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Diesel Dongs Vol. 2

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 11/20/07

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Diesel Dongs 2

A Bang Bros. Production
Directed by Illia T. & Tony R.

Runtime:  1hr 59min

Rebeca Linares, Jennifer Dark, Lana, Nadia Styles & Maya Gates

With:  Castro

Condoms?:  Yes (all scenes, sans oral & pop shots).

Scene One:  Rebeca Linares (35 min)

In a barely furnished basement, Rebeca, in mirrored shades, pink cotton top and jean skirt, decides to be part of a game.  Seems she has to guess the guy with the longest wang, fully clothed, or else she loses her bet with the cameraman.  After inspecting three men with a yellow tape measure, in walks Castro, the ringer.  In what seems like a lame joke, the rest of the men leave as he whips his staff out, and Rebeca wonders if she can handle such a knob.  Castro zips up, leaves, leaving Rebeca to pine for her “big chocolate man”.  In no time, he reconsiders, allowing Rebeca to stuff her mouth with his unit, kneeling on the floor.  He lays down, continuing to be blown, and she stands above him, teasing as he sheaths his penis with a condom.  They begin with cowgirl, onto doggy and into missionary.  He rips his condom off for further mouth-smacking action, unloading onto Rebeca’s tongue, face and eye socket.  She cleans up for a post-sex wrap up, and it is done.  While Rebeca, with her bubblegum colored nipples and lithe, slightly pale Spanish body, is a readily-equipped enough for Castro’s stick, the actual amount of sex is less than fifteen minutes, as the extended, almost unnecessary intro/game takes up twenty minutes out of the scene! Rebeca’s a wonder to experience, as she tends to be, though the scene feels truncated, despite her high energy and skill level.  It was akin to eating tapas: small, powerful, but somehow, still quite satisfying.


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Scene Two:  Jennifer Dark (18 min)

Meeting Castro outdoors, Jennifer soon is knelt on the floor of a bedroom, gazing at his long lump of cock.  Slender, with a fit ass and dark hair, Jennifer, in slightly broken English, seems to be no stranger to dirty verbal trickery, constantly teasing Castro through the scene.  Her long white fingers and slim lips make short work of his massive unit, and the two go at it in doggy, condom on.  In cowgirl, Jennifer arches her feet onto Castro’s thighs, leading to missionary. By this point, his dick doesn’t make too much leeway into her pussy, though their bumping sees no sign of ceasing. He does finally ease into a deep glide, doggy style, as Jennifer rubbing her asshole with a finger or two. Dismounted with condom off, Castro spurts his joint juice onto Jennifer’s face.  As her enthusiasm is welcome, the stunted penetration threw off most of the scene (lube, somebody, anybody?), even if Jennifer pounded out a nice beat by the end.  Not bad, but not exactly stellar, either.

Scene Three:  Lana Cox (28 min)

Wandering around the edges of an apartment complex, the camera catches Castro, and waves him upstairs to meet Lana, an older Asian beauty with black and blonde streaks in her hair.  Opening her suit jacket to reveal her breasts, she begins with a blowjob, slowly slipping out of her turquoise bra and panties.  Condom on, Castro fucks her in cowgirl, and onto doggy. Like the previous scene, there is a bit of a lubrication conundrum, but he’s soon greased enough of a nice bout of reverse cowgirl and spooning.  Sweaty and worked over, Lana’s fevered moans as Castro pumps in missionary lead to a quick condom-shedding, jerking his unit over her face and into her hair.  Lana has a great time with Castro, as evidenced in her many moans and soft screams, though the scene seems to run a little long for my tastes.  Her pleas are nice to hear, though become a little rote and sometimes boring by the very end.  Still, she puts up quite a performance.

Scene Four:  Nadia Styles (18 min)

In a classroom, with four young ladies in attendance, professor Nadia announces their lesson for the day: the male form. Castro, in a robe, enters, and subsequently wags his junk around at the giggling and gasping students, and Nadia declares the day’s lesson prematurely over.  The girls leave, and Nadia decides to take on Castro for herself.  With her button-like nose and sultry Latinafeatures, Nadia works on his unit with great skill, her translucent pink framed glasses echoing her vibrant striped button down shirt, now exposing her enhanced breasts over her bra.  Stripping the rest of her clothes off, she leans over the desk for a bit of doggy (condom now on), bamboo strapped heels arching her planted feet up.  They continue reverse cowgirl, her shirt and bra now pushed down above her stomach, and onto missionary, wherein Castro rips his condom off, shooting seed onto her stomach. Nadia’s peaks of nearly inaudible high-pitched squeaks are a highlight here, as her somewhat mechanical patter robs the fucking of heat, at times.  Always carrying herself quite well, otherwise, she turns in a middle-ground performance, at best.

Scene Five:  Maya Gates (20 min)

In slightly broken English, Maya, a trim Latinawith black hair and oversized sunglasses, meets Castro & his cameraman outside a hotel.  She seems peeved at the amount of pre-sex dilly dally, obviously eager to get to the sex, or just annoyed at the boys’ style.  Either way, she sucks on Castro’s unit after arriving at their room, pulling off her pink cotton top and shorts.  Her bosom is an enhanced, medium sized rack with her supple nipples intact, and she displays them quite well in missionary (condom on). Pink panties pushed aside, Maya continues onto reverse cowgirl, Castro pummeling into her quite deeply.  Into doggy, and back into missionary, he cradles on top of her body, combining their sweat for a few moments, and he pulls out to pop on her face and tits.  She tastes, cum shimmering in the bleeding sunlight, and we fade out.  With her neck of brass colored beads and matching heels, Maya seeks to waste no time in fucking Castro, though her enthusiasm is a little forced at times, never really letting go, despite all his deep-dicking. 


Bonus Features

Trailers for seven other Bang Bros. productions, but otherwise, nothing else to write home about.  As with most internet-based companies, the extras are understandably scant, with the main focus being on the feature itself.  Still, a few trailers is better than absolutely nothing!

Audio/Video Quality

Lana’s scene in particular suffers from variations in image color and density (blown out whites, shifts to green and turquoise), which detracts from the action at hand, as does Jennifer’s entry, as well. The best lit: Rebeca’s scene, in the basement with two bright, balanced boxes of light from each corner, and Nadia’s homeroom romp.  The dodgy scenes rely on sunlight, and my guess is the camera was gauged for studio/indoor lights, unfortunately.  Audio is reliable and clean, though the limited chapter stops were a bit of a deterrence for this viewer.  I know this material is shot for the internet, but streaming the whole dvd into thirty or forty chapters wouldn’t be so difficult, would it?  I would love that.

Overall Thoughts

As the title suggests, this one is for fans of big dicks swinging, and the girls who’d love to take a chance with one.  The condom use wasn’t as regrettable as I had initially thought, with the juicier parts (beginnings and endings) being free of those devices.  All the girls are quite delectable and a pleasure to take in, though I hope the lube flows more freely next time out.  Worth a rental, especially if you’re a fan of Latinas like Nadia, Rebeca & Maya, and hopefully you already are!

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