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Tiger's Eiffel Tower - Paris is Mine

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/20/07

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Production Date:

December 2006

Directed By:

Tiger Tyson and Jean Claude Heriot

The Movie:

Hot Latino stud Tiger Tyson and his big uncut cock are in Paris taking in the sights and using a vacation as ample opportunity to fuck though the City of Lust...er, Lights.

The Cast:

Tiger Tyson, Jordan, Kilian, Remy, Hehdi, Jules, Samy, and Cyann.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Tiger’s Eiffel Tower” offers up eight good-looking Black and Latino dudes with short dark hair, muscular and toned bodies, smooth chests, and uncut ‘n cut cocks.

Scene One:

Tiger Tyson (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) wanders the rainy streets of Paris searching for the Eiffel Tower when he meets up with Jordan (good-looking with shaved head, muscular/smooth body) who lures the horny tourist back to his apartment with the promise of a city map. Well, sightseeing is the last thing on these dudes’ minds and things get going when Tiger offers to show Jordan his “Eiffel Tower”. Tiger hauls out his large uncut cock and Jordan grabs on cramming it down his gullet giving some very good head. The guys’ are soon totally naked in bed where they are deep into the action as Tiger fucks Jordan’s willing mouth. Tiger smacks that hot bum and slides in from behind nice ‘n slow. He picks up the speed and fucks Jordan in the missionary position fast, smooth, and hard. Tiger shoots a large thick load on Jordan’s bum and back. Jordan strokes his large cut cock and shoots a thick load on his stomach and shaved pubic area. Although there are some descent close-ups of the penetration, there should be more and the scene definitely needs more close-ups of the cock sucking.

Scene Two:

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Remy (good-looking with shave head, toned/smooth body) enters the men’s room of a trendy French dance club to take a leak. Kilian (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) enters and picks a urinal one away from Remy. The dudes have more than pissing on their minds and are soon checking each other’s business out. The guys kiss and rub bodies leading Kilian to get down on his knees (God only knows what’s on the floor) and takes Remy’s big unclipped tool into his mouth sliding up ‘n down and deep throats down to those trimmed pubes. The dudes move to another private area of the club---a rundown room with blood red walls—where Remy gets down on his haunches and sucks Kilian’s hard clipped dong for just a very short time. Remy pounds Kilian from behind fast ‘n hard with no descent penetration shots. Kilian sucks and jerks Remy to climax making him shoot a hot thick load on his stomach and pubes. Kilian jacks off shooting a thick load on the floor. The scene consisted mostly of Kilian sucking Remy’s cock, which becomes repetitive and monotonous. The lack of descent cock sucking and butt sex penetration close-ups makes the scene mediocre.

Scene Three:

Tiger Tyson (scene one), Jordan (scene one), and Kilian (scene two) are completely naked and going at it as Kilian deep throats Tiger’s big unclipped dong giving some very impressive head. Tiger digs the blowjob and fucks his new pal’s mouth fast ‘n smooth as Jordan is busy chowing down on Kilian’s clipped tool. Jordan quickly switches to eating Kilian’s bunghole but since there are no close-ups, it’s hardly worth mentioning. The posh apartment the dudes are in has blood red walls, a black leather sofa, and an ugly-ass painting of some gal wearing a blue dress. Frankly, there are not enough close-ups and variety making the scene monotonous after a while. Tiger drills Kilian doggy-style fast ‘n hard while Jordan fucks his mouth sliding that big cut prick quickly in ‘n out of that wet gob. Tiger switches to plugging Jordan from behind smooth ‘n hard while Jordan sucks Kilian’s dick. Tiger continues fucking his new pals in the missionary position without descent close-ups and shoots a large thick load on Kilian’s bum. Hot load! Jordan cuts loose with a thick load of jizz on Kilian’s chest, and Kilian doesn’t bust a nut.

Scene Four:

In a very high tone apartment, Jules (handsome with dark hair, beard stubble, toned/smooth) and Samy (good-looking with dark hair, cool facial hair, toned/smooth/heavily tattooed body) kiss with deep tongues while exploring each other’s bodies. Samy pulls Jules’ pants and black briefs down and begins stroking that hard clipped cock. Samy yanks his own clothing off showing his plump uncut cock, hangy nuts, and shaved pubes. He sucks Jules’ prick giving descent head slobbering up ‘n down with tasty deep throat. Jules tackles his pal’s unclipped schlong working his warm wet mouth up ‘n down filling his gullet giving a cool blowjob. There are some descent medium shots of the cock sucking but no close-ups. In a side sixty-nine the dudes’ gorge on one another’s meat with no close-ups and some clumsy camera work. Well hell yeah! There is FINALLY a close-up as Jules polishes Remy’s knob! Jules fucks Remy in the doggy-style using long ‘n full strokes and switches to the missionary position with no close-ups of the penetration but a couple of medium shots. Jules cuts loose with a thick load on Remy’s tattooed stomach. Remy dumps a wet load in his fist.

Scene Five:

Cyann (handsome with short hair, toned/smooth body) and Jordan (scenes one and three) chat on a sofa in French (no subtitles) and soon Cyann is down on his knees cramming Jordan’s large clipped dong down his throat giving excellent head. Cyann bends over the sofa offering up his hot butt, tight shaved bunghole, and hangy nuts. Jordan eats that ass but again, there are no descent close-ups. Jordan takes charge and pounds Cyann’s hole fast ‘n hard from behind and then switches to the missionary position with no descent penetration close-ups. To finish up, Jordan jacks off with legs spread wide dumping a small thick load on his inside thigh. Cyann pulls his pork shooting a large wet load on his stomach. Hot load!



“Tiger’s Eiffel Tower” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The picture quality is sharp but has pixel problems throughout the movie. The handheld videography leaves a lot to desired. As mentioned, there are plenty of medium shots of the sucking and fucking but hardly any close-ups.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dialogue and of course all the slurping, pants, moans, and heavy breathing as sexy French dudes get down with Tiger Tyson.


The amble bonus features are included on a second disc and include an extra scene with Tiger Tyson and Mehdi. The scene is like all the others with plenty of medium shots and hardly any close-ups. Also included is Tiger Tyson’s interview with Tetu magazine, an interview with an unnamed gay video magazine, three photo shoots featuring Tiger and his costars, Tiger’s tour of Paris including museums and sex shops where he jokes around with enormous dildos, and a behind-the-scenes featurette of the photo shoots. The trailers for “Spread Dat Butta”, “Menace to STR8 Thugs”, “Lil Nellie: Pain In Da Azz”, “Straight Shooter”, and “The Show Part II” are excellent. The disc also includes an interactive menu and scene selection.

Poindexter’s Roundup:

I usually enjoy Pitbull Production’s movies but I find “Tiger’s Eiffel Tower” lacking in important areas. I’ll start off with what I did like so I don’t seem like too big of an asshole. The dudes are very hot including the always mouth-watering Tiger Tyson. These Black and Latino dudes have a strong sex appeal and really get into the fucking and sucking. The non-sexual shots of Paris are nicely shot and fun. The bonus materials are plentiful and I the interviews with Tiger are entertaining and informative. He’s sending out a smart message of safe sex only and no drugs. The trailers are definitely worth mentioning and look like very hot movies. Okay, now what I didn’t like: the lack of descent close-ups! There are plenty of okay medium shots so the viewer can see the cock sucking and butt penetration but I’m a big fan of close-ups and there are simply not enough here to make the scenes interesting. Frankly, the only scene that I find not to be monotonous is scene four featuring Jules and Samy. I recommend a Rental for Tiger Tyson fans.

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