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Straight College Men Auditions Vol. 14

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


Directed By:

SCM Muscle Hunk Dean

The Movie:

Eight cool straight dudes line their empty pocket with some scratch by being individually interviewed by SCM muscle hunk Dean and left alone to beat off while watching straight smut.

Run Time:

2 Hours 20 Minutes


SCM fans will recognize this muscular stud from other releases and here he is in all of his virgin “gay for pay” glory. Broderick is a good-looking twenty-three year old with a brown buzz cut and plenty of cocky straight dude attitude. He was All-American in college for track and wrestling and this confidence is still with him seven years later. Broderick heads to the “changing room” where he strips down revealing that fine smooth body; closely trimmed/almost shaved pubes, plump nuts and clipped cock. After thumbing through a “dirty” magazine, Broderick makes himself at home on the sofa with muscular thigh’s spread nice ‘n wide as he watches straight porn and stokes his tool to full boner with his right fist. I love those mouth-watering plump nuts that bounce up ‘n down as he breathes heavy and works his dick to climax and dumping a small thick load on his stomach and pubic area. Hot dude!


Curtis is a good-looking guy with short dark hair who is originally from Philadelphia and is “all about making money”. He easily talks to Dean about assisting others with marketing plans for their up ‘n coming businesses. In the “changing room”, Curtis removes his clothes showing off a hot ‘n husky football player body with dark pubes, clipped dick, and plump nuts. Naturally he looks thought the latest issue of “Pussy Fart” and then sits on the sofa with his tasty beefy thighs spread wide as he pulls that pork using his lubed right fist. Curtis uses a variety of masturbatory techniques including working with two fists, using his thumb and forefinger, and twisting the purple knob of his fat dong. Reaching the point of no return, he shoots a thick load of jizz on his fist and trimmed bush. Curtis is a big turn-on!


Mr. Hand! Spicolli is a good-looking twenty-nine year old dude with longish blond hair. He’s originally from Connecticut, recently divorced, and works in sheet metal. He lived in New Orleans for three years before moving to San Diego with his now ex wife. Spicolli is friendly and laid-back easily talking and joking with Dean. He digs drinking and surfing. Back in the “changing room”, he strips down revealing a hot toned/hairy body, full brown pubes, and a large cut dick. Sitting back on the sofa with his tanned legs spread pulling that pud with under-handed strokes breathing heavily. Dude is very into the smut he’s watching with a very intense look on his face as loud lubed sounds fill the room. Continuing to work that prick with his right fist, Spicolli rubs his plump hairy nuts with his left and shoots a hot thick load in his open palm….and some on his ankle! Ha! Dude is hot!


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Heath is another nice-looking divorced dude. He has short brown hair, a cool Louisiana accent, and worked as a teacher for four years before heading to Southern California. He’s currently on “vacation” but is considering going back to teaching or bartending. Stripping down in the “changing room”, Heath shows off his toned/smooth body, shaved pubes, and clipped dick. He lies back on the sofa with his legs slightly spread (is he shy?) and slides his right fist up ‘n down that big cock, wags that thang, and rubs his plump balls. Heath works that hard cock and squirts a load that flies every damn way hitting his stomach, fist, arm, and places unknown.


SCM fans will also recognize Denver---a cute dude with short black hair and beginnings of a goatee. Denver used to be SCM Caleb’s neighbor and finally decided to give jerking off in front of the camera a whirl. He’s an ex Navy dude from Virginia who plays drums in a band and needs some extra dough. Although friendly, he’s definitely not as talkative as the other dudes. Yanking off his clothes in the “changing room”, Denver strips down revealing his toned/lightly hairy body, closely trimmed/almost shaved pubes, clipped cock, and tattoos. Legs spreadshowing off his tasty plump balls, Denver rubs those babies while stroking his big stiff dick working the large purple knob and deep piss slit. Denver has an interesting technique in which he rubs the underside of the base of his cock where his balls are---between his balls. Breathing heavily, he shoots a thick load of juice on his stomach, fist, thigh, and on the sofa! Hottie!


I love me some Gino! This nice but tough dude is from the Southside of Chicago and has traveled around the world playing pro soccer. He’s good-looking with dark hair and need the extra money since his roommate cannot pay his share of the rent. Roomie was acting like an “ass crack” and broke both of his legs. Stripping down in the “changing room”, Gino reveals his toned/hairy body, tattoos, full dark bush, and cut prick. On the sofa with his legs spread wide, he pulls his pork using the right hand making that big dick with hot purple knob grow to full erection. Gino is totally into pleasuring himself slapping that stiff cock against his stomach, working the knob, and making his hot plump nuts bounce. Gino squeezes out some pre-cum and rubs in into that tasty cock head with his index finger making it nice ‘n slick. Wagging the hell out of that dong, Gino yanks to fulfillment squirting a huge wet load on his chest, stomach, fist, and pubes. Hot!


Teddy is a cute eighteen year old Navy dude from Iowa with short dark hair who has acting aspirations. He has a nice deep voice and digs thunderstorms of all things. He’s a friendly guy and a little shy until he strips down in the “changing room” showing off his slender/smooth body, full dark pubes, and clipped cock that is already semi-hard! Laying back on the trusty sofa with legs spread nice ‘n open, Teddy rubs and plays with his big dick using his right hand while squeezing some of the most tasty plump nuts I’ve ever seen. I was practically salivating while watching dreaming up all sorts of thangs I could do with ‘em! Gawd! This dude loves rubbing those balls! Picking up the pace, Teddy’s right fist quickly glides up ‘n down that chubby shaft making it dump a thick load of spooge on his stomach and fist. Tasty!


Last but certainly not least we have Greg. He’s a cute dude with short dark hair who digs skateboarding, has cool tattoos on his arms, and works renting Boogie Boards on the beach. He’s friendly and talkative, was born in Indiana and grew up in Southern California. High-tailing it to the “changing room”, Greg undresses showing off his toned/smooth body, full dark pubes, and clipped tool. Slouching on the couch with legs spread wide, Greg shows off those hot plump nuts while he plays with his hardening cock working the purple knob and using over-handed strokes. He kicks it up a notch sliding his tight right fist up ‘n down the rigid stalk while rubbing his hard nipples with his left hand. Hot! Greg has a nice big cock! He beats off fast ‘n smooth shooting a thick load of spooge on is pubes and fist. Hot!



“SCM Auditions Volume 14” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. Dean’s stationary and hand-held videography provides full coverage of the entire dick pullin’ action with plenty of nice close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean. The “changing room” footage is in black & white with the rest of the action in living color.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear as Dean interviews the dudes. Some audio from the pornos the dudes are watching can be heard as well as their own moans, heavy breathing, and sighs as they shoot thick wads. The “changing room” footage is silent.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and previews for: “Jon Paul” (cute with short dark hair, tall/slender body) and “Jason” (cute with brown hair, cool sideburns, toned/smooth body). The additional DVD ROM contains previews for: “Paul” (Boston Paul), “The Castle Day Two”, “Brett and Broderick”, “Alex”, “Dean and Brett”, “Alex”, “Rick”, “Michael”, “Blake”, and “Ricky”. Also included is a full color catalog of all the SCM volumes available for purchase.

Poindexter's Roundup:

I like the SCM Audition series because they are no-nonsense and get down to business without useless filler. The short interviews conducted by SCM muscle hunk Dean are short and give the viewer a peek into each dude’s life, which I find entertaining. The camera work is simple and effective with full coverage of all the meat beating action and plenty of close-ups. My personal favorites this time around are Gino, Curtis, Spicolli, and Teddy. I Recommend for fans of straight dudes showing off and pullin’ that stiff pork to full climax.

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