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Housewife 1 on 1 9

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 11/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Housewife 1 on 1 Vol. 9

A Naughty America Release



Brooke Haven, Brooke Banner, Hannah West, Holly West, Lily Page & Sarah Jessie.

Condoms:  None!

Brief Synopsis:

The main course here is the housewife, ranging from the slightly young to a little older, always eager to please her man, in near-POV style.  The buildup of each particular scene and situation is better than average, and at times quite wonderful, so let’s take a closer look…


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Scene One: Brooke Banner

In a conservative plaid-patterned dress, Brooke begins by offering a drink and TV dinner to her newly arrived husband.  For dessert, she offers herself, beginning with a blowjob, to start.  As she peels her dress off slowly, she reveals a few tattoos on her arms and back, but more importantly, she removes her serpentine-patterned bra and panties, displaying her bounty of rich assets.  Her slightly floppy breasts spill out, resting cozily, and her extended torso guides the eye down toward her little whips of heels.  Brooke uses her slim lips to wrap around her husband’s cock, her hair a gesticulating mass of honeyed ringlets falling past her shoulders, barely touching her nipples.  She teases, guiding her fingers along the quaint growth of brown fur covering her mound, readying herself for the doggy to follow.  Into missionary and cowgirl, Brooke bounces with ease and grace, easing long bounces onto her man’s cock.  After flipping into reverse cowgirl, which lasts quite a long time, she dismounts to take a load onto her face and chin, spitting out any stragglers who managed to sneak in between her tiny lips.  Quite satisfying, overall, as Brooke’s beauty burns through, never quite quelling into tepid territory, though perhaps slightly vanilla at times. Still, she’s a beautiful girl, and this was a beautiful scene.


Scene Two: Sarah Jessie

As the scene opens, the camera is blindfolded. Sarah guides us along, lifting the barrier to present her surprise: a newly installed pole in the corner of the bedroom.  She resembles a pornier version of her more famous likeness, deep eyeshadow and fishnets a sure sign that we are not on cable, any longer.  On her toned and high-heeled legs are a set of black fishnets, which match her soon-to-disappear underwear as she twirls and routines around the silver like a pro.  She initiates a bit of dirty talk, which is a little clunky, but certainly gets the job done. Making her way to the bed, she ups the ante with a fierce blowjob, constantly slopping her lips and caressing our surrogate’s dick with her hands, non-stop.  After a bit of clit-rubbing, Sarah rides cowgirl, kneeling and cooing her way through, evening out a steady pace.  Flipping for a bit of reverse, she keeps her head in half turn, continuing her sex play talk, grabbing her ass cheeks by the long-fingered handful. During doggy, our randy gentleman sticks his thumb into her ass, which she approves of.  Finally, in missionary (with plenty of crotch rubbing), she dismounts, and he shoots onto her lips and face from above, which she plays with as the scene fades out.  Though some viewers may not favor Sarah’s look, her eagerness to play, tease, and fuck so freely are high points, and even her dirty talk began to win me over as a result of it all.  A pretty lovely scene!


Scene Three: Brooke Haven & Hannah West

Newly arrived with luggage in tow, Brooke (a brunette, slinky and skinny) greets Hannah (enhanced breasts, with a crop of thick, light brown hair), and the two friends exchange pleasantries and a bottle of bubbly, reminiscing about their college days of yore.  Soon enough, they talk of their desires for one another (“I haven’t been with anyone else, since”, says Brooke), as well as Hannah’s newly bestowed beau (“We’re engaged – you’ll love him!”).  Libations barely downed, the two begin kissing and petting each other, and Hannah’s almost-husband appears (and by that, I mean the girls take notice of the gentleman behind the camera).  Tidying themselves up briefly, the ladies explain their predicament, and offer to share their love three ways, as everyone will win!  Brooke begins by sucking his cock through his pant zipper, and Hannah, masturbating and cooing in the background, soon joins in. The two girls take turns riding our man’s unit in reverse and standard cowgirl, finishing with a workout of missionary.  Brooke sees a majority of penetrative action, though both she and Hannah take breaks to taste each other on her husband’s dick, and neither keeps either their mouths or pussies unattended to throughout the scene.  Hubby, gliding in and out of Brooke, pulls out to deposit his tidy prize into Hannah’s mouth, and she swaps the contents, hovering above Brooke, straight into her mouth, which she swallows.  A very hot scene, with both ladies quite comfortable with each other, as well as sharing a single cock between them!


Scene Four: Holly West

In an outfit mirroring the pink décor behind her, Holly appears onscreen, at once pleading to go out on the town with her husband, directly into the camera.  She’s slightly older, brown skinned and voluptuous, dark brown hair blooming from atop her head, hints of blonde following her mane downward.  In lieu of a night out, she bestows an oral gift unto her man, teasing him with her lower half delicately obscured by whitish pink stockings and matching panties, white heels on her feet.  She flips over for a serving of doggy, her pace escalating into a fury, her bomb of an ass, firm and round, bouncing on his dick.  She takes a moment to rub her asshole during it all, bringing her to yelps of joy, maintaining a gaze into the camera’s, and our, eyes.  Onto cowgirl and its reverse, each act more furious than the last, and onto missionary (prompting not only jackhammer-esque pounding, but also steadfast cries of “harder!”), wherein our man has reached his peak, pulling out his wand to spew his load onto Holly’s face and chin.  She spits the majority out, and the scene ends.  A great performance here by Holly, who’s intensity drives the scene toward a steaming peak of hot action.  Nicely done!


Scene Five:  Lily Page

Dressed in a blue-hued patterned dress, Lily expresses her regret at the awful conditions outside, rendering what was to be a sunny, outdoor picnic and indoor, on-the-living-room-floor affair.  No matter, as she makes do with her surrounding, sampling a few grapes from her basket.  Unable to crack open her bottle of wine, she instead offers to open herself up, peeling off her under and over garments for a bit of teasing (revealing a few tattoos, as well).  With a warrior’s frame and an overflowing bosom, Lily, with her thin, Bettie Page style bangs and black hair, dispenses a hands-free blowjob to her man, gradually kneeling on all fours for the tail-end.  After a short tease (with her trimmed black fingernails hitting all the right spots), Lily plants herself, in missionary, onto our man’s dick. Beginning with a slow grind, the two angle themselves for maximum penetration (Lily balances by lifting herself, hands on the ground, into his crotch), eventually gliding, relaxed, at a steady pace.  She blows him again, this time using both her hands, and they go into doggy.  Recalling her previous statement, Lily inserts the head of the wine bottle into her ass, taking it out to fellate it.  Into cowgirl and reverse CG, they continue, with Lily ending the scene by jerking his love into her mouth, swallowing his seed. Though a little hokey at times (the gold letters on the wine bottle read “CHODE”), Lily’s strength as a performer can’t be denied.  Her slow, burning start only hints at the fever to come, and she managed to even stay cool and collected, even as she stuck the top of a wine bottle into her ass.  Not an easy task, I would say!    


Bonus Features 

None, save a scene-specific sub menu (choose from blowjob, sex, or cumshot) for each girl.  Not that I was expecting any bonuses, but still!  A trailer or two would have been nice!

Audio/Video Quality

Steady for a majority, the visual field is representative of the set-lit atmosphere of all the scenes.  Displayed full frame, it all seems to work.  Lily’s scene was a tad too dark and muted at times, though nothing to displace the viewing experience, in comparison to the even hues of the rest of the disc.  Holly’s scene was vibrant with rich pinks everywhere, sometimes a little garish, but nothing that could invariably hurt your eyes, lest they divert from Holly’s form. The camera angles weren’t positively POV all the way through (lots of tilting to fit the girls in frame as much as possible was a nice gesture, but some may find this annoying), as most are over the shoulder or above the action, ending at the base of our anonymous stunt cock(s).  The audio field was loud, though not overblown or distorted, and varied in terms of space/relative closeness to the girl and the camera.  The chapter stops are a little scant, as you miss out on quite a bit of action in between, necessitating fast-forward/rewinding to find just the right spot.  Not a huge problem, but just a minor annoyance, really.


Overall Thoughts

Though not advertised as a strictly POV-style title, the ninth (!) entry into this already booming series for Naughty America is strong in its buildup and execution of the horny housewife seeking to please her man, any way she can.  While not incredibly intense, the overall tone here is eye contact (with the camera), with extra effort by each girl to actually work with the premise, to the very end.  And it all works!  How often can you actually say that?  Even with a lack of extras, I recommend this one!

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