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40 Inch Plus 2

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Alicia Tyler and Derrick Pierce

40 Inch Plus #2

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Uncredited

Gianna had some sweet curves!

Cast: Alicia Tyler, Derrick Pierce, Gianna, Jay Huntington, Candace Von, Sledgehammer, Sophie Dee, Alex Sanders, Carly Parker

Length: 206:12 minutes

Candace Von all oiled up and needing to visit Houston.

Date of Production: 7/11/2007

Extras: After starting off with heaps of spam (with cute Sunny Leone hawking the company’s stuff), the rest of the extras took on a new light. There were not many of them, a handful of trailers and more spam, but the length of the scenes largely made up for it.

Sophie Dee preparing to show her curves.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: 40 Inch Plus #2 was presented in a very crisp 1.33:1 full frame color as shot by an uncredited director for Vivid Entertainment back in 2006.The voice of the cameraman sounded familiar but that doesn’t automatically make him the director so ask a company representative if you really need to know how is most responsible for the movie. The lighting was solid so the grain, video noise, and other visual flaws were minimal to nonexistent as far as I was concerned; the accurate fleshtones enhancing the appeal of the scenes too. The composition of the camera angles was nicely handled, enhancing the look of the ladies, with video being the format of choice here. The video bitrate hovered around the mid 4 Mbps range most of the time and I saw no compression artifacts though some of the colors displayed a bit of tint at times. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a standard 192 Kbps bitrate on the audio, the minimal music never getting in the way of the vocals. The vocals were, on occasion, too low but the basic nature of the shoot was such that this, like the sometimes shaky camera, only made it seem more personal a production instead of a release by a mega-huge production company.

Carly Parker getting clean before she got dirty.

-- sponsored by --

Body of Review: Vivid Entertainment has been such a mainstay in the porn industry that many folks take the company for granted; so many firsts coming out of their hallowed doors that even I can’t keep track of them. Besides the big budget blockbusters so many people like and their plethora of pretty contract gals that make most of us swoon, the company has been listening to consumer feedback and trying to provide more of what the fans are demanding these days. In that spirit, they released 40 Inch Plus #2, a straight forward gonzo offering using plenty of lighting, a generally steady camera, and a bunch of attractive ladies with large asses to appeal to the booty fans out there. If you like the 98 pound waifish girls that are so common in the industry, you will want to pass on this one but considering the bootilicious babes busting the nut here; the rest of you will be pleased at Vivid’s new style offering. Gone are the generic extras and replaced with a title lasting almost three and a half hours; all of the footage focusing on tease or sex with nothing worth chopping off in the editing room. If that sounds good to you, here’s a quick look at the scenes from the show, noting that no condoms were wasted in the production:

Scene One: Backbeat Rhythm: Alicia Tyler, a light skinned black gal with a rounded rump, was up first as she hooked up with bald Derrick Pierce in a parking lot on this scene shot back on 8/18/2006. They went back to the house after some spirited discussion, her clothing falling to the floor after some nice booty tease. The oiling up of the ass was hot and the shaking of her sweet ass cheeks added to the fun too, Derrick relishing the idea of tapping that ass as much as I would. She masturbated for him before she began to slob his knob, the gal actively working the meat pipe to the bone as she lubed it up with her saliva. She put on a show for the camera, providing knowing glances as she was able and working herself into a 69 with her partner of the day. He gave as well as he got and the two soon moved to vaginal penetration where she aggressively rode his cock in multiple positions. Her full lips (both sets) and sleepy doe eyed look made her all the more appealing, the wiggling ass cheeks showing the junk in her trunk better than I could ever describe it successfully. The scene showed some chemistry between then with the attending heat well played too; the population pudding gracing her crotch this time when he rubbed out a load.

Scene Two: Trampoline Escapade: Gianna, one of my all time favorite curvy (or “thick”) gals, was up next with Jay Huntington in a scene shot back on 1/26/2006 next. Watching her bounce on the trampoline was poetry in motion, Jay moving in for the ass kissing in mere minutes as the all natural light of the sun poured down on them. That turned into some more tease and a mutual round of oral satisfaction, Gianna sitting on his face and then keeping just out of reach to make him beg for more. I was surprised at the public nudity and sex but it was even more fun because of this; the couple engaging in more oral play as the scene carried on. Once she had suitably blew him, he took her in several positions as well, the gal actively riding as she was able; some positions making that really tough on the unstable device. Still, gyrated her hips and pumped up and down on him as though into the spirit of the scene, making it hotter than the last one with plenty of extra chemistry to boot. It was vaginal only but the amount of booty tease displayed by the single camera shoot was impressive, the final load going to her ass cheeks (which she smiled about). Nice!

Scene Three: Chocolate Buns Cake: Candace Von, the curvy black gal seen on the left hand side of the front cover, was up next and she has been another hotty for those that like gals thick, so you can imagine the sparks flying when she found out she was working with studly Sledgehammer in the scene shot back on 7/10/2006. He ate her from behind as she cooed and moaned lightly, moving to face sitting before she nearly suffocated him (what a way to go!). He masturbated using her ass cheeks and more oil before popping his penis into her pussy; starting off slowly before the duo picked up the pace a bit. This led to her blowing his juice soaked cock, slurping on it like a lollipop and jerking him off with a look of glee on her face. She was lost in the moment and rubbing herself crazy, soon bouncing on cock as though her pussy was on fire and he could scratch that itch of hers in an active manner. The pop shot was nearly a creampie but he pulled out just in time to go with the flow; the gal knowing her job was done.

Scene Four: My Friction Addiction: Sophie Dee, walking a mutt on the dog days of summer last year, was hit on by Alex Sanders as the guy complained to the cameraman about how lame the pickings were in the area back on 7/19/2006. Sophie’s big ass attracted his attention and he promised to give her some deep tissue massaging as he asked her whether she came from Texas (the home of large white ass). Her English accent betrayed her roots and they went back to the house where the real playfulness began. She stripped off most of her clothes for him to get frisky with, her curves getting him excited as he convinced her to straddle his face for a “nose massage” (I still call it face sitting) with the dynamic being she was acting clueless about the sex acts. Alex ate away at her and aside from some minor warts, she really did have a sweet ass to tease with. She reciprocated with a heated blowjob that included deepthroating, the dog barking (probably because he wanted some too) as she aggressively went to town on his cock in her mouth. The licking, sucking, and lips wrapped around the rod all enhanced the experience but as fans like me know; her strength has long been in how actively she rides cock. The way she rode this time was not quite as aggressive as usual but it was still fun to watch; the load hitting her ass cheeks after some multi positional maneuvering.

Scene Five: Shower Head Mischief: Carly Parker, a sexy blond that has all the curves a guy could hope for, was up last in a scene between her and Derrick Pierce that was shot back on 8/1/2006. She was showering in a most seductive manner when Derrick assisted the cameraman in checking her out. The shower stall was cramped but she was looking great and Derrick could not help but join her. She suggested they fuck and after she gave him a great hummer, they moved to the bed for some 69 action in the darkened room. Strangely enough, the lack of light did not translate into a lot of grain, the camera settings fixed to cover the matter with an emphasis on her ass in the air as they went at it some more. I wasn’t keen on all the bruises she sported on her legs but she rode him like she was channeling the spirit of Erik Everhard; impaling her pussy onto him like there was no tomorrow. Her clean shaven kitty was sweet to look at too, the pink inner lips beckoning to be boned some more. Her blemishes were better covered up and the hemorrhoids did not stop her from taking a wealth of wand whiz on her fleshy ass. Sweet!

Summary: 40 Inch Plus #2 by Vivid Entertainment had some of the finest asses in all of porn and despite the limitations of the formula employed here, I found the action and technical values to be well worth a rating of Recommended or better. If you’re into anal sex, hate tease footage, or demand longer generic extras in place of more movie, you will be pissed off here but the sane folks out there are going to love this one for the treasure trove of hot booty on display. In short, 40 Inch Plus #2 had some great replay and stroke value so the amount of fuck for the buck escalated in response; making this new style gonzo project by the company something to look for more of, I just wish they had credited someone as director.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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