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Housewife 1 On 1 #8

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 11/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Housewife 1 on 1 Vol. 8

A Naughty America Release


Sativa Rose, Nikki Benz, Jennifer Dark, Ava Devine, Gina Lynn, & Claire Dames.

Length: 1hr 45min

Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:

Another run at a the variable ages of housewife one on one, near-POV series that, in the past, has been a little dodgy.  Let’s see if how the results turn out this time around, shall we?


Scene One:  Sativa Rose & Nikki Benz

Sativa, that luscious, raven haired Latinabeauty, begins by blowing on our guy’s spare cock, only to be interrupted by an irate and flabbergasted Nikki, who arrives only a minute later.  Sativa gives the camera an opened eyed look of “caught!”, but Nikki soon congratulates her initiative, as this meeting between neighbor and married couple had already been in the works.  Nikki continues to egg her on as she continues her mouth service, taking a turn to rub her husband’s cock between her oversized chesticles.  The two girls slip out of their outfits, leading to an extended tease, Nikki readying Sativa’s oncoming cowgirl ride by lubing up her man’s joint with spit.  Sativa keeps her wrapped ankles and heels on during the cowgirl, while Nikki cheers the two on, greasing the pole from time to time.  They delve into a shared blowjob, Sativa going for ride in reverse cowgirl to follow.  Nikki mounts in missionary next, eating out Sativa, who lies on the bed above her. Lots of kissing along with another shared blowjob to follow, and Sativa rides in doggy and missionary to bring our man to a spurting climax.  Nikki takes the majority into her mouth, swapping with Sativa, who tastes and spits it out over her chin, and onto her neck and chest.  A great tag team of Nikki and Sativa here, with plenty of vocal and verbal encouragement (mostly via Nikki), with a majority of the penetration on Sativa’s part (“the other woman”).  A very hot and inspired scene, though I wish it could have lasted longer, possibly into raunchier territory.  The girls are almost begging for the scene to go on, but it ends, nonetheless.


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Scene Two: Jennifer Dark

Ah, Jennifer, the near Eastern-European lank-haired beauty (who’s lightly tanned, here) with a filthy, accent-laden mouth. Frustrated with her man for failing to call a moving crew, she begins by lamenting the amount of boxes around her to move, finally concluding that a little mid-afternoon sex would calm her, and her man’s, nerves.  In a coral pink top and matching underwear, she quickly parts away her blue jean skirt to tease and rub herself, legs spread.  Trash talking escalates, leading to a blowjob, and subsequent peeling off of her clothes.   “Let mama get naked for you,” she intones before being hammered, missionary style. Into doggy and cowgirl, Jennifer pounds into her man’s cock with a steadfast beat, heavily accented filth talk running all the way through.  She descends for a little more mouth action, and her man loses a few doses of sperm onto her tongue.  Quite a fast and furious scene from Jennifer with her unmistakable charm and spell, along with her heavy riding, at a constant boil.  Great work, as always!


Scene Three: Ava Devine

Sporting a thin mop of brown bangs and shoulder-length hair, Ava, a hickory skinned, slightly older, Eastern-tinged girl, begins by teasing, leading into a deep-throat blowjob.  In black lingerie and stockings, she shows off her near-perfect circle of a derriere, easing a languorous beat on her fellow’s cock, in doggy style.  She tastes, continuing her pace, navigating into an all-fours stance, still taking it from behind.  Earning a sweaty sheen on her skin, she flips for a cowgirl ride, shifting to missionary, and receives a load jerked-off onto her face.  While not the longest scene on the disc, regrettably, Ava’s slow burn jacking is quite effective, and her spirit is even-tempered and smoldering. Well done.


Scene Four: Gina Lynn

Gina, seated on a couch, talks to her man about an oncoming trip with her girlfriends.  She explains to hubby that their relationship is true and honest, reassuring him that her body is his, and his only.  For reassurance, she takes off her chestnut sweater top, slipping it off her tiny shoulders, revealing her bare breasts.  She teases him after slipping out of her jeans, masturbating for a spell.  A blowjob continues, and half-spoon, full-on spoon, and missionary follow suit.  After a bit of doggy, Gina tastes his saber, leading to cowgirl and spooning, once again.  Sticking his dick between her breasts, our guy strokes, Gina squeezing, and shoots his white hotness onto her chest and neck.  While I admit she’s not exactly my cup of tea, Gina still manages to turn in a minor scene, with most of her enthusiasm a little tired, seeped in the misty-lensed behavior of the mid-to-late nineties.  Her somewhat blown-out look (peroxide hair, bleached white smile, well-worn tan) only adds to this argument, but if she’s your idea of a great time, may this scene be with you, for you to enjoy. 


Scene Five:  Claire Dames

Claire, her neck wrapped in pearls, begins by teasing and rubbing her busty and deeply browned features through her crimson, striped outfit. Using her fingers to taste herself, she displays a corset beneath her clothes.  Her speech affectations are that of the old school valley girl (that final syllabic drop at the end of each word is definite proof), though her verbal teasing, especially later in the scene, works out quite well.  White heels on, she blows our stunt cock, rubbing his cock on her naturally oversized tits.  In a cowgirl slam, and into doggy, she screams “I want more!”, very believably, blazing hot, and near-insatiable in her vocalization.  Slamming through, she winds down the scene by raising the speed of her fucking in missionary, kneeling on the ground to capture a rubbed out specimen, throbbing dick hovering above her.  Claire’s intensity is something to be reckoned with, but may be too much of a good thing for some, as it was for me.  She’s a sexual dynamo, though I felt like I was being smothered by her screaming and her heavily made-up visage, despite her eagerness and high amount of energy. 

Bonus Features:

A scene selection per girl, by act (blowjob, sex, and cumshot) are the only bonus features here, otherwise not an extra to be found.  Not exactly tragic, but this being a Naughty America release, I knew that going in, as they focus on their scenes, primarily.


Audio/Video Quality

Moderately steady picture throughout, the footage is presented in full-frame, with emphasis on near-POV in each scene.  The tail-end of Gina’s scene veers into a greenish haze a times, and Claire’s scene jitters a bit (though, with the lightning-hit nature of that scene, it seems impossible not to).  As for the rest, the picture and audio quality is standard Naughty America-grade middle-of-the-road: nothing spectacular, just a meat and potatoes presentation through and through.  Most of the shots are at a tilt, as to accommodate each girl as much as possible, as much of the footage is over-the-shoulder, nearly POV style.


Overall Thoughts

While not the strongest of the series so far, this eighth entry of Naughty America’s foray into housewife jack & pop still has its strong points.  Sativa & Nikki’s scene stands out as a clear winner, while Jennifer & Ava’s respective work is not to be missed.  I still have reservations with Gina & Claire, though fans of either of their styles are encouraged to seek them out.  As it stands, I recommend!

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