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Naughty College School Girls 43

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 11/22/07

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Naughty College School Girls 43

A New Sensations Release

Directed by Greg Lansky

Length:  2hr 5min.

Condoms?:  No!

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Leigh Livingston, Kylie Rachelle,Mandy Luxx, Paige Love & Jocelyn Jaden. 

With: John Strong, Mark Ashley, Manuel Ferrara & Michael Stefano


Scene One:  Leah Livingston & Mark Ashley

With a cooing, almost feline look on her face, Leah arrives on the scene, seating herself to part legs for a solo jaunt. Mark enters, already naked, and sucks on her softest parts, lifting her underwear up to her airborne knees.  He enters her sideways, soon ungluing himself to taste her anus, and she reciprocates with a little oral and a bit of hand tugging. Leaning her into the corner of the occupying couch, Mark piles into her in missionary, pausing mid-bump to stuff his longest four fingers inside of Leah’s quivering slit, until she peaks and softens, like butter.  In between their segues of doggy, cowgirl and its reverse, Leah manages to vocalize her joy with “oh, god!”, along with a similar throng of swear words.  Mark takes a few opportunities to bury his nose in her squishy ass cheeks, and following a bit of spoon, splurges his joint into Leah’s mouth and chin (she swallows a little bit).  A pleasant chemistry exists between both players here, and even as Leah’s enthusiasm rings a few false notes from time to time, I found the scene to be quite effective, overall.  Quite a cute one, that Leah!


Scene Two:  Kylie Rachelle & John Strong

In a set of satin pink-bowed brunette pigtails, Kylie’s eyebrows cock at attention, her wide gaze motioning to her exposed breasts, leaning down into her seat for a short amount of masturbation.  John appears, sucking on her crotch first, angling his cock into her mouth second.  In doggy and then cowgirl, both manage to level-out the action, Kylie’s elevator shoes dangling as they switch to reverse cowgirl.  John shoots into her mouth, and she spits his goo out to play with around her lips and chin.  Though I enjoyed seeing Kylie’s somewhat pinked complexion, she and John only manage a moderate amount of heat, even with her schoolgirl’s outfit, like the other girls on the disc, staying on, chest and crotch opened up for all to see. That detail in the series never fails to turn me on, though here, not so much.


Scene Three:  Paige Love & Michael Stefano

Looking a bit like a stunt double for Leah (from Scene One), except with a bit more heritage spice, Paige, in a blue sweater and green plaid skirt, begins with a bit of tease, Michael swooping in to please her orally.  He keeps a barely audible whisper close to her face as he inches his shaft inside of her, breaking her dimpled smile into a state of simmering pre-ecstasy.  Following a few soft and slow pushes, he licks her crotch once again, emerging for his own, Paige-brewed blowjob.  Standing against a pillar, Michael and Paige straddle in for doggy, along with more face burying and blowing, respectively.  After a bit of reverse and standard, lifted cowgirl, Michael drops a thick amount of seed into Paige’s mouth, with which she plays. A definite highlight of the disc, so far, with Paige’s dimples and dyed red hair, and with Michael’s intensity seeming to drive her insane.  If only the scene were longer, and more could have developed, I would have been so happier! But as it stands, nice work!


Scene Four:  Mandy Luxx & Manuel Ferrara

Walking out toward the camera like a ringer of some type for Kylie (from Scene Two), Mandy looks like a serious, more angular version of her disc co-star.  Teasing and swaying, planting her ass in the air in a backwards recline, Mandy finds Manuel willing to taste her ass and pussy as he arrives on the scene.  In a full suit and tie, he unzips to offer his stick, lifting Mandy’s legs up for a bit of spoon, into cowgirl.  Cradling over her in missionary, Manuel continues into reverse cowgirl, doggy, standard cowgirl, and finally, missionary, wherein Mandy’s looks begin to echo that other black-haired beauty, Riley Mason. Manuel dismounts to unload onto Mandy’s clothes, chin, and mouth, and the scene ends.  Usually a sure bet, even Manuel’s feats of strength could only wrangle out an okay performance from Mandy.  The constant position change was perhaps a sign of this, though Mandy didn’t seem to switch up her less than fabulous level of intensity.


Scene Five:  Jocelyn Jaden & Mark Ashley

Cover girl Jocelyn proffers her wares at the top of a flight of stairs, descending slowly, looking somewhat boyish in her uniform jacket. She lifts her maroon skirt to play with herself, Mark kissing and sucking on her privates soon after.  A quick turn in missionary leads to a blowjob, which Jocelyn fills down into her throat, and they engage in doggy, at length. Missionary on the couch leads to missionary in the air, and ending up in a nice cowgirl rhythm, leading to a pop of white seed onto Jocelyn’s face.  While Jocelyn’s vigor in the scene was passable, her yellow hair and somewhat brusque looks felt a bit kooky, throwing off my scent of enjoyment for her scene. I probably need to have my eyes checked, but perhaps it was the outfit throwing me off?  More on that in a minute.


Bonus Features

A Behind the Scenes featurette, with three to four minute interviews with Jocelyn, Leigh & Paige, laying out their past sexual encounters and hopes for the future, usually half-clothed in their schoolgirl outfits.  A full 25 minute Bonus Scene from a previous entry in the NCSG series is included, which features Ashlynn Brooke and Kurt Lockwood, well, doing what they do best: each other.  A few trailers, a photo gallery, company/web info, and a scene selection by act (Missionary, Doggy, Cumshot, etc.) pad out the rest.  A worthwhile selection of extras with nothing to scoff at, though more is always better!


Audio/Visual Quality

Mandy’s scene suffered from washed-out skin tones (mixture of outdoor and camera-based spotlight), but despite that, most of the scenes were presented with a moderate brightness and color spectrum.  As most of the lighting was, indeed, mixed (or bled indoors from outside), the skintones run a tad hotter in a few, colder in others, but only the extremely distracted (like me) may notice these subtle changes.  The audio was slightly echoey at times, with the volume in relation to performers slightly jacked or limited, depending on their distance from the camera.  It was all sonically error-free, however, and the HD presentation was in 1.85.1 ratio, approximately.  The introduction music at the beginning of each scene is noticeably higher than the actual on-set/local sound, which may cause a boost in your system, especially if you enjoy watching set on a high volume.  Despite all of that, a clean, dust free presentation.

Overall Thoughts

I apologize for not going crazy with describing each of the girls, but that’s the rub with these schoolgirl discs: keeping the uniform on during the scene renders some of the more illusory bits of skin totally obscured, and sometimes performers can look alike, or blurred together, one ending where another begins, etc.  In keeping with this spirit of doubles, the level of skill in the disc overall is generally moderate, with a few dips, but those, too, lend themselves to non-distinction. The bonus features were actually a little more enlightening than the actual disc, though a rental would have to remain as my lone suggestion, as it all stands (or falls?).

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