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MVP (Most Valuable Pornstar) Keri Sable

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/20/07

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MVP (Most Valuable Pornstar) Keri Sable

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Compilation, Keri Sable

Director: Varied by Scene

Cast: Keri Sable, Bella Starr, Kris Knight, Randy Spears, Manuel Ferrara, Jay Huntington, Alex Sanders, Tony T., Faith, Reno, Julia Ann, Arianna Alyse, Chris Evans, Kris Slater, Lexi LíAmour, Malibu; Tommy Gunn, Barrett Blade, and Eric Masterson all in the bonus scene only

Length: 120:47 minutes

Date of Production: 5/1/2007 (scenes varied)

Extras: Aside from the bonus scene listed below, the extras were really light for the one disc set, including six trailers to movies like Curse Eternal, The Visitors, Camp Cuddly Pines, Gossip, Just Like That, Hook Ups 10; some spam, the usual DVD ROM materials, and a cardboard slip case over the DVD case.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: MVP (Most Valuable Pornstar) Keri Sable was presented in either a 1.33:1 full frame or a 1.78:1 letterboxed (non-anamorphic) widescreen; depending on the source material for the individual scenes. As expected, the quality of the scenes varied substantially since some of them employed numerous special effects (typically the erotic style photography that uses slow motion, smoke, low lighting, various filters, and other tricks) and many were in dark or night scenes. In general, the bitrate tended towards the mid 4 Mbps area and the grain, video noise, and other problems were present but not overwhelming; the lighting and camerawork tending to minimize the issues at hand. The composition of most shots seemed deliberate to enhance the look of Keri and the other ladies with the editing tending to assist in this area too. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate but I heard no separation between the vocals. The music tended to be light jazz and was mixed in fairly well with the vocals, some scenes relying solely on the music for those who care. If vocals were present, they were easy to make out though so while it was a mixed bag, the scenes did not appear to be altered in any meaningful manner.

Body of Review: Keri Sable left the porn industry as a contract performer for the biggest feature maker of all; the illustrious Wicked Pictures. Whatever the real reasoning for her departure, she had developed a substantial fanbase from what I could determine, the lean blond still learning her craft before vanishing from sight. In her wake, the company has released a number of compilations that give fans a chance to see her in a number of settings and with a variety of partners, the latest one being MVP (Most Valuable Pornstar) Keri Sable. The compilation offers up eleven scenes of Keri from a short list of movies, none of them new to this set and some of them repeatedly used in the past but if you donít have the listed titles, you may find it to be a worthwhile effort all the same. Hereís a quick look at the scenes by movie, cast, and action, noting that condoms were used in all of the scenes with men:

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Scene One: The Art of Love: Keri Sable, dressed in a flimsy white sheet, was up first in a lesbian scene with blond Bella Starr; the two of them in a large fountain (weíre talking huge by the way). The toga style outfits offered little resistance to the touch an the erotic photography (blurry, slow motion, no vocals) was okay even if the wind machine usage was a bit more than I wanted. The ladies ate and fingered one another on the ledge of the pool/fountain and it lasted a short time before closing out (with no population pudding in sight). (review by me)

Scene Two: But Iím With The Band: Keri Sable, the lead of the movie playing a band obsessed groupie, was up first as she blew Kris Knight in order to get a ticket to her favorite band (The Wicked Ones). He worked the box office and they were all sold out so she made the kind of deal that makes me want to scalp tickets as a side job. Keri has long been known for her oral skills and this scene was no different as she sucked, jerked, licked and kept eye contact with him to truly "make it worth it" as she stated to him when he handed it over. He finished off by stroking his meat to her face and both walked away contented. (review by me)

Scene Three: Intrigue: Keri Sable is a great looking babe, who has recently become a Wicked Contract Star. In this scene she joins Randy Spears for a bit of fun. They open getting hot and heavy. They skip opening oral sex and move right into sex. Randy fucks Keri pretty hard doggie style. Afterwards Keri gets down low and sucks him off. Then they fuck some here and he eats her out. Next there is a short sex bit and the cum shot on Keri's stomach. (review by Rob Randell)

Scene Four: All About Keri: Keri Sable, the bleach blonde on the front DVD cover, was up next in a scene with Manuel Ferrara and Jay Huntington in a plush bedroom. She was initially dressed in a harem styled outfit and the guys wore gay masks as she went from sucking one to the other and back again. Keri's best sexual skill has long been her oral talents so I figured the opening of the scene, complete with harpsichord music, would be fine and I was correct in my assumption. Manuel went down on her as Jay worked her pussy over first, switching places as the tempo to the music increased. The scene seemed really short though and the guys were popping off in no time. On a funny note, after the ending credits rolled, there was a funny clip where Jay was pissed off because Manuel, upon spewing his load the entire length of her body, got a drop or two on the muscular dude, who then spit on the leaner Frenchman who told him to calm down. (review by me)

Scene Five: Jennaís Depraved: Keri Sable, the then-rising star in Wicked Picture's contract stable, was recorded in a scene at a bus stop with Alex Sanders and Tony T., as a couple of guys looking for love in all the right places. The guys were kind of rough and the bench looked kind of uncomfortable but she laughed and smiled throughout the scene as they worked her over on both ends. She gave some really sloppy oral to them and they fingered her as though digging for clams at the beach but she was the one demanding they "fuck" her harder. She did anal, rimmed them, and did the usual taste testing before they dropped loads onto her face. If you're a fan of Keri's hardcore style, you'll enjoy the fact that she ended up with a "got milk?" mustache from both of them. (review by me)

Scene Six: All About Keri: Faith, a very attractive brunette in a corset and matching apparel, was up next in a scene with muscular Reno in the luxurious bed. He wore a blindfold so that he wouldn't catch on that Keri Sable was only a secondary element of the scene; guiding Faith in the handjob, oral, and other sexual aspects of the action as the jazz score played. It didn't last long and ended when both gals jerked him off to a pulsating orgasm (though I wondered if he figured out the third set of hands before his blindfold was removed as the gals fawned all over his sweaty body). (review by me)

Scene Seven: Blue Collar Fantasies: Keri Sable and the lovely Arianna Alyse were up next as they ravaged hotty MILF Julia Ann in a lesbian tryst. Julia seemed to be the focal point of the action but each of them got in on the fun as they rubbed, licked, sucked, and otherwise pawed one another. Given the number of male-dominated scenes of the compilation, this made a nice change of pace with some toy action making it hotter than usual, including some technical DP work. (review by me)

Scene Eight: The Visitors: Keri Sable, the former contract gal featured on the front DVD cover, was up next with Chris Evans on the back of a pickup truck at night. The couple kissed, he went down on her, and she reciprocated with a porn style blowjob. They screwed vaginally and then anally with him doing most of the work, resulting in a modest popshot to her abdomen. The scene was surprisingly short and left me with the impression that it originally lasted much longer but was edited way down. (review by me)

Scene Nine: But Iím With The Band: Keri Sable, still looking as fresh as if she just started tramping for the day, devised another plan to see the band by using some clothing worn by Kris Slater (who was playing a T-shirt vendor employee). This entailed getting him out of his clothes so, you guessed it, she climbed over the table to offer him up a tasty treat by way of her pussy to suck. He worked her over almost as nicely as Kirsten did and her vocal moans helped enhance the moment for me a lot. Her deepthroating technique was as good as ever and her oral was once again a very solid affair. This thankfully led to the couple boning in a couple of positions before he tossed a load onto her ass cheeks. She was primarily active during the oral and going through the motions during the vaginal but she did manage to look great throughout the scene. (review by me)

Scene Ten: Blue Collar Fantasies: Keri Sable, Lexi Lamour, and Malibu were up last in a parting lesbian scene where the ladies enjoyed each other as a game; Keri at the center of attention with her dark hair this time. The setting appeared to be a small table at a make shift restaurant and all three of them fingered, ate, and sucked their partners with some minimal toy play engaged in as well. I liked the yellow dildo the most as it offered a nice contrast but as always; toy play can only enhance the action already present so it was thankful that the gals had chemistry together. The scene was definitely not a highlight though as even the anal play could not make up for the lack of cock pummeling the ladies but like Keriís career, it provided a bittersweet close to some decent work. (review by me)

Bonus Scene: But Iím With The Band: Keri Sable, still in her skimpy outfit and itty bitty shorts, was up next in a fantasy sequence where she dreamed of screwing Barrett Blade, Eric Masterson, and Tommy Gunn, one at a time by the equipment on the stage. Tommy got to do her anally but as nice as the individual components of the scene were, the sum of the parts didn't equal those parts (it didn't flow all that well for some reason). The scene was edited into the parts where she was tapping the tambourine and finished with them all spewing on her face at the end but it simply didn't work for me.

Summary: MVP (Most Valuable Pornstar) Keri Sable by Wicked Pictures might not be the very best selection of scenes of Keri Sable in action but it was a highly representative one that many of you should like at least a little bit. Still, with weak extras and only two hours of running time containing no new footage, I felt obligated to rate it as a Recommended. For the same price, you could get two of the companyís four hour compilations (with plenty of Keri scenes in them) and seeing some movies providing multiple scenes irks me as it defeats the purpose of getting the originals (where the context of a scene might elevate the heat). In short, MVP (Most Valuable Pornstar) Keri Sable is best suited for fans of the young lady that did not bother getting her movies as they came out but donít want the extraneous footage of the other gals getting in the way so your personal mileage may vary substantially.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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