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Coast to Coast Amateurs Miami

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/22/07

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Kendall Brooks and Justice Young.

Coast To Coast Amateurs: Miami

Frat House Films/Voodoo House/Shane's World

Genre: Gonzo, Pro-Am

Night vision effects suck donkey balls.

Director: Justice Young

Cast: Kendall Brooks, Justice Young, Aiden Helen, Ciara, Angel, Eden, Destrodamus, Risi Simms, Renna Ryann
Non-sex role by Gary the dog, “Prince Charles/Cat Bitch”


Length: 185:06 minutes

Dates of Production: 6/24/2007, 6/27/2007, 6/29/2007, 6/30/2007, 7/2/2007

Extras: There was some spam, trailers, and a photogallery with a second side to the DVD cover serving as the only extras here.


Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: Coast To Coast Amateurs: Miami was presented in the nicely improved 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Justice Young for distribution by Shane’s World on the Frat House Films label. The bitrate was often in the mid 5 to 6 Mbps range, but the picture tended to look really washed out, even the fleshtones appearing to be kind of weak (not just in the night vision portions either). The camera angles were not overly favorable to the cast this time either as the handheld approach looked like a home movie more often than not. The editing was fair, if rushed in places, and while it definitely looked like a low end effort, the potential for future improvement was less evident than related projects because this one looked tossed together on the spur of the moment, though Justice might do better with more experience. The setting for most of the action was on a bed, though it was like the camera had to be limited to very narrowly defined areas and/or positions; ultimately weakening the look of the visuals. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using an interesting 128 Kbps bitrate (lower than usual though the cheapo menu used an LPCM and appeared almost like it was made for the internet). The vocals were typically hollow and lacking in dynamic range with the music as generic as the titles from Hush Hush used to be when I reviewed them awhile back; the same basic crew apparently used here too.

Not bad for an oral expert.

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Body of Review: Justice Young is one of the newcomer directors in porn, working with Frat House Films with some of his friends to provide a new style of reality porn that merges gonzo and the Pro-Am dynamics for those of you tired of the same old stuff from the same old people. The success of any such effort relies largely on connecting with a paying audience though, the younger crowd best known for downloading their smut (for free) unless a company can make something unique. Well, Justice’s first release to make it my way is Coast To Coast Amateurs: Miami; a movie where the man shoots scenes in the Miami Florida area, a lot of goofing off taking place instead of just the usual sex. With the infamous Destrodamus on camera, the guys searched the area to find newcomers willing to have sex on camera. With nagging doubts making me wonder if the team could provide something better than Bang Brothers or Shane’s World, I then took a look at the movie as objectively as possible, finding some solid entertainment value to appreciate. If you’re still interested, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used a lot here:

Risi and Renna were the best of the batch in bed.

Scene One: Streets To Skeets: Kendall Brooks, the busted blond with implants featured all over the front cover, and bald moper Justice Young were up first and the two were as world’s apart as anyone I’ve seen in porn of late. She had a stripper turned MILF look and he had the street punk edge going for him, neither really looking all that comfortable with each other on some levels but also draw to each other on others. She had promised to hook him up with some women or she’d do him on camera, the end result being that she did him on the couch all the same; later finding some ladies to scam sexually in a pay for play gimmick. Destro was a constant fixture behind the camera too so if you hate cameramen that interact a lot with the performers, you’ll be mad as a hornet about this one too. I’ve only seen her in one other flick to date and she seemed at home fucking on camera so I was glad she was enthusiastic right from the first time she sat on his dick. She did some cowgirl variations and sucked some more cock in PTM, Justice fingering her ass as she rode his meat stick. He had some issues with keeping hard but rather than edit them out, the footage was bravely left intact as the sweaty duo did the deed so aggressively. The scene ended after he rubbed out a wad of population pudding to her face and mouth, swallowing a little but denying the rest.

Scene Two: Cat Bitch In South Beach: Angel, a cute gal in need of some extra weight, was up next in the bed with Justice Young after Kendall introduced the pair (with some minor oral play). Gary the dog started the humping action but the primary couple was doing each other in no time too; Aiden sucking his cock in a night vision effect that really sucked donkey balls. The camera also used some really grainy, desperately in need of lighting, footage too but the straight forward scene went back and forth as needed. Justice choked her and did most of the vaginal penetration work but she showed some aptitude for the potential of the situation, just never living up to it as far as I could see. The load of semen was large and went to Aiden’s face, the freaky gal probably in need of better partners and crew to get a better scene out of her.

Scene Three: Will She Flake: Ciara, a implanted stripper with a plastic face, was up next in bed with Justice Young, agreeing to have sex with him for a whole lot of money. She teased a little bit but old habits die hard and she dropped the pretenses to start sucking his cock with the skill of a practiced professional in no time. If you like boney gals with oversized implants, she’ll be an angel to you, but I will admit that she was only a one bagger in my book for her fellatio skills alone. Justice wisely wrapped his rascal with a condom to do this one, the rubber looking especially thick as though he wanted to gain extra protection. Kendall jumped onto the bed for a little bit too but left the hardcore action to Ciara for the most part. The scene picked up a little when he fingered her ass and she rode with a degree more of active skill, forcing the launching of his load on her abdomen as she watched in a bored fashion until she collected her $1000.

Scene Four: Shots Plus Five: Angel, Kendall Brooks, Aiden Helen, Destrodamus, and Justice Young, were up next in a mixed up scene that had various gals jumping onto the bed to do Justice; Destro riding shotgun to get some head of his own. It was almost like a contest in a sense thanks to the way the gals were going at it; Destro getting some POV head as the visuals took a nosedive in quality as a result. Fans of fisheye camera effects and picture in picture tricks will appreciate the way this was done but as long as it was; the scene lacked on various levels. Eden did seem infatuated with licking nuts and the others liked oral too; at least some active riding going on before Eden started tossing salad. The guys did more POV and other tricks with Angel and Aiden; ending with a titty pop and ass cheek pop for those who care.

Scene Five: Sexy On The Beach: Risi Simms and Renna Ryann, a couple of brunettes with curvy bodies, were up last as they were paid a lot of money to have sex on the bed with Justice Young. They had more of the gal next door look that the other ladies did not possess, coming across as a couple of gals willing to do a lot for money; such as engage in lesbian sex on camera. Justice got off watching them and stuck his dick in their faces, the ladies sucking him off nicely before riding him moderately well. He did most of the work but the ladies had a lot of chemistry for one another that made it easier to watch, the resulting titty pop finishing things up.

Summary: Coast To Coast Amateurs: Miami by director Justice Young for Frat House Films was another fuck flick that tried to be something special but ended up a pale imitation of the Pro-Am dynamic so many other companies have crafted to perfection over the years. It was far from bad but lacked the technical polish and cast needed to pull it off for a wider market niche so I rated it as a Rent It. Perhaps in time, Destro and Justice can hone their respective skills and pull off a better looking and sounding version of the movie but it left me cold as often as not thanks in large part to the way it was made. In short, Coast To Coast Amateurs: Miami surely has better days ahead of it but I’d suggest losing the night vision effect and focusing on getting better performers, “amateur” or not.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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