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Private Reserve

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/21/07

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Sunrise Adams getting frisky.

Vividís Private Reserve

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Compilation

Director: Varied By Scene

Dasha open for business

Cast: Sunrise Adams, Ken Strong, Dasha, Randy Spears, Savanna Samson, Nick Manning, Briana Banks, Bobby Vitale, Taylor Hayes, Dale DaBone

Length: 99:23 minutes

Date of Production: 8/1/2007

A hair tossed Savanna Samson looking great!

Extras: Most of you will like the bonus scenes described below from Savannaís Been Blackmaled, Layout, and Where The Boys Arenít 17. Bonus scenes are always welcomed, even if they arenít new to the show (where they would get more credit) so getting 35:51 minutes of them is decent as an extra. There was also a photogallery, spam, and trailers to movies like Chemistry 3, Debbie Loves Dallas, and Savanna Loves Sex.

Condoms: Yes

Briana Banks in her leaner years.

Audio/Video Quality: Vividís Private Reserve was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color the scenes were shot in back in 2002 (yikes!) by various directors at Vivid Entertainment. Each scene had itís own issues, from lighting that was off to editing a blind man could top to framing that most home movies would compete successfully against but there was a lot to like too. In general, the lighting was fairly strong and if some of the performers looked distracted or otherwise not at their best, I kept reminding myself that each of these scenes was locked away at the company for some reason; typically not because they were too good to release. Seeing cameramen in the shadows or equipment in the shot doesnít usually bother me so I just sat back to enjoy the show as most people would do; noting the bitrate hovered in the mid 4 to 5 Mbps, the fleshtones were accurate, and I saw few compression artifacts. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English at 192 Kbps but this was an area that really varied by scene with some of them sounding dubbed over, other times the vocals being too low (and loud music tossed on for no good reason), and an assortment of other issues (like sounding hollow).

Taylor Hayes and Dale DaBone about to bone.

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Body of Review: Vivid Entertainment has been one of the biggest players in the porn worldís version of the contract system for many years now, capturing numerous performances of top flight gals to slowly release long after the ladies moved onto to other endeavors. This has allowed the fans to enjoy said ladies that much longer, the fantasies fueled by the pornified approach launching many a load. Well, as a result of having so much footage stored away, sometimes scenes that werenít exactly as technically perfect as usual ended up left to gather dust so the company recently released Vividís Private Reserve, a collection of five such scenes starring some of their top beauties from 2002. As a guy that has appreciated a lot of the gals in question many a time, I looked forward to seeing them from so long ago, knowing that the critic in me would find lots of flaws but the fan finding plenty to enjoy too. If youíre still interested, hereís a brief glimpse into the scenes by cast, action, and date of production, noting that all of them used condoms:

Scene One: Sunrise Adams, the cute blonde on the right hand side of the cover, was up first in a lounge chair on a wooden deck as she masturbated with a neon pink vibrator. The clumsy camera work was distracting and handled almost as if spying on her but the addition of Ken Strong to the scene shot in 10/19/2002 did manage to spice things up a bit. He took over use of the toy until she was suitably lubed up, the relative lack of vocals disturbing though she still looked good here. She went to sucking him off and providing a handjob until they screwed vaginally; the limited positions showing her to be an active ride even if the angle used to capture most of the action was lame. The sex ended with her jerking him off into her mouth, an admittedly strong ending thanks to her removing his rubber.

Scene Two: Dasha, the former contract gal from overseas, was up next on her bed as she masturbated after playing on her computer. The solo footage seemed forced here but she pulled out a blue toy and started porking herself until she was assisted by Randy Spears in the scene shot back on 10/23/2002. This was another one with limited vocals and while she was one of their few anal divas at the time, the moving back and forth from the chair and bed struck me as a goofy edit. Randy was quite oral with her and she blew him in return but the vaginal ride (no anal this time) lacked energy so even the fact that she helped rub out his load onto her crotch could not save the scene for me.

Scene Three: Savanna Samson, the curvy blond on the left hand side of the front cover, was sporting nipple piercings after she removed her bikini top to masturbate in this next scene with long haired Nick Manning that was shot on 9/2/2002. She was doing fine by herself as she used her finger and a golden vibrator, the slightly blurry picture and home movie approach weakening the scene but not killing it altogether. They went down on each other like professionals and I admit that her tan lines enhanced her looks for me, building up some sexual tension that was released during her active ride on Nickís cock. I like Savannaís current looks a lot but she was especially fetching when this was shot so the condom did nothing to dissuade me that this was the best scene of the movie in terms of her performance, even if the technical values were off. It ended when Nick jerked off to her sweet ass, Savanna bouncing around as if to taunt him. Whew!

Scene Four: Briana Banks, the blond featured on the middle of the front cover, was up next as she walked down the wooden stairs to the ever popular deck in her light purple outfit. I thought she looked too lean here but many of her fans have expressed to me their appreciation for this look and she seemed to be having fun as she masturbated all over the deck and lounge chair. The anal sex with the vibrator was kind of appealing and the energy levels enhanced the scene despite her need of a few burgers, the capper being the chemistry between her and scene partner Bobby Vitale coming out in the scene shot back on 8/27/2002. As much as she enjoyed masturbating and sucking on the lengthy dildo, she liked his cock even more; aggressively working it in her mouth and with her hand like a champion. It would have been better if he had reciprocated but the pounding vaginal sex came next and as inconsistent a ride as it was, she actually did better at anal than vaginal. It ended with a facial and minimal dirty talk; not her best work but a nice blast from the past for fans of population pudding on Brianaís face.

Scene Five: Taylor Hayes, a brunette with hot curves that really set some people off due to her heated sexuality, was up last and sadly, in the weakest scene of the batch as she took on Dale DaBone in bed back on 5/9/2002. There was no tease at all and they just went right to going down on each other, pawing one another, and then screwing vaginally in a mechanical manner that almost made me forget how good she was when she was into the moment. Dale did most of the work here and she kind of passively took whatever came her way; the ending pop shot hitting her chest.

Bonus Scene One: Layout: Briana Banks, the contract hotty gracing the front cover, was up first in a scene with Kurt Lockwood in a living room. They tumbled around and he orally worked her over, leading to her taking charge of his rod with her mouth engulfing it in her usual, energetic manner. She made those endearing glub glub noises of hers but only a little bit as the oral ended too soon to have him poking her pussy. That ultimately led to him boning her ass but he did all of the work so it wasn't the best opening scene for a porno. It ended with her taking the facial and fussing about it as part of the story.

Bonus Scene Two: Savannaís Been Blackmaled: Savanna Samson, the hotty on the front cover, was up first as she showered in a teasing fashion, feeling herself up to generate some heat before studly Tommy Gunn joined her in the bathroom. She seductively slobbed his knob, showing great care and skill, savoring the experience far better than most of the industry newcomers could only dream of offering from what I've seen. He then went to plowing her cookie, pulling all the way in and out as if to tease her a bit himself. They moved to the bed where she bounced on his cock and did PTM nicely enough, her juices free flowing before he unleashed his population pudding on her face.

Bonus Scene Three: Where The Boys Arenít 17: Sunrise Adams, the major hotty with bright blue eyes and a winning smile, looked exactly how the movies portrayed stewardesses (now called flight attendants) for decades. After commenting on how the other gals knew how to enjoy themselves, she joined Kira Kener by the staircase for some lesbian action herself. If the last scene was mechanical, this one was even more so with Sunrise seeming to start getting off only to be hampered by the cold and distant Kira (who seemed to want it over with as soon as possible). I liked the pastel outfits and go go boots and both gals looked to be as fit as I had seen them back then but it was plainly evident that Kira's sun had set long before this scene was shot and all the editing in the world couldn't change that.

Summary: Vividís Private Reserve by Vivid Entertainment was as much a gimmick driven title as anything else; using scenes buried in the mists of time to get fans excited about their release. As the back cover said: ďGet ready for something amazing. Five never-before-seen scenes featuring most popular Vivid stars of all time: Taylor Hayes! Dasha! Savanna Samson! Even Briana Banks. In some of the hottest boy/girl action we've ever shot. These are scenes that we held back just for this reason. To release an all-star blockbuster collection as special "Valentine" to the fans. The only people who've seen them are a small group of private viewers. Until now. Now they're ready to be released from The Private Reserve. Enjoy this rare treat from a very unique collection.Ē Well, had this been released on Valentineís Day, I could see the marketing hype as being more accurate but as it stands, each of these scenes would have fared better if released in the numerous star driven compilations each gal has received from the company over the years instead of tossed together. Make no mistake about it either, they were not even close to the hottest scenes any of them have done but there was enough fuck for the buck stroke value to rate this as a Rent It. The technical issues, lack of unique extras, and even the decision to hide the names of who directed each scene all made me wonder if no one wanted credit for them. In short, Vividís Private Reserve is best suited for fans of the ladies that are completists but check it out and youíll see what I mean.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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