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Greek Holiday Part 2: Cruising Mykonos

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 11/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:November 2004

Director:George Duroy

Cast:Brandon Manilow, Sascha Chaykin, Johnny Surabaya, Josh Elliot, Tommy Hansen, Julian Armanis, Yves Carradine, Tim Hamilton


Body Types:young European guys, guys with foreskin



Things to see:outdoor sex, romantic sex, oral cumshots and facials

Plot:Seamen and tourists cruise the island of Mykonis for some of the local semen specialties. 

The Movie: 

It's such a pleasure to be able to watch a porno film that wasn't shot in (A) someone's messy basement/media room, (B) a porno warehouse that looks like every other office or (C) a compact kitchen that recently had some upgrades from the store IKEA.  All too often these are the locations where porn is shot because it's cheap.  The director, George Duroy, doesn't want to do 'cheap.'  Instead of shooting in a kitchen in Oakland, California, he sends his models off on a luxury yacht to the Greek island Mykonos, where the models then stay at posh hotel rooms.  In between the shoots, the models vacation and enjoy themselves on the island, which is probably why the Bel Ami models are always smiling. 

The film is a sequel, or continuation, from the last Greek Holiday.  Thanks to a recap (included on the disc), some seamen and tourists travel to Mykonos.  Once the boat is docked, the models waste no time finding new sexual encounters that seem to exist on any corner of this brightly lit island.  Without giving too much away about the "story," the models share lots of passionate sex with each other by the end of the film.  Sure enough, there isn't that much of a coherent storyline in this film, which is fine.  As much as I enjoy story based porn, I would rather watch a beautifully shot and erotic film with an underdeveloped story than bad porn with a complex story.  Speaking of a beautifully shot porno, Greek Holiday 2 is a gorgeous film, thanks to the locations, the direction, the sexy models, and the passionate sex.  At times, the film resembles some of the beautifully shot postcards that some of the street vendors sell in the film.  I also found the film to possess an almost dream like quality due to the intense sunlight and a lens filter used in some of the scenes.  Perhaps the film would be any gay man's dream because the sex looks so inviting amidst the warm breezes flowing through the narrow streets of white homes.  Therefore, Greek Holiday 2 is the type of film that inhabits your dreams as well as your conscious desires.  What are you waiting for?  You should book your vacation now so that you too can experience your own Greek Holiday. 

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Scene one:Brandon Manilow and Sascha Chaykin

A sailor (Brandon) searches for someone to help him hoist his "anchor."  He finds another hunky sailor (Sasha) sitting on a fence.  After some conversation, the sailor boys decide to head to a private location to compare each other's poles.  The guys first strip off their pants, leaving on their hats and shirts.  A penis sword fight ensues, before each guy spends some quality oral attention on the other's cock.  After that, Sasha bends over for some screwing.  The guys screw for a while until Sasha lies on his back for more screwing.  Finally, the guys deliver some decent loads. 

This scene wasn't bad, although it did suffer from a certain degree of predictability.  The oral action is perhaps this scene's greatest strength, notably due to the director's wonderfully lit footage of the glorious, glistening cocks.

Scene two:Johnny Surabaya and Josh Elliot

Two guys cruise each other while they shop for postcards.  The guys don't buy any postcards but they decide to go make out in a secluded alley.  In the alley Johnny starts to suck on Josh's lovely cock.  Johnny also receives some oral pleasures for his large member.  After that, Johhny bends over, inviting Josh to fuck him against a wall.  The boys screw for a while until Josh releases a load onto Johnny's leg, followed by Johnny cumming onto the alley street ground. 

The scene was beautifully lit with natural sunlight.  The sex is pretty good and both models are attractive.

Scene three:Brandon Manilow and Tommy Hansen

Tommy and Brandon lounge out in the scorching sun.  Tommy invites Brandon over to rub oil onto his back and then the boys decide to head back to Brandon's outdoor spa.  In the spa, the guys strip off their shorts and start to tease each other with sex talk and mild stroking.  Eventually, Brandon gives Tommy a wet blowjob in the spa.  Tommy then returns the oral favors and holds onto Bandon's sexy low hanging balls.  Next, Brandon holds his legs up into the air so that Tommy can fuck him.  The guys fuck passionately on a towel.  Finally, Tommy pulls out and cums onto Brandon's dick, followed by Brandon cumming onto his own chest. 

This was a well staged sex scene.  Both actors acted passionately as they sucked and fucked their way towards their climax.  I also thought that the wet oral sex was nicely done.  Overall, this was a great scene! 

Scene four:Julian Armanis and Yves Carradine


Julian and Yves play Frisbee in the water, only wearing skimpy Speedos.  After the fun in the sun, the guys head back to their hotel for some more "fun."  It doesn't take long before the couple starts to make out in the warm and brightly colored room.  The guys rub each others cocks (in and out of the Speedos) and Julian licks all over Yve's smooth body.  Yves then sucks on Julian's perfect cock, although he can only go down so far on that big rod.  Yves continues to suck on Julian's cock until Julian releases a nice sticky load.  Julian then returns the oral favor.  After that, Yves has his hole rimmed and moistened.  While he watches himself in the mirror, Julian fucks his hole from behind.  The boys fuck romantically until Julian pulls out to shoot off another load. 

This was a great scene, thanks to the passionate couple.  However, the best part of this scene occurs when Julian is receiving a blowjob.  The closeups of his irresistible cock being serviced were almost too hot to take. 

Scene five:Tim Hamilton and Tommy Hansen

Tim and Tommy walk around perusing the local tourist shops.  After the window shopping, the guys head back to Tim's room where they quickly start to take off their clothes.  Tim has his dick sucked on first, resulting in a wet oral cumshot for Tommy.  Tim then returns the favor and receives a perfect oral cumshot, with extra cum splattered all over his pretty face!  After this, the scene shifts outside where Tim straddles Tommy's cock, enabling his dick to flop up and down during the fucking.  The guys change positions once more before Tommy agrees to be the bottom.  Tim fucks Tommy swiftly, while his legs are propped up in the air.  The scene ends with some nice cumshots on Tommy's chest.  


This was a really good scene!  Both actors were playful and frisky with each other, resulting in a believable camaraderie that would exist between two friends/fuck buddies.  The sex was very good, especially the double facial/oral cumshots for both actors.  

The DVD:


Shot in fullscreen, the image is bright warm and sunny, similar to the island of Mykonos.  Most of the scenes are shot amidst intense sunlight being reflected off of the Greek island's bright white walls.  The brightness, and slight over-saturation, continues into some of the bedroom scenes, especially the Armanis and Carradine scene.  There were a few outdoor scenes that suffered from the sun's intense light, resulting in a slight loss of discerneable detail, but this was rare. 


The sound was good, with all of the action clearly recorded.  The soundtrack is pleasant and non-distracting. 


There are some nice extras included on this DVD.  The scene selection is extremely easy to use and offers comprehensive options for selecting the particular section of each scene, including the foreplay, oral, anal, and cumshots from each scene.  Another extra is a brief video recap from the first Greek Holiday film.  There is just enough action footage to give you a taste from the first film, as well as bring you up to date on the "storyline."  Finally, this DVD's best extra is a travelogue, hosted by Tommy Hansen and Brandon Manilow.  The two actors travel around the beautiful island, showing off some of the many sights and sounds, including restaurants, gay friendly hotels, and local gay clubs and bars.  Although this lengthy segment suffers from some annoying camera movement, the video footage captures the beauty of the island.  I must also confess that it's fun to watch a travel show (similar to something found on cable) where the adventurous hosts take off their clothes to go skinny dipping!

Final thoughts:

Greek Holiday 2: Cruising Mykonos is a fantastic international film to add to your collection.  The scenery is stunning and the boys are just as beautiful.  All of the sex is above average, with the last two scenes being as close to excellent as possible.  If you are looking for a reason to travel to Greece in the future, then I wholeheartedly suggest that you pick up this DVD.  Of course, watching this DVD might make you want to pack your bags for a trip, the minute after you watch it.  Therefore, this tile easlly comes with a highly recommended rating. 

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