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Too Many Boys

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 11/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:March 2005

Director:Marty Stevens

Cast:Tim Hamilton, Chris Casablanca, Renato Amoroso, Casper Watts, Danny Saradon, Ricky Martinez, Marc Vidal, Gianni Fabian, Matthew Gray, Johnny Surabaya, Steve Jennings, Liev Safran, Ethan Clarke, Roman Prada, Matt Philippe, Stefan Keller

Body Types:young European guys, guys with foreskin


Things to see:tub sex, sex with alcohol, rimming, erotic cake eating

Plot:A group of friends gathers at the director's house to celebrate Steve's birthday party. 

The Movie:

'Too Many Boys' starts out with a group of young studs storming into a house with party supplies and lots of alcohol.  The guys are there to celebrate Steve's birthday, yet they also have an ulterior motive; they want tomake out with someone at the party.  Throughout the course of the film, an interviewer chats with couples about them having sex.  Shortly after that, we then get to see the same couple having sex in seclusion.  Amidst all of the sex, the actors play naughty party games and drink a whole lot of alcohol.  As you can see, there is little need to describe the story, because there isn't that much story intertwined among all of the sex.  Instead, the film takes on a slight reality show based format, although the actors don't try to avoid being kicked out of the house because they were unpopular.

In terms of sex and hunky guys (what else are you reading this review for?) the film never lets you down.  There is a huge assortment of different guys to fulfill your fantasies.  The sex is also very good, with my favorite scenes being the Steve Jennings andLiev Safran and the scene with Matt Philippe and Stefan Keller.  The Philippe/Keller scene, in particular, is superb thanks to both actors unable to hide the fact that they are so turned on by each other.  As a result of their chemistry, a scorching hot sex scene ensues.  Overall, there is enough sex and cute guys to make you question how many cute boys does it take to make a party?

Scene one:Tim Hamilton and Chris Casablanca

In the party house kitchen, two blond twinks (Tim and Chris) undress each other.  Tim probes Chris's mouth with his dick until Chris takes charge, sucking away like a dick hungry whore.  Tim thenunbuttons Chris's pants, making his penis pop out like a loaded weapon.  Chris's dick is long and beautiful, so I can see why Tim spends a considerable amount of time sucking on it.   After that, Chris props himself against a table so that Tim can fuck his shaved hole.  Chris then lies on the kitchen table so that Tim can screw him some more.  Finally, Tim spurts his load onto Chris and Chris cums onto Tim's shoulder. 

Both actors were very attractive blonds.  I particularly enjoyed watching Chris's big dick flop around while he was fucked. 

Scene two:Renato Amoroso and Casper Watts

Renato takes a bath until Casper comes into the room and offers to wash his back.  Once Renato leaves the bathtub, Casper removes his towel to help Renato dry off and help him with his raging hard on.  Casper sucks on Renato's big dick and then Renato returns the favor.  Casper then bends over so that Renato can screw his hole.  The boys fuck for a while, resulting in some juice action.  Eventually, Renato cums on Casper's backside and Casper shoots his load into the tub. 

Both actors were cute, and the sex was good. What's not to like?


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Scene three:Danny Saradon and Ricky Martinez

Ricky Martinez (who does look similar to Ricky Martin) is paired with Danny.  The boys sneak into a bathroom to make out.  It doesn't take long before the guys undress and passionately kiss each other.  Ricky is the first to head south for dick sucking, where he sucks intensely on Danny's rod.  Ricky then has his big dick (with an enormous head) sucked on.  Danny works Ricky's cock into a frenzy, resulting in a wonderfulcumshot onto Danny's shoulder.  Danny then screws Ricky's asshole quickly for a while until he creams Ricky's backside and rubs it around. 

This was another good scene.  I really enjoyed watching Danny take care of Ricky's big headed cock.  Ricky simply has one of those good looking cocks that practically begs to be sucked on.

Scene four:Marc Vidal and Gianni Fabian

Marc and Gianni sneak off to the jacuzzi.  Marc opens up a bottle of champagne, but the pair soon find out that they forgot to bring glasses.  Gianni isn't worried, however, because he has Marc Stand up and gently pour the drink down his chest so that the champagne dribbles down onto his dick and into Gianni's mouth.  Soon enough, Gianni gets his fill of champagne, but still craves more of Marc's cock. Out of the tub, Chris sucks on Gianni's nicely veined cock.  Gianni then starts to dribble out sum, so Marc takes over and strokes him to completion.  After that, Marc fucks Gianni from behind and then fucks him on his back.  Finally, Marc shoots his white load all over Gianni's chest. 

I loved the champagne dick sucking technique in this scene.  I would argue that it was this scene's hottest moment, so much so that I now want to open up a bottle of bubbly and try it myself!

Scene five:Matthew Gray and Johnny Surabaya

Two attractive twinks stand next to each other, erect and ready for action.  Mathew takes control of the situation first by sucking on Johnny's cock.  Mathew sucks on Johnny until he cums onto Mathew's cheek and chest.  Mathew then has his big dick sucked on for a while.   After that, Johnny is screwed in two positions.  Eventually, Mathew shoots an impressive load all over Johnny's back. 

The sex was good, although not all too memorable.  I enjoyed watching the consistently hard Johnny and the passion that these two actors convey throughout the scene.

Scene six: Steve Jennings and Liev Safran

The birthday boy (Steve) heads into the library with Liev.  Liev pulls off Steve's pants and starts to suck on Steve's thick birthday wiener.  Liev makes a thorough effort to bring Steve pleasure since he rims Steve's hairy hole and sucks on his balls.  Steve then takes care ofLiev's cock and ends up sucking off Liev, with cum flying into his mouth (he has a semen mustache afterwards).  Steve then fucks Liev in a straddle position on the couch.  After that, the guys screw passionately on a table.  Finally, Steve cums onto Liev's chest. 

This was a really good scene.  The sex was passionate and the oral cumshot was excellent.  The fact that Steve is still smiling, while cum drips down his face, is a sign of a great man!

Scene seven
:Ethan Clarke and Roman Prada

Ethan and Roman head upstairs to find a vacant room.  Unfortunately, some of the other guys are already screwing in the free bedrooms.  As a result, the guys decide to make out in the hall lobby, not caring if anyone catches them.  Ethan starts out by sucking onRoman's pink monster.  The sucking results in Roman cumming onto Ethan's shoulder.  After that, the boys make out on a nearby couch.  Roman heads south so that he can suck on Ethan's dick.  Ethan then fucks Roman, holding his legs up in the air.  After a change in positions, Ethan cums ontoRoman's backside.

The greatest part of this scene was both actor's beautiful and large cocks.  Both actors look great as they suck on each other's piece of meat. 

Scene eight
:Matt Philippe Stefan Keller

Matt catches Stefan reading a dirty magazine.  Instead of reading it together, the pair decide to act out their fantasies.  The couple make out passionately in bed and mutually stroke each other.  Matt then sucks on Stefan's cock and balls.  Stefan then flips over so that Matt can rim his hairy hole.  After that, Stefan diligently sucks on Matt's dick.  Matt cums close to Stefan's face, with most of it landing all over Stefan's shoulder.  Next, Matt fucks Stefan on his side and from behind.  Matt then shoots his big load all over Stefan's chest. 

What a great scene!  Both actors were so passionate towards each other, which made for one hot scene.  It's clear that they take pleasure in knowing that they turn each other on.  This type of chemistry is rarely displayed on porn, so it is important to recognize when two actors do a great job of portraying hot and passionate sex.  

The DVD:


This DVD includes a fullscreen transfer.  All of the images take place indoors, so all of the scenes remain consistently bright and colorful.  While the image is bright, it lacks some of the truly sparkling images found in other Bel Ami titles.    


The sound was good, with all of the action clearly recorded.  The soundtrack is pleasant and non-distracting. 


There are some pleasant extras included on this DVD.  The scene selection is extremely easy to use and offers comprehensive options for selecting the particular section of each scene, including the foreplay, oral, anal, and cumshots from each scene.  Also, there are several trailers for other Bel Ami movies, a trailer for Bel Ami products, and a trailer for Bel Ami Online.

Final thoughts:

I think that for once, a porno company correctly named their title according to what the movie is about.  There are so many different guys in this film, and thus there are just too many boys.  The sex ranges from good to really good.  The models are also very good looking.  Therefore, there is enough sex and handsome lads to warrant giving this title a highly recommended rating.

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