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Greedy Little Bitch

Studio: Black Market » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/21/07

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Fabulust was the bonus scene gal.

Greedy Little Bitch

Black Market

Genre: Interracial

Director: Dark Diggler

Rebeca Linares was a lean, mean, fucking machine!

Cast: Rebeca Linares, Justin Long, Donny Long, Evan Valentine, John West, Ace, Brianna Love, Justin Magnum, Charlie Mac, Paris Gables, Andrew Andretti, Fabulust, Byron Long

Length: 132:49 minutes

Dates of Production: 2/7/2007, 5/10/2007, 5/22/2007, 8/23/2007, 9/28/2007

Evan Valentine had a nice booty.

Extras: Most people like bonus scenes more than anything else so the 26:33 minute long scene between Fabulust and Byron Long should appeal to those of you in this category. Granted, it was a weak scene but I gave a quick heads up below in case you were interested. There was a brief Behind the Scenes feature too, lasting 1:36 minutes with Evan cleaning up her “iced” body of stray semen and Rebeca liking the black cock in a second section. There was also a photogallery, a cumshot recap, and a slipcase for the DVD case for those who care.

Condoms: None

Brianna Love and Justin Magnum made a nice couple.

Audio/Video Quality: Greedy Little Bitch was presented in a letter boxed 1.78:1 ratio widescreen letterboxed color by director Dark Diggler for Black Market. The scenes were substantially clearer and showed more attention to detail than past efforts by the company; largely due to the better lighting here rather than the admittedly bumpy camera work. The bitrate varied a lot but tended toward the lower end of the spectrum for those who care, rarely causing compression artifacts from what I could see. The fleshtones were accurate and the composition of the camera angles enhanced the ladies in most cases, making them look good in their skimpy attire even if some of the scenes showed more care than others. I hope future works in the series have the directors leaning towards the better shot work and perhaps using an anamorphic process to enhance the DVD's look on a widescreen TV but none of the scenes here struck me as particularly poor in regards to the technical matters. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps bitrate) with little separation between the channels other then sounding like the music was mixed in with a stereo signal. The vocals were usually on the low side and while slightly hollow, a bit more work would make them sound a lot better.

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Paris Gables was a major cutie too.

Body of Review: Dark Diggler is the latest director seeking to impress the world with his interracial flicks at Black Market. Not having seen a whole lot of titles in this genre that struck me as top notch, I looked forward to seeing what he had to offer with his latest title, Greedy Little Bitch. The only constant theme here was that each of the gals would have a scene with one guy, drain his balls dry, and then move on to another scene with a second partner who did not mind the sloppy seconds (the ladies did not clean up between scenes). The other thing was that the ladies fucked a white guy and black guy, the order of which varied, and that was all she wrote. Still, considering some of the ladies in the cast, I felt that this could be a winner so I plowed on after picking it up primarily to see Brianna Love in action. If you’re still interested, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were worn:

Scene One: Rebeca Linares, a very cute brunette with a lean body, was up first as she walked in the living room to start blowing moper Donny Long on the easy chair. She did not do a lot of it before taking off her bottom to vaginally ride his cock pretty aggressively. Her pumping and hip gyration added to the fun though she let him do a lot of the work in her slightly inconsistent romp. She slowed down even more during the anal action with him; the apparent lack of chemistry noted more than once as she made her moaning noises. He ended it by jerking off a load to her mouth for swallowing, Rebeca left unsatisfied so she searched the house for the cock of Justin Long who was beating his meat on the couch. Justin was much larger than Donny and Rebeca commented that it was “big” but she went right to working him over heatedly, displaying more enthusiasm right away. She couldn’t deepthroat him but he didn’t seem to mind as she slobbed his knob, licking his balls and jerking him off handily before they fucked. He was stretching the walls of her pussy much like her limits, drilling her like crazy as she tried to catch her breath. This led to some PTM and then anal where they took a long time getting prepared due to the sheer size of his cock but she embraced the act readily as he penetrated her perfect pucker. She took a second facial of population pudding, a much larger one at that, and the scene ended with her spent body glowing at the upgrade she got before swallowing his wad.

Scene Two: Evan Valentine, a lean Asian gal with a shapely little booty, was up next with moderately endowed Ace; a black man with a plan. She teased him a bit and he responded well to her charms, her blowjob leading to a vaginal ride that she appeared to enjoy at least a little. Her all natural frame turned him on and she used a lot of saliva to ready his dick for insertion; the handjob succeeding more than her oral efforts. They used a lot of lube to stuff his trouser trout into her little box and she was extremely passive during their screwing but it ended with him unleashing his limited seed on her chest and the gal seeking another cock to finish her off with. The second partner was studly muscleman John West; the man responding faster to her oral attention than Ace did but she was just as passive a vaginal ride for him. The best she could do was to slightly push back against him in doggy and that was nothing special; John dribbling out a larger load that started off on her back and ended up on her face. She’s a cutie but needs to pick up her game a lot.

Scene Three: Brianna Love, the hotty on the front cover in the sexy pink outfit, was up next with ripped Justin Magnum on the couch. The relative lack of tease weakened the scene for me out of the gate but they displayed some sparks between each other so he felt her up as she blew him. I liked that she devoted her entire attention to his penis using her hands and mouth, the active vaginal ride showing she was having fun there too. The way the junk in her trunk shook was as lovely as ever and her slight moans added to the fun as well, Brianna doing some PTM before they switched positions a few more times. They then began the anal aspect of the scene advertised on the back cover (how appropriate is that!) and he left her with an anal creampie that she shat out. While she seemed content with the boning she had just received, she walked along the hallway for more; happening upon Charlie Mac on the couch as she snuggled up next to him to suck start his wonder wand. Using her hand more than her mouth, she get him rock hard as he lifelessly held on for dear life, Brianna impaling herself as Charlie happily took the sloppy seconds from her. The vaginal was longer but she ended with giving up that sweet ass of hers, the guy rubbing out a load to her ass cheeks to close it up. It started off better than it ended (the opposite of the previous scenes) but aside from some lame lighting and camera work in the second half of the scene, I enjoyed it.

Scene Four: Paris Gables, a very lean blonde with a keen smile, was up last in her pink outfit that covered her slight frame. She was cute but she was also stuck working with Andrew Andretti to begin with, the blowjob and vaginal sex handled actively but mechanically as the duo shared no chemistry at all. She’s cute enough that I expect big things from her, her youthful appeal and active riding style a winner even when working with third tier mopes like Andrew. She rode him hard and blew him with gusto, doing PTM as though showing a need for seed. It ended when he gave her a mouth pop that she appeared to swallow some of, the hotty crawling along the floor for a better dose of dick thanks to Charlie Mac. His cock was a lot larger and she dropped to her knees without a word, sucking him off to the best of her abilities until it came time for him to poke her perfect pussy. As she warmed up and got on top of him, her riding style became more active, both of them fingering her ass as a sideline (though his cock was too large). He rubbed out the closing load to her mouth and she swallowed it down with a smile, her pretty green eyes looking at the camera as though she wanted more.

Bonus Scene: Fabulust, an average looking Asian gal with some of her baby fat still attached to the frame, was up last in a 26:33 minute long bonus scene with Byron Long on a generic couch. He was way too big for her mouth and pussy but she let him have his way with her, the oral limited and the passive fucking for most of the scene a good reason why the scene ended up as a bonus scene. The expression on her face spoke volumes about how much she did not want to be there but at least by the end of the scene she was rocking on the top two inches of his dick before he rubbed out a load of population pudding to her neck.

Summary: Greedy Little Bitch by director Dark Diggler for Black Market did little to differentiate itself from other interracial titles on the market so even a decent cast of ladies as it had fell short of what was needed to make me sit up and take notice. The technical matters were spotty and the level of fuck for the buck such that the best I could rate this one was as a Rent It. I saw bits of inspired action on occasion but ultimately, in a crowded market such as we have today, Greedy Little Bitch was only worth checking out a time or two.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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