‘n slow and then picks up steam pounding fast, smooth, and hard with hot penetration shots from behind. Both dudes dig it and this is some very hot energetic fucking. Trevor pounds Hans missionary style making Hans actually growl with pleasure. Hot, rough, ‘n lubed! Hans shoots a wet load on his pubes and thigh while Trevor shoots a thick load of jizz on Hans’s hole, plump nuts, gooch, and the padded massage table. Hot dudes!

Scene Three:

Lex Sabre (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) and Brett Matthews (cute with short brown hair, toned/hairy body) are in bed engaged in a red-hot sex session. Brett crams Lex’s big uncut cock down his gullet giving some of the best head I’ve ever seen. He’s very energetic as he slobbers up ‘n down the shaft while jacking, working the foreskin, and nursing the knob. The dudes climb into a traditional sixty-nine with Brett on top still chowing down on that unclipped dong while Lex is busy in back sucking Brett’s nuts. Brett has some very hot long strands of pre cum leaking out of his piss slit. Lex spreads Brett’s butt cheeks exposing his tight lightly hairy bunghole and teases it with his fingertips with hot close-ups. Lex then blows Brett’s stiff cut dick working his mouth up ‘n down the shaft deep throating to those closely trimmed pubes. Hot!

Lex eats Brett’s tight pucker tonguing the bung and finger fucking with one and then two digits as Brett loudly groans. He slides that big dick in nice and slow doggy style filling Brett’s love chute using long ‘n smooth strokes, as Brett grows accustomed. Lex steps it up fucking his pal fast ‘n hard much to Brett’s lusty delight. There are plenty of cool penetration shots from behind as Lex drills for oil. Brett plays a wild game of the ol’ sink/bounce riding up ‘n down while stroking his rigid cock shooting a thick load on the bed. Hot! Lex pulls pork shooting a large thick load of man juice on his pubes and fist. Hot!

Scene Four:

Trevor Knight (scene two) and Bobby Williams (scene one) are slouching on their sofa when the doorbell rings and Tristan Matthews (cute with dark hair, heavy facial stubble, and toned/smooth body) comes in fishin’ for some lovin’. He grabs Trevor’s big cut dick and strokes away as Trevor and Bobby kiss with deep tongue action. Tristan is quickly on his knees gorging on Trevor’s enormous meat nursing the big purple knob and cramming as much as he can down his throat with cool close-ups. Bobby joins Tristan on his knees and the dudes share sucking Trevor’s dong lovingly spit shining the large meat cylinder. Tristan bends over on the sofa showing off his hot hangy nuts as Trevor and Bobby munch down on his tight lightly hairy butt hole with hot close-ups. The dudes happily share eating that tangy manhole making Tristan moan with pleasure. All three guys are very into the action and each other as Tristan has his tight hole finger fucked.

Trevor fucks Tristan from behind using long ‘n slow strokes becoming faster until he’s plowing quick ‘n hard with some nice close-ups of the penetration from behind. Having his own itch in need of scratching, Bobby bounces up ‘n down on Trevor’s cock riding like a wild man filling his tight chute full of that Grade A beef and pulling his own pork. Bobby is quite vocal and very loud as he cries out, “Fuckin’ work my ass!” “Fuck yeah! Big dick!” Trevor fucks Bobby fast ‘n hard in the missionary position while Tristan watches and pulls his rigid clipped tool. Tristan shoots a thick load of spooge on his toned/tattooed stomach. Bobby cuts loose with thick jizz on Tristan’s neck and chest. Trevor shoots a large thick load that flies everywhere on Tristan’s arms, stomach, and plenty of places unknown. Hot!



“Bed Heads 2: Butt Heads” is shot directly on high quality video, digitally remastered, and presented in full screen. The picture quality is sharp and clean and the videography by Ross Cannon is excellent providing plenty of close-ups, extreme close-ups, and full coverage of all the action.


The digital quality stereo sound is clean allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they get down to lovin’ with heavy breathing, moaning, and wet sucking sounds.


The disc includes an interactive menu, chapter selection, website information, no regional encoding, a short blooper reel, model galleries featuring high quality publicity photographs by Mick Hicks, David Arias, and Anthony Duran, the cool safe-sex PSA “Wrap It Up” starring Chi Chi LaRue, and plenty of hot trailers: “”Bed Heads”, “Thirst”, “Holier Than Thou”, “Inn Over His Head”, “Bonesaw”, “The Works”, and “Star Crossed”.

Final Thoughts:

I am happy to see a new release from Adonis Pictures, as it’s been a while since I reviewed their last movie “Holier Than Thou”. Adonis Pictures has released some fun high quality movies in the past. “Bed Heads 2: Butt Heads” is not exception and reunites the very hot Trevor Knight with cute Bobby Williams from the original “Bed Heads”. The direction and videography by Ross Cannon is excellent as is the editing (Tony Biscotti), sound, and picture quality. The dudes are appealing and are definitely into the action while giving energetic performances (especially Lex Sabre and Brett Matthews). My favorites here are Trevor Knight, Lex Sabre, and Brett Matthews. Bottom line: the movie is a big turn-on. I Highly Recommend.

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