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Cum Scene Investigation 1

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 11/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Amateur

Director: n/a

Cast: Gen, Diamond, Tara, Alicia, Joey

Length: 2hrs 30 min

Production Date: Pink Visual, 2007

Chapter Selection: With Act Access
Bonus Scene: From Anal Fuck Auditions Vol. 1, featuring Jasmine, a top-heavy, stringy haired blonde with a smoking body and a California/Asian look. Her ass is cracked by two guys.
Behind the Scenes: A day at the beach, photo shoots, and behind the camera chit chat; approx. 6 minutes.
Striptease: A few minutes of soft core stripping with each gal.
Web Info:

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is stereo 2.0 and comes through nicely. Many of the scenes are shot outside, but despite this, the goods can be heard in all their juicy glory. The Video is full frame color and is fairly consistent, despite various locations. The box claims the video is filmed in HD, but for my puny boob tube it was plenty satisfying. Scenes were very clear, so I can imagine HD would be pretty sweet.

Body of Review: Pink Visual Productions is a low-key studio, slowly churning out more and more for our greedy hands. Cum Scene Investigation #1 gives 5 starlets the chance to be a living cum crime scenes. The scenes vary in theme, but most are simply walking the streets to find gals willing to bone on screen and include natural talent that gives the movie amateur feel.

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Scene 1: Gen
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
  This 24 year old blonde looks like an 18 year old coast girl. She's a lifegaurd for the beach and is just taking a cigarrette break (yeah right, I know). Gen is thin, petite with freckles and a natural look. Her thin, blond hair keeps getting in her face and she's constantly pulling it aside. Two guys talk her into joining them on a boat where a small party turns to a touchy feely grope session. Gen pulls her swimsuit off and her firm globes pop loose along with a shaved vagine with lips that look like they could actually grab you. One thing nice about Gen is that she's very natural. Her noises exaggerate a bit, but she giggles through the scene and chats like she's having fun. Her oral is at a pornstar level; she deep throats and quacks, slobbing his dick and pushing her nose to his belly. Fucking on the deck of the boat is nice, but there's often shadows that obscure the goods. Gen receives a decent bone on, even moving into the captain's chair where she wiggles and worms in pleasure with his thrusts. The acts here are pretty straightforward, and Gen's looks are about average. What works well is her demeanor and the simple, amateur fuck she offers. A crappy facial only covers the side of her chin, but otherwise ends a semi-solid, decent scene.

Scene 2: Diamond
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Titfucking,
  20-something Diamond (cover) visits the doctor for an exam. She takes her top off and two artificial melons stick straight out. The nurse, a petite redhead, gropes her tits and sucks her nipples hard before consulting with the doctor. In comes the doctor and he goes over this long boring schpeil about procedures and tests, blah blah, until he feels her up. Diamond is a decent looking woman, but the massive cones just doesn't gel. The doctor checks her tempeture with his cock; Diamond is about as excited as a comatose patient on his birthday. Then Dr. Feelgood tries a few unconventional methods and checks her vag temp, hitting at different angles to find the hottest spot. The couple fuck right there on the examinig table in as many positions as the table will allow. The doctor gives her a gluey splat of cum to her right breast. Standard boning with very little that stands out. There is a nice looking tityfuck but it must feel like humping a raft, and we all know how uncomfortable that can be.

Scene 3: Tara
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
  Wild child Tara is a frizzy, blond-haired lady with a tanned, older body. Her face is fresh and young, but she's got to be closer to thirty than anything else. Two men grope her average body as she sits on a bed before turning to tag-team cocksucking that she performs with professional grace. Tara slides her lips down their cocks in long, continuous, smooth moves until her lips touch their pubic hairs; then she slides back again. She blows them so simply that it doesn't even look like a deep throat act; it's pure, single motions. Tara is mounted from behind, slammed in her ripe pussy into the other guy's lap. From behind, Tara is tighter and younger looking. Her firm ass barely jiggles and a script tattoo above her crack makes you think she's still got some youth in her. Typical threesome triangle sex ensures and her shaved pussy is gashed in spoon, doggy and piledriver. A nice one too that leads to more screwing and a double facial that Tara is less than thrilled to receive.

Scene 4: Alicia
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
  Alicia is a drop-dead young brunette with a cheerleader's body and homecoming queen smile. Her toned figure is tanned perfecty; a bright orange bikini hides all her goodies. Soon enough she's on a boat and sucking a stiffy. Alicia is so cute; she giggles and talks throughout her oral, not in an annoying way, but an innocent, amateur way. And this cute daddy's-girl deep throats, quacking like a duck. Alicia's oral scene lasts a long time, but it's well worth it. You can tell she's having some fun and is eager to move on to each act or suggestion. One suggestion is to bone in cowgirl off the side of the boat. Alicia rides her muscular co-star on the edge of the boat, with the blue water and passing boats behind them. Her model face takes an explosion of cum that proves she's a keeper.

Scene 5: Joey
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
    Joey looks a bit like Brittany Spears, somewhere in between the height of her career and today. A sexy, well-rounded brunette, with piercing eyes, dimples and a dimple on her chin, Joey is very homely and natural. Wearing a thin, yellow tank top, her bra-free breasts look like they droop; but when the top comes off, her tits are as perky as coffee. Joey looks a bit hesitant during her interview. Unless she's acting (and it's very good) she's rather scared. For 1,000$ she's willing to do the scene but is adamant about not swallowing. Her juicy oral is hot but far too short and Joey quickly sheds her shyness, pumping his cock in cowgirl and reverse. During doggystyle they convince her to swallow and when it comes she gets a mouthful. Her forehead wrinkles and her cheeks clench. When she gulps, she shakes like a wet dog, grossed out by the poor guy's manhood. Another solid scene with yet another lovely girl. Action moves a bit slower here as Joey isn't as responsive as some of the other gals, but good looks and her homegirl attitude give the disc a solid ending.

Concluding Words:
  The only crime worth investigating here is how Diamond's scene was snuck into a stellar title. The other four scenes are amateur-esque, with homely gals interviewed and 'coaxed' into performing. Although their looks are a fair range, they all give performances that are better than most amateur scenes. Diamond's however is thrown in the middle like an afterthought. It actually involves a silly doctor/patient sketch, and Diamond, although lovely in her own type, is very different than the other, younger, more natural gals. This stuck out like a sore dick and I can only image it was floor footage used for fluff. Course I may be wrong; but it still sticks out like a sore dick. The film has nothing to do with crime shows or forensics and since all cum shots are external, there's no reason for any investigation, silly right?  Instead it is simple Q&A with the gals and spotless, smooth sex. The title and box makes the flick look like something completely different; more of a cheaply plotted, early '90s type porn. But it's far from this and I'm afraid the box will turn many off--Initially I judged it as this and was ready for a dissapointment. So it was my surprise to get a strong disc with totally unexpected cuties.  Because of the hot, young talent everyone should check this out.  There's ample bonus features, but nothing we haven't seen countless times.  Maybe so the flick gets a little more attention--and to deter people from the misleading cover--I Highly Recommend this one.


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