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Barrio Bangers

Studio: VCA » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 11/23/07

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Genre: Latina - Straight

Director: Bonnie Clyde

Cast: Michelle Avanti, Vanity Crystol, Paige Taylor, Lie lani, Renae Cruz, Rebeca Linares, Sheila Marie

Length: 2hrs 24 min

Production Date: VCA, 2007

Chapter Selection: Without Act Access.
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Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is nothing extraordinary. It comes to us in stereo 2.0 and is on par with most adult films that give little attention to such technicalities. The Video is Full Frame Color and varies horribly. Some shots are clear as silicone implants, others are shrouded in darkness like a David Lynch film. The inconsistency really implies how much effort was put into the production of the flick.

Body of Review:Slutty Senoritas and hot taco-filling. VCA's fresh line of Barrio Bangers invites lovers of women from South of the Rio Grande. Although the box cover shows 7 women whom all look the same, brown hair, plump asses, a cock in the mouth, we should really wait and judge them by the content of their character. Like pinatas, the women are gonna get beat with some sticks until something spills out. But don't go rushing thinking it's candy; leave it for the girl, she'll know what to do with it. .

Scene 1: Michelle Avanti
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal, ATM, Facial
     Sexy chocolate babe Michelle spills her breasts from her top, and they flop naturally in little slopes of softness. In a garage, Michelle sucks cock in syrupy slurps that sound nasty. Licking his balls and teasing the boys with kisses, Michelle is digging the oral; if not for the guy, for the camera. Anywhere there's a car and a fucking couple, someone's gonna get bent over the hood. Michelle's fine, golden ass wiggles as her costar pounds her pussy. She takes a break to do a PTM, reminding us of her deep throating and sucking skills. From the workbench the guy grabs an oil gun and squirts her ass; it looks like grease, though it could be lube. Hopefully it's lube because Michelle's tight cornhole gets rushed like Target on Black Friday. Michelle is attractive, with a nice, full figure. And she gives a worthy performance, but the scene plays safely and it's lacking fresh produce. The lighting in the garage is a strange sepia tone, which makes the Latin skin of the actors an odd orange. MIchelle gives hot head after a sloppy round of anal and waits open-mouthed for his cum to grace her tongue. Slightly below par, but should satisfy those with Latin fever.

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Scene 2: Renae Cruz
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
     In a lovely, wood-paneled living room, two Mexicans heavy pet Renae Cruz, sucking her big, round tities and rubbing the crotch of her panties. Renae whines like a baby from their touches so they fill her mouth with cock and this quiets her. Another cute, Latina, Renae has all the standard features with the addition of implanted jugs the size of a child's soccer ball. This fakeness doesn't do her body justice; which is otherwise slim and the hue of brown sugar. She does salvage herself some with drippy oral and cheek tents. The three form the usual threesome triangle and the best to come from this is Renae riding cowgirl sucking the other guy's cock. Renae's ass is top quality; Grade A meat, that moves like a mechanized part when smacked from the side. Doggy and reverse cowgirl aren't nearly as fun, except in the latter, Renae really gets going and her pool floats pound against her chest in thick thumps. Renae stays on top and in control for much of her scene, which is a nice feat for a MMF threesome. Thick, ropey cum lines her face at facial time and Renae looks sexier than ever.

Scene 3: Paige Taylor
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
     Paige isn't a name for a Latina Porn Queen. But whether or not this fine lady is 100% Mayan doesn't matter; her legs are long and sleek and her real breasts sag just a tad to remind us that she is still human. Paige sucks only the mushroom tip of her partner, occasionally going down the shaft an inch or two. She gets into the act, but the action isn't good. Paige has her vag rocked, and yes there is a perfect, brown ass planted just around the corner. Ptm, Ptm, a hot reverse cowgirl and spoon lead to a doggy fuck that shows her chocolate starfish and pink pussy lips spread like a curtain. Sadly, her ass doesn't get play and just after this nice shot Paige kneels on the ground and gets a squirt of jizz straight to her tongue. She swallows it without hesitation.

Scene 4: Lie Lani & Vanity Crystol
Acts Included: Oral, Rimming, Dildo Toys
     Two cute Latina women dressed for comfort relax on a couch. In skimpy, frilly bras and panties and fishnet stockings the girls look like a pair of strip club waitresses sitting in a corner waiting for customers. They share the nice feature of real, perky, teen boobs even though they could be in their late 20s. Their makeup is a heavy dose of circus performance and although one looks like she's been sucking on a freshly painted fire hydrant, this 'trashy' image is kinda fun. The girls are cute and not trashy looking themselves, but they have been dolled up into this 'look'. Taking their time and their turn, they munch carpet and slip in some anal rimming. And what's a girl on girl scene without a toy? An intervention perhaps? Purple dildos and pink vibers pass through each lady's heavenly portal, pleasuring themselves to a satisfying climax.

Scene 5: Sheila Marie
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal, Facial
     Sheila begins her scene in a strangely lit, dark room before entering a crappy room with an even crappier bed. This looks like a Colombian hostel, or a prison cell, so you can imagine the mood it sets. Starting with a thick cock in her mouth, Sheila's pretty cheeks are stretched, popped and pattered. Esophageal plunging goes too far and Sheila tries to yak on a number of occasions, but fails to produce anything that could tell you what she had for lunch. Banging in cowgirl, Sheila's as is slamming; her stink eye, swelling and red puckers and tightens in anticipation. With cock now in her ass, Sheila's heavy foliage is easier to see, and it's more than just a little peach fuzz on the clam; it's like Honest Abe's beard. Squeaky and whiny at times, Sheila sounds like a hurt mouse. She gets her medicine in gel form, spunked across her grimacing face. Perhaps the weakest scene, the acts are the same, but there's no chemistry or heart in the performance.

Scene 6: Rebeca Linares
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, ATM, Facial
     Wearing a skin-tight yellow t-shirt and daisy duke (yeah I said it) denim shorts, Rebeca is tied to a bed or a couch in what looks like a shed or a club or a storage room, or a hell if I know. It's too damn dark. Once in a while, we see a shoulder pop out of the darkness or an arm moving to grab something. The image clears a tad, but only shedding light directly on Rebecca's oral. We pan back and get some shots of the two together, but they are surrounded by a darkness that hides parts of their bodies and many times obscures them altogether. A real shitty scene filled with simple boning and a nice glossy facial finish. The lighting could be some stupid experimental look, but it left me in the dark as well.

Concluding Words:
     Barrio Bangers is like everything you've seen before. The box boasts a few acts that are nothing new: Anal, Spanking, Toys. But it also claims to have an "Unbelievable 3-way". Well, you can believe that I missed it, because there is nothing unbelievable about the three way or the movie as a whole. The talent is sub-stellar, but all very sexy and with great bodies. They share one common feature and it's tan, round and rhymes with 'bass'. They also have nothing that sets them apart from each other. Thinking back, I can't recall one moment that was actually exciting. The boning is soft, if not dry, and smooth, if not mechanical. It's lightweight; so viewers wanting an anal flick with a very little taste of deep throating may enjoy the film's unswerving consistency. Otherwise, most of us can skip it. But for the Latin lovers, it's worth a few pesos to check it out. Rent It.


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